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  1. 1. I was born on August17,1999. My mom was born on the18 of August. I think that it was acoincidence that I was born a daybefore her birthday. I was born inLeominster Hospital.. We usually goon vacation in August rather thanJuly. At the end of summer I have togo back to school. My mom wantsto go to Vietnam in the summer.
  2. 2. Books I like to read books.Some of my favorite books areThe Hunger Games, Delirium, ToKill The Mockingbird, TheOutsiders. I started to read morewas in 7th grade. I like sciencefuture type of books. I’mbeginning to like reading a lotmore than I used to. I am in thebook club. I was forced into it byGina. We haven’t even finish onebook yet. In a matter of time Ithink we will.
  3. 3. I love to watch movies.I honestly love any kind likecomedy, horror, adventure,action and etc.. The movierecently saw was The Hobbit. Itwas good but I didn’t like theending so much. The reason Ididn’t like the ending is becauseonce they finale got to wherethey were going and didn’t doanything more. Movies areentertaining to watch when younothing left to do. Some moviesaren’t as good as other but I stilllike them.
  4. 4. I go to Lady Lake, Florida to gosee my grandparents. I go there in thesummer. Every time I go to Florida wehave to drive and it’s really boringsitting in a car for like 12 hours. It’snice to see my grandparents because Idon’t see them a lot since I live faraway. We went to zoos, beaches,Universal Studio, and just go drivearound Florida seeing new thing. Mygrandfather drives and it kinds ofscary because he drives really fast.That what we mostly do when werevisiting my grandparents. I might goback to Lady Lake this summer.
  5. 5. VIETNAM I first went to Vietnam when Iwas a baby so I didn’t remember muchfrom that trip. I most recently wentwas when I was in 6th grade. Mygrandparent from my mom’s sideand my uncle also my aunt camewith me. We had to drive all the wayto New York. When we got there ourflight got cancelled . My Dad anduncle spent most of that trying toget our flight changed. We had tosleep in the airport because myother uncles are already on their wayhome. After spending the night atthe airport we finally got on theflight and was on our way toVietnam. I spent the whole month inVietnam. It was fun but really hot.
  6. 6. Washington D.C I went to Washington D.C . thissummer. We spent four day there. Wedrove left around 5 am got to there by 3pm. My Dad didn’t know were the hotelwas so he kept driving up and down thestreet and looking at the window to seeif we can find the hotel. We found it andgot settled into the hotel room. Mycousin Gina came with me. We saw theWhite House , Air and Space museum ,Lincoln Memorial , and a lot of othermemorial s. The trip was fun but my feetached afterward . On the way home westopped in New York. I don’t think Imgoing on the 8th grade field trip toWashington D.C but it’s alright.
  7. 7. Six Flags I go to Six Flag every summerwith my whole family. We spend thewhole day there. It’s really fun. We go ona ton of rides. I don’t go on many roller-coaster because I don’t like height andIm kind of scared of them. We walkaround to buy souvenir in the shop s. Itgets kind of tiring after walking for awhile. I go with my uncle and some of mycousins. My parent barely go on any ofthe rides. That how I spend my day at SixFlags.
  8. 8. Timothy Timothy is my brother but Icall him Tim. He is 14 year old. His afreshman in high school. Tim goes toMonty Tech. When I come home mybrother always complain about howmuch homework he has to do.Sometimes we don’t get along butdon’t all brother and sisters. He doesgood in school as far as I know. He inthe ROTC program.
  9. 9. Leominster High School Next year I’m going to bea freshman in high school. I thinkIm going Leominster High Schoolbut my parents want me to go toMonty Tech. I would want to go toLeominster High because I knowmore people there than in MontyTech. I would like to do the CTEprogram. I think it’s a would be agood experience and to try thetrades. I would be very nervouson the first day. It’s a differentschool but I’m looking forward tohigh school.
  10. 10. Dad My Dad’s first name is Steve.My Dad’s works in Worcester at a placecalled Micro Arc. He’s 42 years old Ithink he wouldn’t want me to be tellingpeople his age. My Dad is the cook notmy mom. He likes to try new recipes..His birthday is December 7. My Dad isoriginally from Florida but moved toMassachusetts when he was around 9years old. Has one brother and onesister. They live in Gardener. I love mydad. My Dad is the guy in the orange shirt.
  11. 11. Christmas Christmas was alright thisyear. I mostly just got clothes alsoiTunes gift cards. I spent Christmasat my cousin’s house. My momwasn’t there for Christmasbecause She was helping herGrandfather in Vietnam where helives. My mom just got home acouple weeks ago. I just met mynew cousin Ally. My bought meIPhone I will consider that aChristmas present from her. I can’twait for next Christmas.
  12. 12. Yearbook Club I was on the Yearbook club in 7thgrade. There was a lot of people at firstthen Mrs. Winter narrowed it down toaround 20 people. It was based if you wentto most of the meetings. We met once amonth for the meeting. I did one page.Took me two days to finish my page. Lastyear’s yearbook turned out well. After Ifinished my one page I mostly played gameson the computer. I going to get this year’syearbook since this is my last year at SkyView. I’m excited to go high school nextyear.
  13. 13. New York City I went to New York City onmy way home from Washington D.C.We spent only a couple hours there.There was a lot of traffic. My parentswhere driving around for a place topark. My Mom wanted to go to ChinaTown so we did. We ate lunch thenshopped around. My Mom boughtfood for people for when we gethome. The food managed to staygood. New York isn’t the cleanest cityout there. I also went to New Yorkwhen I was around 4 year old to gosee the Statue of Liberty . New Yorkwas a good experience. I would like togo back and spend more then acouple hour there.
