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Memoirs a z

  1. 1. Actress When I’m older, I want to be anactress. I have been taking acting classessince I was 4 years old. In my nine yearsof acting, I have been in eleven plays.Usually they aren’t plays that are wellknown, because my acting teachermakes our class write, direct, and star inour own. This has all been a big part ofmy life because without acting I wouldmost likely be a very shy person, and I’mnot. Acting has formed who I am todayespecially since it taught me to just goout and try new things and to takechances, which is now something Ialways do. I have two favorite actressesand that’s Jennifer Aniston and HelenaBonham Carter.
  2. 2. Beach Ever since 2010, my stepmom, step sister, dad, and I andsome of my step mom’s family, go tothe beach every summer at leasttwice. We always go to HamptonBeach and spend the whole daythere. We started doing this becausewe thought it would be good to havea few family days since we don’t seeeach other a lot.
  3. 3. Cape Cod Every year my dad’sside of the family and I goto our beach house in CapeCod. We spend two weeksthere. It’s a great timebecause we spend thewhole day at the beachand go to fun familyparties. I have so manygreat memories there. My11 year old cousin Alexaand I always take so manypictures which makes morememories and then welook back on the picturesthe next year.
  4. 4. Dad My dad and I are very close to eachother. When I was younger, he wasn’t aroundthat much. He was always working and I neverspent time with him either. Then when I was 9years old my mom divorced him and he wasgoing to move to North Carolina. I thought Iwas going to loose my dad forever. Then hedidn’t end up moving because he knew hewould never see me. Ever since that happenedmy dad and I have become very close andspent a lot of our time together. Now he livesabout 45 minutes away from me and we arestill close but I’m usually never aroundbecause I’m always out with friends. Sundaysare my days when I spend all day with him.
  5. 5. Easter Now that I’m older I don’t really doanything for Easter anymore, but now Ialways help set up games for the youngerkids. I look forward to this just because I getto spend time with my older cousins and Iget to watch my little ones have a good time.I also get to spend time with my youngerones because I usually help them out witheverything. Family time is always importantto me so I make sure to spend every possibleminute with them.
  6. 6. Friends I always surroundmyself with friends. Withoutmy friends I don’t even knowwhere I would be. Sometimesmy parents don’t alwayssupport everything I do orwant to do and I know I alwayshave my closest friends to fallback on. I’m very close to all ofthem and we all have an equaltrust which I love. They are alllike a second family to me andI love them all so much.
  7. 7. Grandpa My grandpadied when I was 4years old. I don’treally rememberanything about him,but I know he was avery nice man. Mydad always talksabout him. He diedin a coma from hisdiabetes. He was abig fan of playingmusic and alwaysplayed guitar.
  8. 8. Haley Haley is my 12 year oldstep sister that I met in 2009.We use to fight a lot but overthe years we’ve become bestfriends. She’s always beenthere for me when no one elsewas and I do the same for her.She’s been a big part of my life.I think I’m lucky to have her asa sister.
  9. 9. Ice Cream Every single year, I havea dance performance. After it’sover my friends and I alwaysgo out for ice cream. It’s beenour tradition for the past 3years. We always go to Meola’sin Sterling. We go therebecause our dance school isright next to it..
  10. 10. Jackie I have a sister namedJackie that is 23 years old. She isin college now to become ateacher. Even though she livesin Florida I talk to her all thetime. She’s a very good bigsister especially since she’salways there for me to talk to.She’s also very smart and agreat role model. I want to belike her when I grow up. Thepicture to the right is a recentpicture of her.
  11. 11. Kevin I have an uncle that Ifavor and that’s my Uncle Kevin.He’s my favorite uncle becausehe gives the best advice and is alot of fun. He’s the only one ofmy uncles that actually helps mewith life problems. I always loveto talk to him and I can talk tohim about everything. Also wehave great times in the Cape withthe rest of our family because healways lets me drive the boat.
  12. 12. Lily My Titi Lily is married tomy Uncle Kevin that I talked aboutin my last slide. She’s my favoriteaunt. Every year when my dad’sside of the family go to our beachhouse in the Cape, we share aroom with my younger cousin,Alexa. My Titi Lily always paints mynails and gives me fashion adviceand she’s so funny and I lovetalking to her. Some of our talkshave been the best conversationsI’ve had with anyone. I always callher flower because there’s a flowercalled lily.
  13. 13. Mom My mom is my rock. Withouther I would’ve sunk years ago. She’sbeen there for me through everyhard time I’ve gone through and hasbeen able to get me through it. Shetries so hard to take care of me and Ifind it amazing that she canconsidering our conditions at home.Yet she always manages for me tohave food and clothes and to keepour apartment. My mom is also veryunderstanding. In my opinion, she’sthe best mom anyone could have.
