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Step by step guide of creating a pizza 16 aashb
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Step by step guide of creating a pizza 16 aashb


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Published in: Self Improvement, Business
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  • 1. Step by Step Guide of Creating a Pizza By: Aash Bhasin
  • 2. IngredientsO Strong white bread flour (250g)O Sea/Salt (1 teaspoon)O Sugar (1 teaspoon)O Dried yeast (3.5g)O Virgin Olive oil (1 tablespoon)O Room temperature water (160ml)O Toppings (cheese, tomato sauce and basil leaves)
  • 3. Method 1O Take the room temperature water (160 ml) out. Mix the sugar (1tsp), Olive oil (1tsp.) and dried yeast into the water. Leave the mixture to the side.
  • 4. Method 2O Get 250g of white bread flour out and sieve it to a clean bowl. After done add a teaspoon of salt to it. Try to spread the salt around the flour.
  • 5. Method 3O Now that the we have left the mixture of the water, sugar and olive oil for a few minutes, pour it in to the flour (which is mixed with salt). Try to mix it gently with hands/wooden spoon (make sure you have washed them). Expert advice: • If too sticky while mixing the dough try to add a little flour • Always use one hand to mix the dough so that you can grab on to something else with clean hands
  • 6. Method 4O When the dough has been mixed properly, put a wet cloth (with warm water) and cover the dough with it (over the bowl). Leave the dough covered with the cloth for 1 hour. Why: O If not then the dough will dry out, it needs to be covered because the mixture has yeast in it (yeast needs food and shelter)
  • 7. Method 5O After the dough has been covered with a wet cloth, take the cloth out and try to knock out the air and put it on a clean surface. When done take a rolling pin and make a shape (make sure its flat). Expert advice: • When ready to use the rolling pin, try to add some flour on the rolling pin (so the rolling pin wont stick to the dough).
  • 8. Method 6O After the dough is shaped and flat, take a tray, spread a tablespoon of olive oil and spread it on the tray and then place the dough on the tray. Why: The reason we have to add some olive oil on the tray is because then when the dough has been come out of the oven (done), then it would be easier to take the pizza base out.
  • 9. Method 7Now just add the toppings on the base (e.g.tomato sauce, cheese) and out it in the oven foraround 15 mins pre baked (for it to be crispy).
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