  14. 14. Grandparents I love my Grandparents. I get to see my grandparents on my mom side more because the live close by. My dad’s parents live in Lady Lake, Florida. My grandparents in Florida are very outgoing they get out. I call them Meme and Pepe I don’t know why I just do. For spring break I might go visit them. My mom’s parent are more reserved than my dad’s. My mom parent were born in Vietnam. My grandfather was in the Vietnam war he fought with the Americans. My Grandfather met my grandmother while he was patrolling. They stay in more. My grandmother babysits my cousins. Which must be tiring for her. I’m going to spend as much time with them as I can because I know they won’t be alive forever.My Dad’s parents Mom’s parents
  15. 15. Plymouth When my grandparent visited me we went to Plymouth. I alreadywent to Plymouth for a field trip in 3rd grade. After we went to Plymouthrock we headed towards Plymouth Plantation. The trip was interestingsince I have not been to Plymouth in a couple years. My Grandparentswanted to go. My family went in the summer. Outside was I think around90 degrees. That day was really hot. I spent the whole day with them. I wasstaying at my cousin Gina’s house . So they picked me and my brother up. Ididn’t even know that we were going to do anything that day. So that wasa little shock to me. I had a fun time that day. My grandparent were stayingwith some people they know. I think they had a fun day since mygrandparent doesn’t get to spend a lot of quality time with my family.
  16. 16. Halloween I used to go trick or treatingbut now I don’t because I’m getting toold. Now I usually pass out candy orwalk around with my cousins while theyget candy. These Halloweens are badsince all the snow and changing the datefor trick or treating. This Halloween Istayed home. Everybody went to myhouse afterwards. I had an easy night.When I do go trick or treating I get lotsof candy. The next day I probably atemost of the bag. I will always loveHalloween no matter how old I get. My cousin, Angel in her Halloween costume
  17. 17. I went to several zoos. In 4th grade we went on afield trip to Southwick Zoo. I got tired after a while. I we ona train ride that took us around the zoo. That was prettyinteresting seeing animals that I never saw before. I talkmore when we are on field trip than school. Saw birds ,tigers, giraffes, and many more animals . I remember when Iwas around 5 year old , my family including aunts, uncles ,and cousins went to this zoo in Maine. We split up and wentour own way. I went with my brother and my Dad. I waswalking then my sandal fell off my then a duck took mysandal . My dad had to go get it. I think that ducks don’t likeme that much. Those were my experiences when I went tothe zoo.
  18. 18. I have 7 uncles . Some of them are stricter thanothers. My favorite uncle is my Uncle Thien. He is morerelaxed than the others. He takes us to go see movies. In thesummer he takes me and my cousin blueberry picking. Alsomy Uncle Nguyen takes to the movie with Gina but thenleaves afterward or sleeps during the movie. My mom has 4bother then one sister that got married. I have 5 uncles.Then my dad has one brother and one sister. So in total Ihave 7 uncles.My uncle and mycousin Angel.
  19. 19. I love ice cream. My favorite flavor is cookie dough.My family usually go to Kimball. If I had to choose betweenchocolate or vanilla ,I would choose vanilla. I would eat icecream in any type of weather. I like frozen yogurt but icecream would win any day.
  20. 20. I only went a couple time before. The ice cream is reallygood. Every time I go there its always crowed. My favorite icecream is the moose munch. I always get it when I go there. I didn’tthere to be a lot of people there. My family are probably going a lotmore in the summer.
  21. 21. Ocean I love the ocean. It’s refreshing to just relax. My wholefamily takes a day from working to go to the beach. My Dad alwayswants to go to somewhere new but we always do what my momwants. I have to wake up sometimes 6am . We go to the beach inMaine sometimes .The drive is sometimes around 1 to 2 hours.Those days are always fun.
  22. 22. Johnny Appleseed School I went to Johnny Appleseed for my 5th grade year. Before Iwent to Leominster I went to Reingold School in Fitchburg. I wasnervous at first because I didn’t know anybody. My teacher was Mr.Powers . Out of all my teacher he was my favorite. I got used toeverything after awhile. I met all different kinds of people. I had a fun toon all the field trips. Johnny Appleseed was great for only being there ayear.
  23. 23. Quotes My favorite quotes is “Be who you are and say what youfeel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matterdon’t mind.’’ By Dr.Seuss. It’s a philosophy that you use in life. Anotheris “Stand up for what is right . Even if you’re standing alone.” Thoseare a couple of my favorite quotes. I try to live by them as much as Ican.
  24. 24. Reading I like to read. I always ask my dad to take me to the bookstore buthe always says no. I have not read a lot until 7th grade. I read just to past timeor when I am bored. My brother reads books with about 1000 pages . I onlyread books with around 500 pages. Takes me around 4 days to read about300 pages. I like to science fiction books the most. My Favorite books
  25. 25. Easter Easter is just a regular day to me. All my aunts , uncle , and cousincome to my house. We eat the food my grandmother makes likespringrolls or pho a type of Vietnamese soup. Nothing really special wedo for Easter. Most of my family watch football while the kids go off anddo something else like watch TV or play video games. Easter’s a normalday.
  26. 26. Xtra Special I have many things that are special to me. The most importantthing to me is my family. My dad told me once that if you don’t have familyyou have nothing. Our family vacation that we take every summer.Sometimes we have to drive to those places. I hope my mom gets a new carbecause I’m getting sick of that car. I love my new cousin Angel. She’s 1month old. Also the last important person to me is my mom. She does somuch for me. Those are the things that are extra special to me.Trip to WashingtonD.C My Mom