16zimj industrial digtal revolution


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16zimj industrial digtal revolution

  1. 1. Zim Jearrajinda Revolution essay 10D PurpleComparing revolutions in innovations essayT he industrial revolution and the digital revolution have both impacted us in many ways andhave created many new innovations.First of all, the industrial revolution and the digital revolution’ssimilarity will be analyzed relating to the impact, especially towards society. Secondly the industrialand digital revolution’s differences will be analysis which has an impact, again mainly on society, andthirdly the differences and similarities between the two revolutions will be analyzed and therevolution which made the most impact will be stated. So in this essay, industrial revolution and thedigital revolution will be analyses through comparing and contrasting to determine which revolutionhas the most impact.“The industrial revolution was a fundamental change in the way good were produced, from humanlabor to machines. The more efficient in ways of production and constant higher levels of productionhas triggered far-reaching changesto industrialized societies” (industrial-revolution PPT, Mr.Dorn/Mr. Manfredi).The industrial revolution occurred in Europe but mainly in England around 1750to 1850.There were a lot of factors that started the industrial revolution. England was in a goodgeography, it is kind of in the “middle” of a lot of countries so this is an advantage to go to othercountries to colonies and sell their products which was a motive for the industrial revolution.England has the most colonies compared to other European countries so England has a lot ofcolonies to market their goods. The industrial revolution made many merchants very wealthy, sothese merchants use their money to invest in factories so they would be promoting to invent thingsto reduce labor, buy buildings, raw material.So the production would be faster (the spinning jenny toincrease canton production, cotton gin to take seeds out to have more resources). England also hasmuch raw material such as coal and iron; coals are used to power steam engines and machines, ironsare basic building block of large machines, railroad tracks, trains and ships. All these factors promoteand drove the industrial revolution which lasted about a hundred years. As for thedigital revolution, it started in 1980 and is still occurring. It has another name which is the thirdindustrial revolution. It is the development of which is the start of the “information age”. In this timethe revolution has created inventions which allowed us to connect with each other through theWorld Wide Web or “WWW”. The www also allows us to connect with people around the world, andis able to store almost all of the information known to mankind, which is able to be access by anyone.Other inventions are also spread out in a mass production in the use of digital circuits, resultingtechnologies such as the computer, digital cellular phone, and fax machine which allows people toconnect, even at different parts of the world. The industrial revolution and the digital revolution have many similarities which has animpact towards society. First of all both industrial revolution and the digital revolution allowedpeople to communicate easier, the digital revolution has the internet and cellular phones whichallow people to communicate easier (almost) globally. In the industrial revolution, communicationimproved liketelephones, telegraph and the radio and these are very important inventions becausethese inventions are improved which we still use today. During the industrial revolution, the Englishhas been to more countries to colonize because of their engines so war is then deadlier. Also for thedigital revolution, many things are controlled by computers or digitally, so to start a war by
  2. 2. Zim Jearrajinda Revolution essay 10D Purplelaunching a bomb is a mere push of a button and this is a very dangerous impact to society. Alsoback in the industrial revolution days, the revolution has made many merchants wealthy so they usethe money to power up the factories to buy more goods so the Politian starts to get involve with thesociety. Also when the merchants got richer, the society has divided themselves economically-wisewhich are the working class, bourgeoisie, and wealthy industrial class (the merchants). Governmentnowadays has also got involved in the digital world and the society. Barak Obama from USA forexample, uses social media to gain votes for their side. Also another similarity is that the amount ofimport and exports increased. During the industrial revolution, they imported Indian cotton, madeshirts back in England and export the shirts to other countries. In the digital revolution, we are allconnected to each other that we can know the demand and supply very fast that we can know howmuch to import and export thus, it is easier to import and export more with exact values. Alsobefore the industrial revolution, education was a privilege not a right but then the industrialrevolution allowed more people to be educated, just like how almost all of the information known tomankind is now on the internet anyone can access it and it is not just a privilege. One of the differences between the two revolutions is that during the industrial revolution,they were partly connected but not globally while the digital revolution everyone was globallyconnected through the www, cellular phones, etc. Another difference is about ways of selling theproduct and different jobs. Back in the industrial age, people had to open shops to sell their productsbut now, there are eBay, dealfish, and many more websites (inventions) which allow the people whowant to sell their product able to do so without having to open a store. And this results of a jobopening so now society has more jobs. As we can see there are more jobs today than back in theindustrial days. Research says that there are many more jobs in 15 years which do not exist today.Another difference is that the digital revolution is that information is more globally shared, andbombs are now very dangerous which will impact society very bad, as mentioned before eventhough the industrial revolution do not have very dangerous weapons and bombs, their war are stilldangerous but now there are nuclear bombs which can wipe out a whole country thus this is a verynegative impact towards society and as a whole. As we know the “impact” does not always have tobe positive, wiping out a whole race can be an impact. So after comparing and contrasting the impacts of the two revolutions, I would like to statethat the industrial revolution has the greatest impact. Even though there are now bullet trains, smartphones, computers, highly developed buildings, and many more, these things would not haveexisted without the industrial revolution. And even though we have the internet, mobile phone,computer, cars, etc. these things might’ve not been invented if the industrial revolution hasn’toccurred. The factory line was invented and/or improved in the industrial revolution which madeproductions faster and cheaper so that people can afford it. To conclude, I would state that in my opinion; the industrial revolution has the greatestimpact.The industrial revolution has created many new inventions that made us the way we aretoday.Without the industrial revolution, life would not be as easy as it is today. Back in the earlyindustrial revolution days, people who worked in factories had bad working conditions and with lowwages which was normal back then. Nowadays things like these are totally at the opposite sidebecause the worker’s environment will have to be safe, and the wages will have to be enough totake care of their family, but some of these problems can still be seen today[1]. Some say theindustrial revolution is still a phenomenon, others disagree.
  3. 3. Zim Jearrajinda Revolution essay 10D Purple[1] ConclusionVincent, Sean. "The Industrial Revolution.”: Credits. Quest Garden, 1 Jan. 2010. Web. 11 Mar. 2013.<http://questgarden.com/113/52/3/101109185311/credits.htm>.Gwen. "Information Revolution Vs. Industrial Revolution - Social Relations, Work, AndDemographics." - Production, Workers, Process, and Facilities. Ecommerce, 1 Jan. 2012. Web. 12 Mar.2013. <http://ecommerce.hostip.info/pages/576/Information-Revolution-Vs-Industrial-Revolution-SOCIAL-RELATIONS-WORK-DEMOGRAPHICS.html>.Amanda. "Causes of the Industrial Revolution." The Industrial Revolution.Seaca, 7 Feb. 2003. Web.12 Mar. 2013. <http://industrialrevolution.sea.ca/causes.html>.Ted. "Simply Ted." Simply Ted. Blobspot, 5 Oct. 2005. Web. 12 Mar. 2013.<http://simplyted.blogspot.com/2005/10/why-you-should-know-about-digital.html>.