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  • 1. April I was born on April 22,1999 in Leominster Hospital .When I was born my mom had to have a C-section to get meout. My mom told me that I was miracle. When I was in mymoms stomach the doctors didn’t see me moving. My momwas disappointed. When the doctors came back they looked atthe x-ray they saw something blinking and they saw me.
  • 2. Basketball Basketball is my favorite sport. People say that Im goodat it. They say that Im good at shooting. I used to have trouble atdribbling. I practice everyday and I got good at it. My cousinsometimes invite me to play with him and some of his friends atSoutheast. I used to play in a basketball on a team. We only lost 3games. I was a shooting guard. When we started my first shot itwas a 3 pointer. Our highest score was 58 to 26.
  • 3. Clowns Clowns are my favorite because there really funny. I have afriend that his dad is a clown. He be a clown when theres a birthdayparty. He does really funny jokes. When ever I go to him he alwaysspeaks weird and he says weird stuff. He once told me to be his helper.He had a fake chicken in his hand and I had to chase him. When I did Ihad to tackle him. When I tackle him he made the funniest face ever.
  • 4. Drums Drums is my favorite instrument. I started playingdrums when I was one in a half. When I was four I looked atthe drummer and I would follow them. I started to get somepots and pans and started banging. My mom didn’t really carebecause she loved my music. Then later on my dad bought mea drum set and I would play everyday so I can be good. Now asmy age I got really good. I play some places like I played atConnecticut and other places.
  • 5. Eat I eat a lot of things. I get a snack every five minutes. Mymom cooks everyday and I would eat it because is good. My mommakes rice and chicken and beans. When my aunt cooks I eat thewhole thing because I like her cooking. I mostly eat different chips.
  • 6. Florida When I was kid I used to live in Florida. I lived in myaunts house. I was there when I was two. I liked their housebecause there was other families living in there too. It was a bighouse. The best part they had a underground pool. I used to goin with my dad. I spent time with my cousins and we play withmy aunts dog. My aunts name is Ana. One o f my cousins nameis Ellazaray
  • 7. guitar This is another instrument that I can play. My dad taughtme how to play the guitar. My dad can play it. He is really good heplays all around just like me. Im still learning but my dad is teachingme more. He knows all the notes to it and he can play different typesof guitar.
  • 8. Horse When I was in Puerto Rico I was with my cousins. Iowned a horse. His name was Jaguar. My parents gave it to mycousin because we were going back over here. When I wentback to Puerto Rico Jaguar was with him. He asked me if Iwanted to ride it. My parents was outside watching me. I had somuch fun.
  • 9. Ice cream Every year I go to a ice cream place with my family. Myparents go different places to get ice cream. My favorite ice creamis cookie dough. Sometimes my mom brings it the house and getsome stuff so my sister and I can put the stuff on the top of the icecream. When I go to my cousins house we go to a ice cream place.
  • 10. Jamie Jamie is my other cousin. He is in high school right now. He can playbasketball really good. Hes the one that taught me how to play. Every time he comesto my house we always play he teaches me something new when I see him. When hisother brothers come we go somewhere to play.
  • 11. Kite When was young my dad bought me a kite. The nextday we went to Coolidge Park to fly it. I was holding the patwhere you control the kite. I was running and I banged myface on a fence. My dad was laughing at me after I banged onmy face I was flying the kite again like nothing ever happened.
  • 12. Lily I have a dog name Lily. I had her when I was 11. Ididn’t expect having her. My uncle gave it to me. My sistercame up with the name. When I got to sleep Lily was alwayscrying because it was her first day sleeping at my house. Iwould always wake up when my dog was crying. We didn’thave no bed for her so we just put her in a box till we got hera bed.
  • 13. Marines I always tell my parents that I want to be in the marines. Shealways know because I would play with my cousins that were in it. Wepretend to have real guns and we go outside and pretend to shoot thepeople. I was the leader of the group. We spy on our parents wepretend that there bad guys.
  • 14. Naughty I have been naughty a lot. I have in school and athome. I give my parents an attitude but Im trying to workon it. When I get mad I give an attitude a lot. My momknows that Im trying not to. I have been the most with mydad we fight a lot but usual we get along we go out andspend time with each other.
  • 15. Orange My mom always buys orange. My family likes it. Itreminds me of Puerto Rico. We were picking oranges in thewoods with my grandpa. He goes and picks fruits from thewoods. The fruits in Puerto Rico there really sweet. Therereally good.
  • 16. Puerto Rico Puerto Rico is a wonderful place. I go there forvacation. We stay at my aunts house. In the streets thepeople do boxing for fun we play around. In Puerto Ricopeople use horses to go around. Theres different types ofanimal over there. The beaches is really nice the water isblue. We gather coco nuts. We have a lot of fun.
  • 17. Quiet Im never quiet. My mom tells me to just go to sleep becauseIm active at home. My dad and I always play around and my mom getsmad. Sometimes I plan with my sister to get my mom mad its funnybecause me and my sister make loud noises. We bang on pots.
  • 18. Rice My mom cooks rice every time. Is very good. When Igo to my aunts house she cooks rice I eat 3 plates because isreally good. When we have parties my aunt and my momcook together. I eat more than my cousins.
  • 19. Snow In the winter I always go outside and play in the snowwith my cousins. We do a snow ball fight. We play just likedodge ball. We make a big fort and make snowballs so whenwe run out we just get it from the fort. One of my cousins staybehind the fort and make more snowballs.
  • 20. Thanks giving Every year in Thanks giving we go to my auntshouse or my house to celebrate. Sometimes my mommakes the turkey. When we gather we play differentgames. My mom’s side plays sequence and my dads sidethey play dominos. I play with my dad hes my partner indominos.
  • 21. Uncles Some of my uncles are really funny. If they cometo my house we play pool. I have a pool table at my housein my basement. I don’t usually talk to them. So my momtold me to get along with them and talk more. They loveplaying pool with me because Im good.
  • 22. Video Games When I go to my friend David’s house we always play PlayStation 3. We play Black Ops 2 Zombies . Sometimes we playhardcore capture the flag online. When I invite him over to myhouse I tell him to bring the ps3 so we can play.
  • 23. Whitney St. Where I live is in Whitney St. The Leominster CTE at the highschool built the house for us. In Whitney theres a lot of accidents. Last yearthere was a three cars that crashed. There was one crash that a car wentthrough my fence. During the night the neighbors blast loud music. The nextdoor neighbor she lets the dogs out and they bark every single second. Mystreet is not quiet.
  • 24. X-ray When I was in 4th grade I had a really bad stomach ache. I wokeup at 4 in the morning. I woke up my mom and she said to go back to sleepand relax and your stomach will get better. I tried to sleep but I couldn’tbecause it hurt really bad. So she took me to emergency room so theycould check it out. They told me that they had to take a x-ray of mystomach. Later on I had to take this medicine so my stomach would heal .
  • 25. Yankees When my dad went to New York I asked if I could go with him.He went to see his uncle. When he was there I asked him to go pastYankee Stadium. He told me that we were close to the stadium so hewent past it. When I went past it I saw the people that were workingthere cleaning the outside of the Stadium.
  • 26. Zoo Over the summer my grandpa came from Puerto Rico for vacation.When he was staying over my house my mom asked him if he wanted to go tothe zoo. We went to Franklyn Park Zoo. My grandpa loves animals that’s whywe went. We went to spend time with him.