Global Twitter Initiatives @FollowAnArchive and @AskArchivists


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Presentation about the global Twitter Initiatves @FollowAnArchive and @AskArchives, founded by Charlotte Jensen and Anneke van Waarden-Koets, to promote archives and their collections world wide.
The presentation was held in Stuttgart,at the conference 'Archive 1.0', on April 4, 2014.

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Global Twitter Initiatives @FollowAnArchive and @AskArchivists

  1. 1. Programm: Offene Archive 2.1 Social media im deutschen Sprachraum und im internationalen Kontext 4. April 2014 Anneke van Waarden-Koets : @FollowAnArchive & @AskArchivists – Events on Twitter to promote archives worldwide.
  2. 2. Follow A Museum Day, February 1, 2010 Great success. Basic concept of Follow A Museum Day: To focus all (twitter) eyes on museums and their exhibitions. February 1st = #followamuseum Day
  3. 3. What if… Wouldn’t it be nice… @charlotteshj @ZeeuwsArchiefED (now @Archiefeducatie)
  4. 4. 1. Write blogposts 2. Do (video) interviews 3. Promote on social media 4. Make lists of archives on Twitter 5. Design QR-code, banner, sticker, poster 6. Make a movie 7. Create a Twitter fountain 8. Start archiving tool 9. Give suggestions about subjects to tweet about 10. Start a Facebook Page
  5. 5. @BradHeadland: The records we hold tell the story of who we are, where we came from and how we got here How did #followanarchive Day work out?
  6. 6. Last blogpost about #followanarchive Day 2010: #askanarchivist day or #askarchivists day 2011 Together with several other people we are thinking about the possibility of organizing an #askanarchivist day or #askarchivists day. We think about June 9, when it is International Archives Day. How do you think about this proposition?
  7. 7. Promotion video’s #askarchivists Day 2011
  8. 8. @elmissey: Check out our Happy #AskArchivists cake!! That was on Thursday and was tasty! How did #askarchivists work out? - Lot of questions were asked about digitization, digital born archives and preservation of digital records. - There were very specific questions asked directly to archives and archivists about their collections and how to search and find in the archives and on the web. Also about their most oldest, valuable or precious document or most weird object in their collections. - A question about the oldest archive in the world, produced during the day various answers about the oldest archival collection or document as well as the oldest archives building whether especialy built for archives or just an old building.
  9. 9. Survey: Let´s do it again! We have also conducted a little survey (which is now closed), and 100 participants from 21 countries answered. The message of the survey is clear, since a large majority was interested in doing #AskArchivists again next year – same day.
  10. 10. karentoittoit/loveheritage/ Stadtarchiv Speyer Zeeuws Archief Middelburg
  11. 11. Archives doodles , created by Charlotte Jensen, Bradley Headland and Thomas Wolf, June 2013
  12. 12. #WW1archives
  13. 13. Archival documents, records, newspapers, pictures, drawings, postcards, paintings, etc. about: • Soldiers • Families and loved ones of soldiers • Battlefields • Refugees • Aid / Support • Governments • Weapons • Mobilisation • Diseases • War cemeteries • History before, during, after, all related to the Great War Refugees from Belgium in Middelburg, The Nether-lands, cooking their meal, 1914. Zeeuws Archief, KZGW, ZI- P-03695
  14. 14. Stretcher bearers recovering wounded during the Battle of Thiepval Ridge, Sept.1916.Photo by E. Brooks. Diary of Gallipoli: 25th April 1915. opical-events/first-world-war- centenary #WW1archives