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Gerd Leonhard - The Future of Media

Gerd Leonhard - The Future of Media






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    Gerd Leonhard - The Future of Media Gerd Leonhard - The Future of Media Presentation Transcript

    • The Future of Media: from Paradoxes and Oxymoronsto a digitally native, sustainable and win-win ecosystem
    • Photo by herbrm -http://steinarbergolsen.tumblr.com/post/24672882074
    • Smooth sailing vs bombing business models...
    • The paradox of information vs. intelligence and ‘wisdom’http://pinterest.com/pin/197876977350036245/
    • All content, data, information, media is moving into the cloud
    • Paradox: Data Tsunami vs Scarcity of Meaning
    • Paradox: Data is the new Oil - but who controls what?
    • Paradox: more benefits from ‘big data’ - but surveillance explodes
    • Paradox: Data Privacy vs Needs of Advertisers
    • Paradox: in eBooks, ‘paid’ is beating ‘free’ !
    • Paradox: Advertisers’ Intentions - and what they really do:)
    • Paradox: Time Spend vs Media-Spend
    • Paradox: @advertising becomes withvertising
    • Paradox: gadgets, apps, algorithms: pseudo-realness
    • Paradox: offline is the new luxury
    • Paradox: over-consumption vs sustainability
    • Paradox: everything is speeding up but ‘wait and see’ prevails in Europe
    • Market Maker versus Market Taker vs. Market ‘Waiter’And...You?
    • Paradox: blindsided by the certain future...?
    • Paradox: we still focus on ownership but the future is all about access
    • From ownership to access
    • 23Pervasive Mobile Connectivitywill radically reshape life (and media) at every turn
    • 24Used to be Is (almost) Soon for someBeyond soonbut quite likelyMobility (R)Evolutions: huge implications on media (don’t wait!)
    • Sooner or later, allMedia becomes:DynamicReal-timeCloudSocialMobileLocalFluidAnticipatory
    • Paradox: forcing to pay vs. becoming indispensable
    • Power Shift. Needs Shift. Opportunity Shift. Revenue Shifts.
    • Paradox: we are local - but our world is going global, as well
    • Paradox: technology is meant to serve us but...will we end up serving technology, in the future?
    • Paradox: we often focus on knowledge, skills, planning and process- but imagination and creativity will drive everythinghttp://www.kpcb.com/insights/2012-internet-trendsAlbert Einstein via TheQuoteFactory
    • Paradigm-shifts on an unprecedented scale
    • Paradigm Shifts Everywhere: Technology. Policy. Economics
    • Disintermediation - if it can ‘go direct’, it will
    • Business Model Disruption = Opportunity
    • Closed systems are becoming isolated, disconnected, expensive, slow; and then... fade away
    • Not sustainable
    • Siloed People and Siloed Business Models: Future Failure
    • A majority of your 2018 revenues may well result fromproducts and services that don’t even exist today
    • From Media ‘Egosystems’ to New Ecosystems
    • Interdependent, win-win growth is the key to the futureImage Source: Tiffany Shlain: Connected TheMovie
    • The Future is not a zero sum gamePhoto by WallStreet Journal.com
    • Media: a much bigger pie is coming
    • Added values become the new core Example: Publishing
    • Paradox: technology grows exponentially, but humans remain linear
    • Short summary and take-aways
    • Thanks for your time and attention!Visit FuturistGerd.com or GerdCloud.com to download this PDF(and many others incl. my free books)