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Persuasive techniques can have unlimited applications in modern society. These persuasive techniques are our favorite techniques here at Persuasion Techniques. We thoroughly believe these persuasive techniques can change your life forever in a positive way. Without further ado, here are our favorite persuasive techniques.

1) Set The Mood
2) Assert Your Dominance
3) Become Trustworthy
4) Finding Common Ground
5) Being Unique
6) Confidence
7) Enthusiasm
8) Logos
9) Pathos
10) Ethos

Why Learn Persuasive Techniques? Here are some of our reasons...

Make Real Friends Through Persuasion!
Get ANYONE to like and trust you!
Always Seem Sincere. Even if you truly do NOT care!
Persuade someone using the “Ego Booster“.
Motivate people with challenges.
Persuade others to treat you as a VIP!
Convince your friends to be friends!
4 techniques to Persuade Anyone to FORGIVE YOU!
Interpret someones true inner feelings and emotions!
Using your eyes to persuade! (yes these techniques can be that easy!)
Force someone to tell the truth with persuasion!
Predict anyone’s personality!
5 extreme MENTALISM secrets magicians don’t want you to know!
Exploding your income with social trends!
INSTANTLY make someone happier through HYPNOSIS!
Make anyone do what you want, with this stealthy technique!
Become the true “head of the table”!
Expert SALES skills!
Change someone’s mind on ANYTHING!
Skyrocket PROFIT with ANY product!
Get Amazing Testimonial on your products!
Reading someone’s eyes!
Get Beautiful Men Or Women To Fall In Love With You!
Resolve Marriage/Relationship Issues!
Motivate ANYONE!
Tips To Break Bad New To Someone.
Guilt-Free Ways To Just Say NO!
Become A Persuasive Storyteller.
Persuade and CONTROL Someone’s Mind!
Successfully persuade others to believe your lies!
Techniques for becoming a highly persuasive public speaker!
Persuade employers! Get your DREAM JOB!
Handle even the most stubborn of children!

Persuasive techniques can change your life forever. can create a better lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Learning persuasion techniques will be the best decision of your entire life.

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Top 10 Persuasive techniques

  1. 1. For Those Of You Who Don’tLike To Read, Here Are All TheTechniques:1. Set The Mood2. Assert Your Dominance3. Become Trustworthy4. Finding Common Ground5. Being Unique6. Confidence7. Enthusiasm8. Logos9. Pathos10.Ethos More At
  2. 2. Setting Persuasive MoodsThis first persuasive technique is by far the mostimportant persuasive technique, because it setsthe stage for future use of other persuasivetechniques. The first step to a proper persuasionis getting the person whom you are persuadingin a positive mood. Before you can begin usingother persuasive techniques, you must first putthem in a mood to accept new things in a happymanor and eventually become persuaded by ourmaster persuasive techniques.
  3. 3. Assert Your DominanceAsserting your dominance is an importantpersuasive technique, because it allows you to bethe master of the conversation. Every conversationwill have a more dominant person, and becoming thisperson is essential to your persuasive techniques.Have you ever wondered why it is so hard topersuade our parents? We may be using the properpersuasive techniques, but it often does not work.The reason for this our ability to show dominanceover our parents. They will always have dominanceand thus make our persuasive techniques nearlyuseless.
  4. 4. Becoming TrustworthyBecoming trustworthy gives your persuasivetechniques a higher success rate. Persuadingsomeone is much easier when they trust you.Persuading a stranger to do something for you ismuch harder than persuading a close friendbecause of this persuasive technique. When youare considered a trusted friend, people are morelikely to accept your persuasive techniques andgive into your argument (or whatever you aretrying to persuade them to do).
  5. 5. Finding Common GroundA great persuasive technique is finding acommon ground. Become one with the personyou are persuading. This will make you muchmore in sync with the person you arepersuading. Persuasive techniques can becomemore successful when you remind the personyou are persuading that you are just like them.This persuasive technique works especially wellin advertising.
  6. 6. Being UniqueAn expert persuader is always unique in theirpersuasion techniques. If you go tell someonethat you can offer them something new andunique, they will be more inclined to accept youroffer. Finding a way to add a sense of beingunique to your persuasion is very important toyour persuasive techniques. Again, thispersuasive technique is often very successful inadvertising.
  7. 7. ConfidenceThis persuasive technique is not only one of themost effective, but it is also the simplest. To getsomeone to respect you, be confident. Whentrying to use persuasive techniques, confidenceis key. While you are being confident, make sureyou don’t come across as arrogant.
  8. 8. EnthusiasmBeing persuasive requires the person you arepersuading the become interested and investedin you idea, product, etcetera. A persuasivetechnique to make them interested is to showinterest yourself. Smiles are contagious.
  9. 9. LogosLogos is an important part of your persuasivetechniques, and we are not talking about yourcompany logo. We are talking about logos orappealing to logic. Make your persuasivetechniques seem logical. What you say mustmake sense for your persuasive techniques towork. Humans love a logical mathematicalequation for success (or whatever yourpersuading for/selling).
  10. 10. PathosA very important persuasive technique is pathos.Pathos is appealing to human nature andemotions. A great way to persuade anyone is tomake them emotional. If you exploit theiremotions, they become vulnerable to yourpersuasive techniques.
  11. 11. EthosAppealing to someones character and idealswith ethos can often help your persuasivetechniques. Question someones ideals, andmake them feel like they can either accept yourpersuasion or they are morally incorrect. Bepolite with this persuasion technique.
  12. 12. Want More?Become An Expert In The Art Of