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Drinking the standard amount of water recommended to the masses can literally ruin one’s life – physically and emotionally. This is not overly sensationalized shock talk. This is really happening. And few ever connect the water dots to their mediocre health, crappy mood, and unstable mental state.
And if something that simple can have that big of an effect, so can just about any health “tip” out there.
While I normally tell people to just follow their instincts with their salt cravings, sweet cravings, and desires for fluids – the problem with overhydration is that a symptom of drinking too much is dry mouth and excessive thirst. So we have a real potential for triggering a vicious cycle here with too much drinking. Fluids that encourage us to drink beyond thirst (for motivations other than thirst) can be a problem too. These include coffee, tea, and diet drinks (addictive stimulants), fluids that warm us up when we are cold, and most certainly alcohol. Alcoholic beverages seem to be really debilitating for those in a weakened metabolic condition.
If you have very clear urine and some health problems like anxiety, chronic fatigue, migraines, yada yada, you should work hard to get some color back into your urine – in effect increasing the sodium/electrolyte concentration of your body fluids, including the blood. I’m not talking about dehydration, just ideal hydration – and keeping it as stable as possible in what is probably the ideal range.
If you have a bout of frequent urination, you should have something salty and carby immediately, and avoid fluids for an hour or two until cellular concentrations return to normal.
Water is very strong. If you tend towards overhydration, I would not drink it by itself, or have any fluids lacking sugar and salt (like tea), without taking in food with it. I drink quite a bit of water with meals, thus packaging the water with electrolytes and carbohydrate. But if I’m thirsty in between meals, which is rare unless I’ve just completed a workout, something like Gatorade (the powder that you mix yourself is better – uses sucrose and not HFCS) or the equivalent if you want to make a homeblend with something sweet and salty (fruit juice, water, pinch of salt), would probably be ideal. Milk is good too, especially with a little blackstrap molasses added to it. Coconut water seems to be really good, as do soft drinks – especially those with sucrose like Sierra Mist and not high-fructose corn syrup. I drink plain water by itself sometimes, but I’m not sensitive to overhydration like I was in my metabolic lowpoint while starving out in the Wilderness years ago. And being pretty tuned into my hydration levels and the warmth of my hands and feet and stuff, I know when I can drink it and when I can’t.

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  • @deanndavidhizar Oh, and also my urine is clear.
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  • IDK if you'll see this, but I just finished reading your book on 'hypoglycemia'. I have all the symptoms of the post-bfast crash. I also have to pee all the time, BUT, I am not drinking more water than my body tells me to. I am legitimately thirsty A LOT. (I also crave salt a lot, and I do not restrict salt intake at all.) The first thing I want when I wake up is a huge glass of cold water.
    I guess my question is- how do I fix the fluids part of this when I'm so thirsty? Do I try to ignore the urge to drink so much?
    Have you heard of the salt treatment for low aldosterone? Think that would help?
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  • well said Matt
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  • The symptoms described are of severe hyponatremia . The normal human body has a capacity of excreting large volumes of water and drinking large volumes results in hyponatremia only if you have some comorbid disease like renal hepatic or cadiac problems or are on some medications that prevent excretion of water as and when needed. While its sound advise to drink when thirsty please remember 1 . kids and the elderly often forget to drink water as needed 2 . sudden change in weather may find you taking in too much or too little 3. So the take home is : HYPONATREMIA RARELY OCCURS FROM DRINKING TOO MUCH WATER BUT OCCURS IN THOSE THAT CANNOT EXCRETE A WATER LOAD AND SUCH PEOPLE ARE USUALLY ON MEDICATION S OR HAVE COMORBID DISEASES.
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  • Sure many old men are admitted with Hyponatremia (Low salt in blood) due to their habit of over drinking and straining kidney.
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