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  • 1. By: Somya AgrawalPROJECT PLANNING
  • 2. PROJECT Planned set of interrelated tasksto be executed over a fixedperiod and within certain costand other limitations.
  • 3. PROJECT PLANNING “Project planning is the discipline forstating how to complete a projectwithin a certain timeframe, usuallywith defined stages, and withdesignated resources.”
  • 4. WHY? The key to a successful project is in planning Planning is the first thing you do whenundertaking a project The value of project planning saving money saving time saving many problems Remember: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail
  • 6. Develop the ScheduleEstimate Activity DurationEstimate Resources for all ActivitiesDefine Sequence of ActivitiesCreate WBS & Create all DeliverablesReview the Project Charter
  • 7. REVIEW THE PROJECTCHARTERObjectiveScopeConstraintsDeliverablesSuccessCriteria
  • 8. CREATE WORK BREAKDOWNSTRUCTURELevel 4Level 3Level 2Level 1 SystemSubsystemTaskSubtaskTaskSubtask SubtaskSubsystemTaskSubtask
  • 9. PROJECT DELIVERABLES Create a list of things that need to bedelivered to meet the defined goals Specify when and how each item mustbe delivered Add deliverables to the project planwith an estimated delivery date
  • 10. SEQUENCE OF ACTIVITIES Do I have any time constraints? What is the relationship betweenactivities? Which activities can be done inparallel?ASK
  • 11. ESTIMATE RESOURCES Which is the sequence? Which are my restrictions(time/cost)? For each activity, who do I need?Men Material MoneyASK
  • 12. ESTIMATE DURATION What is the level of skill of eachresource assigned? To finalize each activity, how muchtime do we need?ASK
  • 13. DEVELOP SCHEDULEUse Microsoft ProjectIdentify MilestonesIdentify Critical PathsOptimum Critical Path
  • 14. CONTD.. Organize all the previous information using ascheduling software or template You may found that the project estimated deadline isnot aligned with the “imposed project deadline” bythe sponsor Renegotiate the deadline (project delay) Employ additional resources (additional money) Reduce the scope of the project (less deliverables) Be firm and do not make commitments other thanwhat your schedule and budget dictate
  • 15. REMEMBER! Planning is requires team participation Another implementation of the sameproduct doesn’t mean the sameproject plan Plans always change and reprioritizewith situations
  • 16. MIS & PROJECT PLANNINGInput• DataProcessing• Systemsoftware• ApplicationSoftwareOutput• Schedules,milestones,task list, etc.
  • 17. SOFTWARE FOR PROJECT PLANNINGjxProjectdotProjectGanttProjectOpen WorkbenchSugar CRMProjectPierProject Professional 2013
  • 18. THANK YOU