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  2. 2. Most 15-17 year olds think that its okay to lie to their parents, they didn’t say that it was good but it’s not bad either. So I am not doing anything bad right? Its mypersonal life anyways, not my parents.
  3. 3. These are allthe best giftideas ever…….cute andcheesy butmemorable.Maybe Illwrite him apoem as well.
  4. 4. I don’t know how to prove to my parents that Ican take care of myself. They will never think Ican take care of myself until I am at least 20 orsomething. They think that anything having todo with me and a guy or someone that is not mybest friend is unsafe……..what am I going to dowithout James? I am not breaking up with himjust because my parents want me to.
  5. 5. Is breaking up with James the best thing to do?.....Inever even gave him a chance to explain to me but Iguess I don’t need to because he wont have cheatedon me if he loved me right?
  6. 6. Why do I feel so stressed? Well,my parents are being the mostirritating, pressuring andprotective parents ever and myboyfriend cheated on me. Ineed to make changes to mylife. I need to start over again,go to a new place, meet newpeople and try to bringhappiness back to my life.
  7. 7. A change in my life, in myworld is all I need right nowand I think London is the placewhere it will all happen.London has always been mydream city and it offers greathigh school programs. Now,all I have to do is beg myparents to let me go.
  8. 8. Now, that my parents have agreed to let me go to London for a trimester, all I have to do is book a flight. I dont blame my parents for making me pay for my own flight tickets because money is tighter than before and they are already paying a fortune for thetrimester fee and the dormitory. However, the money they arewasting on getting me a private dormitory because they dont trust anyone living in the same room as me, could have paid for the plane tickets and still have extra money left.
  9. 9. There is so much to remember to do and not to do. Whycant I be one of those people who is loved by everyonebecause they are gorgeous and always know what to do byeveryone instead of being old boring me who gets nervousfor no reasons? I hope that Ians parents like me because Ireally like him.
  10. 10. Many people thinks that cheaters deserve a second chancebecause everyone makes mistakes that they regret. I am willingto give James a second chance because I still care for him and ithurts me to know that he was also heartbroken when we brokeup especially since I didn’t give him a chance to explain to me.Now that I have listened to his explanations, which he flew all theway to London to tell me, maybe I will give him a second chancebut only as a friend for now.
  11. 11. James has already bought tickets and itwould be a shame for him to waste it.He and I have always loved travelingwhen we were still together so maybewe can go to Dublin together as friends.My childhood dream was to visit asmany castles as possible and DublinCastle seems really nice. I just cant missout the chance of visiting it.
  12. 12. To stop doing things that upset my parents is really hardbecause that is like not letting myself have any fun in life.My parents werent very happy when I was truthful tothem about all the stuff I have been keeping from themwhile I am in London, like going to Manchester with Ian tovisit his parents which my parents would have never letme go. Hopefully, they will forgive me and understandthat I am now a different person, who is trying to startover gain back their trust and start life over again..
  13. 13. Its almost time togo back to homeand I havent gottensouvenirs for any ofmy friends andfamily. I better getready and goshopping soon, Iwant to have sometime left to visitsome more Londonsights.
  14. 14. My time in London is over….I cant believe it. I have never felt moreindependent or confidentabout myself. My parentshave finally realized how grown up I am and havegiven me more freedom. I am going to hold on to that as best as I can when go back home.
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