  14. 14. New York I have a lot of family that livesin New York. Almost all of my familylives there. I usually go to see my TitiTerri and Uncle Bob in Brewster. Iusually go for the 4th of July andHalloween and sometimes we go inthe summer for no reason. It takesabout 2- 2 ½ hours to get there. Theride is worth it though because I loveseeing my family since I don’t seethem very often.
  15. 15. October Every October I go toNew York for my family’sHalloween party. This has been atradition for my dad and I eversince I was 8 years old. This is myabsolute favorite time of theyear because everyone in ourfamily goes. It’s a great way forus to all spend time togetherbecause we set up thedecorations and do everythingtogether. Also my Titi Terri makesthe best food for the party. I alsolove seeing everyone’s costumes.Each year it’s something newand exciting and it’s alwayssomething to look forward to.
  16. 16. Pizza Pizza is always fun for me becauseevery Friday night we either order pizza ormake it. It’s the most fun when my stepmom, step sister, and I make it. It’s a greatway to spend quality time with each otherand we always make a huge mess andthen clean it yup together. Haley and I liketo through flour on each other and seewho can roll the dough out the fastest. Nomatter who wins its always so much funand when we’re too lazy to cook we justorder it and in the summer my sister and Ieat it outside.
  17. 17. Quilt The quilt that I have now is theonly thing I have left of my GreatGrandmother. She made it for mewhen my mom found out she waspregnant with me. She died when Iwas a year old and this was the onlything I have of her and I always sleptwith it next to me. I did until I was 6years old.
  18. 18. Rebecca I have an almost 24 yearold sister, Rebecca. Everyonecalls her Becky. She’s the bestbig sister. She helps me with myproblems and whenever shevisits from Florida we always goon big shopping sprees. A lot ofpeople say she and I look a lotalike and I love it when they saythat because I think my sister isbeautiful. She’s a very goodmother too and at such a youngage for having two kids, I thinkshe does great. She’s a good rolemodel and I look up to her.
  19. 19. St. Leo’s The first school I everwent to was St. Leo’s which is aCatholic school. I went thereup until 6th grade then I cameto Sky View. I went back in 7thbut I did very bad at thatschool so I came back.Honestly it’s not a good schoolat all and the uniforms arereally uncomfortable. I wouldnever go to any Catholic schoolagain. Also the teachers aren’tnice at all and are very rude.
  20. 20. Titi Terri I have an aunt namedTerri and whenever I go toNew York I always stay at herhouse. She has two kids, mycousin Alexa and my cousinMatthew. My Titi Terri is 43years old and was born in theBronx. She’s a good motherand aunt and I’m grateful forall the times she’s let my dadand I stay with her. Withouther for a while we would’vehad no place to live.
  21. 21. I have four uncles. UncleOne of them is on mymom’s side of the familyand the other three are onmy dads. The one on mymoms sides name is Jeff. Ialmost never see himbecause him and my momdon’t talk a lot. The otherthree, Jack, Kevin, and Bob, Idon’t see very often either.They all live in New York so Iusually see them a fewtimes a year. Out of the fourmy Uncle Kevin is myfavorite.
  22. 22. Vision I have had glasses sinceI was in fourth grade. I havealways had really bad vision. Idon’t wear my glassesanymore because they aren’tstrong enough for my eyes.Also because I lost them. Irefuse to wear contacts thoughbecause I don’t like touchingmy eyes and I think they wouldbother me all the time.
  23. 23. Wish My wish is to become anactress when I grow up. I havewanted to be an actress since Iwas three years old and I’ve beenacting since I was four. Peoplealways ask me why I like it and Ihonestly don’t know why. Overthe years it’s just become apassion for me and something Ilove to do. I would love tocontinue and becomeprofessional. Even if it’s just playson Broadway, I love the feeling ofacting.
  24. 24. X-ray I have always been carefulwhen I’m dancing or playingsports. I have never gotten an x-ray before because I usually don’tget hurt. The only time I get hurtis when I’m dancing and I do astunt wrong, which usuallydoesn’t happen. I dance at PaulaMeola’s in sterling and I wouldsay since I’ve never gotten hurtthat they have good, professionalteachers.
  25. 25. Yogurt Every Thursday after mysister and I have dance, wealways go to the store afterwardsand get yogurt. We started doingthis a few years ago because wewanted to eat healthier. Afterdance instead of eating junk, wenow always have yogurt. Weboth always get the same thingand that’s either strawberrycheesecake yogurt or chocolatemousse yogurt.
  26. 26. Zeke My brother Zeke is 28years old and I didn’t grow upwith him. The last time I sawhim was in 2007 and I don’ttalk to him very often. Thereason why is because hejoined the Marines in 2009. Inever get to see him anywaysbecause when he goes homehe goes to Florida with hismom. He hasn’t been a bigpart of my life but he’s still mybrother and I still love him.