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Final Storyboard For Sctratch
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Final Storyboard For Sctratch



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  • 1. Final designAnjali: slide - 3,4,5, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18 Harirak: slide- 6, 13, 14, 15 Inbal: slide-2, 7, 8, 9
  • 2. Flashing colorsClick spacebar to continue…
  • 3. The ‘Warning!’ sign, will be flashing, by switching colors of orange and red. This, however, will already be indicated on the screen since the beginning.You are a worldwide famous historian collectinginformation about colonialism and imperialism and people However, when the spacebar isare really curious regarding the information you have clicked for the second time, thiscollected. sign will stop flashing colors and will stay a solid red color.In order make sure the information you collected have is These boxes, will appear at thecorrect, you decided to take the once in a lifetime same time once the spacebar isopportunity to take a detour to the past with the intention clicked on for the second timeof completing a quiz. (same time as the ‘warning’ sign.) This sign will be indicated onYour friend, the brilliant scientist created a time travelling the screen since the beginning.machine especially for you, by using it you will return tothe era of colonialism and imperialism to take the quiz. Once the spacebar is clicked onYou will be given a set of instruction once you reach. Good the fourth time, everything willluck! disappear and the animation will continue to the second Press spacebar to continue… slide.
  • 4. This particular shape will beanimated so that it is zoominginto the circle so that it willlook like we are actually goinginto it. However, the circle willalso be rotating clockwise.Therefore implying the ideathat we are going back intotime.The background will remainwhite as only the swirl willremain black as the only object(sprite) on the screen.This will appear for no morethan 5 seconds.The circle will cover the fullscreen as well. However, therewill be some music or soundwhich matches the theme ofdisappearing into the past. Thiswill once start whilst the circleanimation begins.
  • 5. Instructions The scroll will initially be rolled up, indicated on the screen in the beginning. StartInitially, choose a specific part of the map, the countries that areavailable will be highlighted in different colors. However, after the scroll will gradually unfold itself until it isSubsequently, this magic portal key will lead you to a set of questions fully open (similar to what isdepending upon the country you click on, from the map. shown through in the picture)As simple as this sounds, a question will appear with a three multiplechoice answer. Your job is to simply select the factual answer. The set of instructions is written inside the scroll. However theAs you click on a multiple choice answer, you will be shown if your words will only once appearunderstanding of this question is correct or incorrect. after the scroll is fully open.However, different questions will appear as you click the magic portalshape. In order to go to the next section of the animation, theThere will be a score kept throughout the quiz and shown after every audience will have to click theanswer is chosen. start button which will continueOnce you have completed one section of the quiz, there will be a magic the game. However, this willportal key leading back to the world map and you will just have to repeat appear after 20 seconds afterthe steps given again. the instructions are shown.Finally, when you have completed all the sections of the quiz, there willagain be a magic portal key leading to the correct answers with the scoreyou have achieved. This is so you will be able to reflect on yourunderstanding in the end.
  • 6. A map of EMEA(Europe, MiddleEast & Asia) willpop up on to thescreen indicatingfor the Year 8’sto choose acountry from thehighlightedareas;Portugal, Spain &Africa
  • 7. • How long did the Spanish Empire exist?a.1603-1997b.1402-1975c.1248-1897• Who founded the Spanish Empire?a. Ghengis Khanb. Charles IV One Q by onec. Henry III• What was the capital of the Spanish Empire?a. Madridb. Romec. Karakorum• What was the origin of the Spanish Empire?a. Chinab. Italyc. Spain
  • 8. • Under who, Spain became the richest and most formidable nation on earth?a. Charles IIIb. Philip IIc. Alfonso XIII• How many leaders did the Spanish Empire have?a. 22 leadersb. 13 leadersc. 39 leaders• What was the CONTINENTS SPANNED of the Spanish Empire ?a. Africa, Europe, North America and South Americab. Antarctica, Asia and Europec. North America, europe
  • 9. Everything willalready be indicatedon the screen sincethe beginning.However, animationwill change to thenext page afteraround 3 seconds.
