Royal Spanish Golf Federation


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Royal Spanish Golf Federation

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Royal Spanish Golf Federation

  1. 1. The Royal Spanish Golf Federation is aprivate association non-profit, with legalpersonality and patrimony of own andindependent of his associates.
  2. 2. This Spanish Federation is located in Madrid, butit may be amended by agreement of the GeneralAssembly on the proposal of the Board ofDirectors.There are one Regional Federation in eachAutonomous Community.
  3. 3. • The Royal Spanish Golf Federation has the authorityto organize activities and official State-levelcompetitions, both in a national and internationalkinds.• In addition, in coordination with the autonomousfederations, it will act in the general promotion of thegame of golf throughout the national territory.• Exercises, among other issues, the sportsdisciplinary responsibility in the terms established bythe law of sport, its statutes and internal regulations.
  4. 4. The Romans practiced a play with a curved stick and a ballmade of feathers that could be a history of the game ofgolf. Some historians argue that it would have originated inthe Netherlands and that the term comes from the Dutchword kolf meaning stick.The first news about this sport come from the 15th century,in Scotland, where - according to the legend - golf has 18holes because the whisky has 18 measures. Heimmediately had great acceptance, so that King James IIbanned it so that his subjects not to abandon the arts ofdefence for the war. Towards 1500 that prohibition waslifted by the popularity that had also reached, and this lawwas ignored.
  5. 5. In its beginnings, golf managed that they compete as anequal, nobles and commoners. The first match of whichare data, is that played the Prince of Wales with JohnPaterson (very skilled in the game Shoemaker) in 1682.In 1744, the first players Association was founded inScotland, and in 1745, also in the United Kingdom wascreated the first rules of golf. The first golf associationswere organized in the 18th century: the HonourableCompany of Edinburgh Golfers (1744), the St. AndrewsSociety of Golfers (1754).The first Spanish golf club was established in Las Palmas(Gran Canaria) in 1891.
  6. 6. Golf is a sport that is to take a ball of smalldimensions in a pit using different types of sticks,using the least number of strokes possible. Thestarting area is called tee and where is located the pitis called green, lush greenery perfectly cared for andmown.It is a sport that takes place outdoors, in nature, andwhich requires so much effort as the player you want,since it is he who sets their own pace, making itstimulating or restful.This sport can be played at any time of the year and atany age.
  7. 7. Conventional golf course has, atleast, 9 holes, while the ideal andnormal is having 18, which arenumbered consecutively. Each of themare different from each other and alsodifferent from one field to another.The space between the tee and thegreen Street, which can have differenttypes of obstacles that make it difficultto get from one place to another iscalled: Lakes, trees, sand traps (knownas bunkers) usually in the vicinity ofthe green, etc.
  8. 8. Severiano Ballesteros Sota, also knownas Seve Ballesteros, was a Spanishgolfer.He was born on 9th of April 1957 inPedreña.He was one of the professionals withbest palmarés in the history of golf.Their titles include five championshipsof the World Match Play, two toppositions in the selective: AugustaMasters tournament, and three in theBritish Open. After his retirement wasgolf course designer and tournamentorganizer.Finally he died on 7th of May 2011.