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Thornburg's mediaproject

  1. 1. Emerging & Future Technologies Ashley M. Bridges Walden University November 20, 2010
  2. 2. Technology Wordle
  3. 3. Overhead Projector Very basic and simple form of a projector that teachers use in classrooms for many years. Displays and enlarges images onto a screen or wall. Generally used to enlarge images from worksheet or notes. Made up of a box with a
  4. 4. SMART Interactive Whiteboard
  5. 5. SMART Interactive Whiteboard • SMART Interactive whiteboards have taken over the use of overhead projectors in many school systems. • Streamlines the teaching experiences by enabling teachers to engage students with interactive lessons while simultaneously accessing and controlling all of the classroom technology. • Teachers can write in digital ink with their fingers or a pen, as well as interact with applications and save notes.
  6. 6. Obsolete TechnologyTetrad
  7. 7. EmergingTechnology Tetrad
  8. 8. Technology Interview Dr. Mason District Technology Director
  9. 9. Interview Questions for Decision Maker • How did the school district decide to purchase interactive whiteboards for all of the schools? • Exactly how many products did the district look at before making a choice to purchase the boards? • Did the district ever consider getting Promethean Boards? • Who’s decision had it been to purchase a SMART board for each classroom? • Has having the SMART Interactive whiteboard shown growth in academics? • Do you think there will be another technology that will eventually make the interactive whiteboard obsolete?
  10. 10. Technology Interview Mrs. J. Hubbard 2009 – 2010 Teacher of the Year
  11. 11. Interview Questions for End User • How long have you been teaching? Subject area? • Before the purchase of the interactive whiteboards were made, did you use overhead projectors in the classroom? • Upon receiving the SMART board in your classroom, was there anything specific that you had to do or participate in? • What educational goals does the SMART board help you to meet in your classroom? • Have you seen a difference in academics with having the interactive board as opposed to overheads? • Would you recommend the SMART board to other teachers? Why or why not?
  12. 12. Evolutionary Technologies • There are actual causes that aid in the emergence of new technology. The key principles of evolution were stated as numerous forces that cause technology to develop as they go through an evolutionary process as they continue to change (Thornburg, 2008).
  13. 13. Evolutionary Technologies Overhead Projector • In 1945, the U. S. Army used overhead projectors for training. • In the late 1950s and early 1960s, overhead projectors began to be used in schools and businesses. • Some think that the first overhead projector used a cellophane roll over a 9-inch stage that allowed facial characteristics to be rolled across the stage. SMART board • Interactive whiteboard manufactured by SMART technologies. • The first board was introduced in 1991; now used in classrooms, lecture halls, group meetings and presentations around the world. • Boards were manufactured to only interact with 1 person. Now they can work with 2 people at one time.
  14. 14. Rhymes of History Rhymes of History are one of the forces that drive the emergence of technology. Dr. Thornburg (2008) described a rhyme in history as an affect or effort of a new development that rekindles something from the past.
  15. 15. Rhymes of History Overhead Projector • The opaque projector is the precursor to the overhead projector. It operates similar to the old-time camera. • The opaque works by shining a bright light down onto an object or image. The light reflected off the image is focused with mirrors and lenses to project the image onto a screen or wall. SMART board • Rekindles the overhead projector. • Takes over the computer to become interactive and all students can see. • Takes over the television. Students can watch television on the SMART board in the classroom.
  16. 16. Disruptive Technologies • Disruptive technologies can cause a change or paradigm shift in business practices, markets, and even in the lives of individual consumers. • However, disruptive technologies don’t always fully replace the existing technology because it can adapt and the two technologies can eventually evolve together. • A disruptive technology is a technological innovation, product, or service that eventually overturns the existing technology or product in the market.
  17. 17. Disruptive Technologies SMART board • Has disrupted the use of many technologies once used. • Overhead Projector • Television/ Remote control • Printers • The SMART board has paved a new way of engaging students interactively.
  18. 18. IncreasingReturns • Competition between technologies that come out at the same time. • The SMART board is in competition with interactive boards from other companies. • Panaboard (Panasonic), Promethean board, Hitachi FX Duo 77 Starboard, etc.
  19. 19. Science Fiction • A creative force for emerging technologies. • Science fiction, on the other hand, stretches the imagination to envision a world that is dramatically different from the one in which we live.
  20. 20. Red Queens • The actual competitiveness between two technologies that leave all other competitors behind. • As of current, I don’t think there’s another technology that will replace the SMART interactive board.
  21. 21. Interactive Board Future • I don’t foresee the SMART Interactive board being in competition anytime soon. • However, there will be some technology that will cause the board to become obsolete. • SMART will also continue to come up with more emerging technology that will get more interactive each time.
  22. 22. References • Laureate Education, Inc. (Producer). (2008). Evolutionary technologies, featuring Dr. David Thornburg. • Laureate Education, Inc. (Producer). (2008). Six forces that drive emerging technology, featuring Dr. David Thornburg. • Laureate Education, Inc. (n.d.a). Increasing returns [Podcast] featuring Dr. David Thornburg. • Laureate Education, Inc. (n.d.b). Red queens [Podcast] featuring Dr. David Thornburg • SMART. (2010). Smart technologies. Retrieved from
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