  • 10. This timer will be a countdown from15 seconds. Therefore Time keeping the students to think with a specific amount of time The Scramble for Africa set, consequently allowing them to efficiently. Once the Question time is up, the questions and multiple choices would automatically change to the next one. The timer will be indicated on the screen from the start the, however it will only start countdown when the 3rd multiple choice answer is indicated on the screen. Next This button is kept there just in case the student completes the question earlier than the set Instead of ‘question’ being time. However, this button willThe multiple choice answers only appear once a answer is written, there will be differentwould be given contingent upon chosen. Therefore they would questions up each time alongthe question given. (shown on the be able to continue the quiz by with the multiple choicenext page along with the answers, regarding the Scramble going to the next question.questions) However, the multiple for Africa. (written on the next However, when all 10 questionschoice answers will only appear page) The title and the question are complete, this button willone at a time starting with the will already be indicated on the automatically link back to thenumber one to number three. map. screen since the beginning.
  • 11. Questions and multiple choice answers for the scramble for Africa (these questions will appear in the format indicated on slide 10)1. What is the scramble for Africa?a) It was a period of rapid colonization of the African continent by European powers.b) It was an era of when the Africans conquered few areas of Europec) It was when the USA conquered few areas of Africa.2. When did the scramble for Africa begin and end?a) 1840-1880 The phrase highlighted in blueb) 1930-1980 is the correct answer, however,c) 1880-1900 it will not be highlighted in the3. Which country European country took various parts of Africa? actual and final scratcha) Switzerland animation. These questions willb) Britain be in the format of the pagec) Denmark indicated before (slide 10). The questions will be shown in the4. What did they want to spread over Africa? section where “question” isa) Glory, god, germs written in. The multipleb) Gold, god, glory question-answers will also bec) Gilt, glory, germs written in the format of the page indicated on slide 10 as well.
  • 12. The Portuguese Empire was oneof the strongest empires inhistory, also being the first globalempire as well as the longestliving Colonial Empire fromEurope.
  • 13. Question 1) Where was the most important Portuguese Colony in India?GoaMumbaiDelhiQuestion 2) What City, founded in 1930-1960, Was the capital of Vice Royalty Brazil?SalvadorRio BrancoSao PauloQuestion 3) Where was the Portuguese Colony from 1505-1975?SingaporeMacau These questions were whatMozambique Harirak had planned as theQuestion 4) from what year to what year was Brazil a Portuguese Colony?1500 – 1833 quiz for the Year 8’s.1500 – 18221520 – 1817 These are questions aboutQuestion 5) what was the longest colonized country by the Portuguese Empire?Columbia the Portuguese Empire asBurkina Faso well as their colonies.Guinea BissauQuestion 6) which of the following countries were never colonized by Portugal? The questions will be appearSouth AfricaThailand one by one with a maximumSri Lanka limit – timer. (CorrectQuestion 7) what country/city from the choices most recently declared independence from Portugal?Colombo Answers Are In Red(MacauJakartaQuestion 8) from what year to what year was Angola a Portuguese Colony?1655 – 19321655 – 19751921 – 1983Question 9) what was Portugal’s First Ever colony?QuebecCeutaFrankfurtQuestion 10) Did the Portuguese Empire help any Colony, in any way?Yes, they helped developed most of the coloniesNo, They did not develop any colony at allKind Of, The partially developed some of the colonies whilst also doing terrible stuff to the same colonies
  • 14. These are the questions about the Portuguese Explorers Quiz that Harirak hadplanned. It is done the same way as slide 13 (questions will appear one by one with a maximum-limit timer) • Portuguese Explorers Quiz: • Q1) Which Portuguese explorer discovered the Congo River • John III • Diego Cao • John II • Q2) Which Portuguese explorer discovered the city of Ceuta? • John I • Henry The Navigator • Sebastian Of Portugal • Q3) Which Portuguese explorer discovered the Americas, who died thinking it was the Indies? • Ferdinand Magellan • Christopher Columbus • Afonso V
  • 15. This animation/slide, willinitially be showed afterthe audience selects acorrect answer from themultiple choicequestion.In the final scratchanimation, the score ofthe participant will beshown.This slide will bepresented to theplayers/audiences foraround 5 seconds.
  • 16. This animation/slide, willinitially be showed afterthe audience selects awrong answer from themultiple choicequestion.This slide will bepresented to theplayers/audiences foraround 5 seconds.In the final scratchanimation, the score ofthe participant will beshown.
  • 17. Congratulations!You have achieved _____ in total! In this place thereThis screen will will be a finalappear with score written ofeverything the participant.indicated fromthe start whenthe students havecompletedplaying the game