Introduction to Smartphone Apps


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Learn how a Smartphone app can benefit your community.

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  • A smartphone is a high-end mobile phone that combines the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone, along with GPS navigation, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband access. Most models typically also serve as portable media players and camera phones with high-resolution touchscreens, web browsers that can access and properly display standard web pages rather than only mobile-optimized sites
  • Ross: (Facebook story) Expandable - can you modify or add new features?Time for approval? Get the average time from submission to release. Updates - charges, turnaround timeAsk for screenshots of previous appsAsk where the development is done - onshore or offWho updates the app when OS's get updated?
  • Introduction to Smartphone Apps

    1. 1. Welcome to Introduction to Smartphone Apps
    2. 2. Ever since people started painting oncave walls, people have been using newtechnologies to tell stories in new ways.
    3. 3. Oral Cave Paintings
    4. 4. Clay Tablets Papyrus
    5. 5. Scroll Printing Press
    6. 6. Radio TV
    7. 7. Digital (Wired) Mobile Digital
    8. 8. You tell the story of your town in manyways: • Oral History • Museum/Historical Association • Books • Brochures • Walking Tours • Websites
    9. 9. Mobile digital just expands and enhancesthat story and allows your visitors andcustomers to add YOUR story to THEIRstory through…
    10. 10. Design the right Smartphone app to help:• Your residents reach essential services• Reach your residents during emergencies• Encourage your residents to shop/play and engage in local activities• Direct visitors around to your story
    11. 11. What is a Smartphone…and why areapps different from websites? Phone PDA GPS Web Browser Multi-Media
    12. 12. Apps are:app [ap] nounan application, typically a small, specializedprogram downloaded onto mobile devices
    13. 13. Native, Web, and Hybrid apps The Issues Native Apps Web AppsInternet Access Not required Required, no offline databaseInstallation/Updates Must be deployed or Dependent on server and downloaded web accessUser Interface Native apps are responsive Browsers can be clunky and functionalAccess to Hardware Yes, all of them: camera, Access through theSensors gyroscope, microphone, browser is limited, though compass, accelerometer, geolocation is common GPSApp Store Yes No, requiring extra marketingSecurity Concerns No for Apple, yes for Yes, as no review is done. Google (currently) Virus or malware potential
    14. 14. Hybrid Apps use a native program and database, but can be updated via XML. All the benefits of both.
    15. 15. iPhone has changed the game
    16. 16. • All users now want to run real apps on their smartphones• Smartphones are cheaper than laptops• They have senses (sight, hearing, touch) that laptops never had• Smartphone users spend more time on their phones than their computers• Good Smartphone apps are different than good web apps or good desktop apps
    17. 17. It has to let you tell your story!
    18. 18. Use the features of the phone…
    19. 19. Geolocation
    20. 20. Embedded Media
    21. 21. Push Media
    22. 22. Define Your Target Day Trippers ( <90 miles) Tourists ( >90 miles) Locals
    23. 23. Define Your Goals Revenue Outreach Shop Local Marketing
    24. 24. Design• Must reflect your own branding• Flexible/customizable page templates• Potentially rebrandable
    25. 25. Data• Easily imported and updated• Web-based CMS• Instant updates to App
    26. 26. Watch Out For:• Web apps masquerading as native apps. Ask "Is the data resident to the phone?"• Charging per download, per concurrent user, per page or per use.• Ownership of program, and data.• Program updates, bug fixes, problems.
    27. 27. Location-based check-in servicesAccording to a ComScore reportreleased on May 12, 2011,nearly one in five Smartphoneusers are tapping into check-inservices like Foursquare andGowalla. A total of 16.7 millionmobile-phone subscribers usedlocation-based services on theirphones in March 2011
    28. 28. • 75% of all mobile traffic comes from iOS devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad)• 97% of all tablet internet traffic comes from iPads
    29. 29. Pricing Models
    30. 30. Purchase v Licensing/SAAS• Key issues: – Own and maintain or ongoing support and maintenance – Upgrades and improvements – High up-front costs or perpetual expenses
    31. 31. Per-User vs Fixed Cost• One Chamber of Commerce app charges $2.50 per member, per month.• 200 members = $500 month or $6,000 a year. Have to forecast growth and longevity.
    32. 32. Thank you!We’d be happy to answer any questions you mayhave regarding mobile marketing. CONTACT Ross Rojek 1776 Productions | GoLocalApps 877.913.1776