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Climate Change + Sustainability =The New Business Model For the Future
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Climate Change + Sustainability =The New Business Model For the Future


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  • 1. Climate Change + Sustainability = The New Business Model For The future ARE YOU PREPARED?
  • 2. What do we mean? Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. *The efficient use of resources. Water (Consumption) Energy (Usage) Atmosphere (Air Quality) Materials (Wood) Why is this important ? Viewing the use of resources through the “lens” of sustainability and their Essential connection to society, Economy and environment as a whole.
  • 3. Global Warming: accelerates Climate Change Elevated temperatures Are altering the earth’s Natural cycles And disrupting Various ecosystems. Disruption of Hydrological Cycles result in Increased evaporation, Which causes droughts in Some areas and floods in Others.
  • 4. The Realities of Climate Change
  • 5. What Does This Mean For You and Your Business? How will these ever increasing environmental impacts affect your enterprise “NOW” and in the “FUTURE”. Have you assessed how these impacts will affect your: -Revenues & Costs -Profits & Loss -Insurance & Liability -Business Processes -Sector & Industry -Supply Chains -Reputation & Image -Customers & Employees -Stakeholders & Investors
  • 6. 2010: The Year of a Shifting Change Across The World Earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, China Wild Fires throughout the Russian countryside Massive flooding in India, parts of Europe and Asia Volcano eruptions that shut down Flights throughout Europe Unseasonably rapid changing weather patterns across various parts of Canada, Greenland, the United States and South America This short list does not comprehensively take into account the dozens of other calamities that are currently CHANGING the world as we know it. When you combine these ever increasing impacts with the very unstable Global market conditions we’re currently experiencing, what do you get ? A business environment that’s full of uncertainty….and a business model that must successfully change and adapt to remain economically viable.
  • 7. What Are You Doing Right Now To Prepare Your Enterprise For Change? Within your sector, industry, or part of the world…. Are your employees, staff, and supply chain partners equipped with the necessary skills, training, and knowledge needed to help your organization successfully survive and thrive in this rapidly changing business environment?
  • 8. The New Business Model For The Future Is Taking Shape Right Now Smart agile forward looking companies are preparing and positioning themselves “NOW” through comprehensive “enterprise-wide” sustainability awareness and initiatives. Climate Change & Sustainability Services Climate Initiative: Climate Change Advisory office
  • 9. The national move towards a greener economy President Barak Obama raised the development of a greener economy to the top of Americas agenda after taking office. The  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act  included more than $80 billion in clean energy investments . $11 billion for a bigger, better, and smarter grid that will move renewable energy. $5 billion for low-income home weatherization projects. $4.5 billion to green federal buildings and to cut energy bill, saving taxpayers billions of dollars. $6.3 billion for state and local renewable energy and energy efficiency efforts. $600 million in green job training programs – $100 million to expand line worker training programs and $500 million for green workforce training.
  • 10. New York City’s move towards a greener economy With NYC’s PlaNYC agenda to address land, water, Transportation, energy, air, climate change, GHG Emissions, already up and running, green/sustainability knowledge and skills are currently in demand. Add to this Mayor Bloomberg’s Greener, Greater Building’s Plan mandating buildings over 50,000 sq ft. get energy and lighting audits as well as the implementation of other energy efficiency measures. All across the nation, cities, states, and towns are gearing up to make their homes and work environments more sustainable and energy efficient. Plus How does your enterprise compare when measured against this forward sustainable movement? Are you prepared?
  • 11. What is meant by the term Green Skills or Green Job? The term is used when a job , building , manufacturing process , Product , service and /or position : a. Helps to Increase the efficient use of energy b. Reduce costs, Reduce production of waste c. Improves the durability & efficiency of products, services & things d. Reduces environmental damage and impacts e. Helps to reduce GHG’s and negative contributors to climate change What are Green Job skills? They impact the following areas: Environmental Impact i. Reduces pollution ii. Conserves natural resources iii. Reduces amount of fuel used iv. Reduces fossil fuels used to generate electricity Economic Impact i. Reduces energy costs, business process & operation costs ii. Improves business & contributes to a sustainable economy c. Health Impact i. Reduces harm from pollutants (CO, Mold) ii. Improves health, well-being, and quality of life for people
  • 12. Brief description of various Green Skills in demand now Energy /Sustainability Professional Energy Auditor /Market Analyst Carbon Finance /Abatement Specialist Solar /Alternative Energy Consultant Electronic Waste Management Officer BPI Building Analyst Energy Industry Analyst Retail Energy Sales Worker Green Building Consultant Natural Resource Manager Commissioning Agent Commercial /Residential Inspector Regulatory Compliance Specialist Weatherization Outreach Worker Energy Funding Program Specialist Sustainability Power /Utility Educator
  • 13. Climate change has forced us to become ever more sustainable in life and in business…Are You Prepared? The business model and rules of 15, 10, and even 5 years ago, can no longer satisfy an ever changing planet, people, and global society. The companies who will lead the pack and have a significant competitive advantage in the near future are those who realize that the time to act is now ……time and climate waits for no man….nor business. Will you be left behind?....Or will you be one those who are far ahead?.....What are you prepared to do?
  • 14. Contact Information Robert Ryan Worley 347-792-4205 [email_address]