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  • 1. Eleanor of Aquitaine http://robertfripp.ca/images/article_photos/513.jpg
  • 2. Who was she?
    • Eleanor of Aquitaine lived from 1122- 1204
    • Her father was Duke William X of Aquitaine and her mother was Aenor
    • She inherited Aquitaine after her father’s death
    • She married both King Louis VII of France and then King Henry II of England
    • Mother of ten children including Kings Richard and John
  • 3. Eleanor’s Childhood The Castle of Poitiers http://www.flickr.com/photos/intrepid_luke/390989222/
  • 4. http://www.e-travelguide.info/maps/aquitaine-map.gif
  • 5.
    • Eleanor spent most of her childhood at the Castle of Poitiers in Aquitaine
    • She traveled around Aquitaine with her father and inherited many of his great ruling skills
    • The court at Poitiers was a center of culture and she became accustomed to a lively court with jesters, acrobats, poets, troubadours and more
    • Eleanor was educated which was unusual for the time
  • 6. A Fifteen Year Old Queen http://www.crisdonragdollcats.com/images/Queen_Crown_1.gif
  • 7. Becoming Queen of France
    • When her father died, Eleanor was fifteen
    • She inherited Aquitaine which was more land then what the king of France had control over
    • She married the heir to the French throne, who became King Louis VII in two months
    • She was crowned Queen of France on Christmas day 1137
  • 8. Here, Eleanor and Louis are getting married. This image is found in the Bayeux Tapestry. http://media-2.web.britannica.com/eb-media/53/102253-004-CED523A8.jpg
  • 9. Crusading Queen
    • In 1146, the second crusade was announced
    • Louis lead the holy war
    • Eleanor decided to join
    • They came back to France in separate ships after many quarrels and defeated
  • 10. This is the route that Eleanor took on the second crusade http://www.medievaltymes.com/courtyard/images/crusades/second/second_crusade_route_map.jpg
  • 11. A New Country http://www.pepysdiary.com/images/wikipedia/1012/300px-Westminster_abbey_west.jpg
  • 12. Queen of England
    • In 1152 Louis and Eleanor decided on an annulment of their marriage
    • She then married Duke Henry of Normandy
    • Two years after their marriage, Henry became King Henry II of England
    • Together, they united Normandy, Anjou, England, and Aquiaine known as the Angevin empire
  • 13. Mother of Eight
    • With Henry, Eleanor gave birth to eight children
    • Two of Eleanor’s daughters became queens, and three of her sons became kings
    • Among them was King Richard and King John
    • She made marriages for her children for political reasons
  • 14. Bye-Bye Henry
    • In 1168, Eleanor and Henry’s marriage was in trouble, and Eleanor moved back to Aquitaine
    • Henry and Eleanor were still officially married, but never lived together again
    • Her children lived with her in the court of Poitiers
  • 15. Prisoner http://www.pepysdiary.com/images/wikipedia/1012/300px-Westminster_abbey_west.jpg Medievel woodcut of Old Sarum Castle
  • 16. The Rebellion
    • In 1173, Eleanor and her three oldest sons; Henry, Richard, and Geoffery plotted against their father
    • In May 1173, war broke out
    • Eleanor was captured by Henry’s men and taken prisoner
  • 17. Old Sarum Castle
    • Eleanor taken prisoner in Old Sarum Castle in Salisbury, England
    • She was not locked up in a dungeon, but was guarded and not allowed to leave the castle or get visitors
    • Meanwhile, Henry made up with his sons but they continued to plot against their father
    • She was held prisoner until 1189 when Henry died
  • 18. Challenges
    • Eleanor faced the challenge of being a woman in Medieval Times
    • This gave her less rights
    • She was treated like her husband’s property, but did not allow this
  • 19. Accomplishments http://www.revivalclothing.com/index.asp?PageAction=Custom&ID=12
  • 20. A Start to Woman’s Rights
    • Eleanor of Aquitaine started the idea of women being respected and gentle
    • The idea of “women goes first”
    • Also, opening the door for women
    • Before, women were lawfully their husband’s property, and treated as it
  • 21. Courtly Love
    • Eleanor was the one who spred the idea of courtly love into medieval courts
    • Courtly love refers to the idea of women in dresses and knights in shining armor
    • Eleanor believd that this could save women
  • 22. The Code of Love
    • A book that Eleanor wrote
    • It is based on courtly love
    • It contains 31 rules for men to obey when dealing with women
  • 23. Unique Eleanor
    • Her compared to Noble Women
      • She was disobedient
      • She did not allow herself to be bossed by men
      • Eleanor ruled which was a big shock and step towards woman’s rights
  • 24. http://www.stainlesssteeldroppings.com/images/aquataine.jpg