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  • 1. CARLOS SANTANA JR. My Alphabiography
  • 2. AYF AYF stands for American Youth Football and that’s the football organization I play for. So far this program has went to playoffs in 6 different levels, 2 of which proceeded in Regional's, one went Nationals. I am hoping that our team this year will be as successful as the ones previous and we could go to Nationals. If we do, we can get into Disney and Universal for free and it will be a good time because many of my friends are on this team.
  • 3. Basketball Basketball is my second favorite sport and although I’m not really one of the better players, I love it. I started playing basketball in my backyard at 5 with my mini Little Tikes hoop with my brother. Now, I play Rec League and play outside against friends or my brother.
  • 4. Callie Callie is my sister. When she was born I thought I would hate a little sister, It would be better off with just me and Lincoln my younger brother. But it turns out she was funny and nowadays we get along pretty good. (She is now seven years old.)
  • 5. Dad My Dad is great and I love him. He has taught me many things in school, sports, and in life. I remember how we used to stay outside and he showed me how to catch a football for like 2 hours. He is almost one of my best friends and we talk about almost everything together. He helps me whenever he can and overall he’s just amazing. Also, his name is the same as mine (Carlos Ruben Santana) and I look just like him, just without a goatee.
  • 6. Eating I love to eat, although it might not show. My favorite food is pizza. I could eat pizza for months and not get sick of it. But, Since my brother was 7, I can’t at any of the good stuff anymore because him and my sister are allergic to all nuts. At school or over a friends house when I'm not with him I munch out and eat everything I’ve been missing.
  • 7. Football Football is my favorite sport and I’ve loved it forever. I started playing when I was 7 at Pop Warner and have been playing since. Usually whenever I’m at home it always seems like there's a football in my hands, sometimes I don’t even know where I got it from. My dream is to become a professional football player and I know its going to take a lot of hard work to get there.
  • 8. Halloween I love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday that doesn’t involve getting presents. candy doesn't count) When I was little I would always be Batman for Halloween and my brother would be Spiderman. As we were walking we would always fight about who would win between these two. Now, I stay home with my mom and I pour fake blood on me and lay on the floor. Whenever my mom pushes this door thing that says Halloween phrases I jump up and scare whoever there. (mostly smaller kids) Also, our house is arguably one of the scariest house in Leominster.
  • 9. Ice cream My favorite dessert of ALL TIME. Whenever me, my brother, and my sister go over my Nonni and Grampy’s house later at night, usually at 6ish we sneak out to this place called Putnam pantry in Salem. There, you can choose your flavor ice cream then top it with whatever you want, however you want. I always get vanilla ice cream and then I top it with whip cream, marshmallow sauce, macaroon crunch, Oreos, and then chocolate sprinkles.
  • 10. July July is one of my favorite months of the year. First off, its because AYF football starts in July and I’m just anxious to play from waiting for 6 months. Also, this is the time of year when we go on our annual Santana Family vacation. The last 3 years we’ve gone to Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina. Others include Atlanta, South Carolina again, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and many more. And lastly July is when we have our Summer cookout. My entire family and entire friends come over from (usually) 12 pm to !2 am. I always play football and basketball tournaments with my dad, uncles, cousins, and friends. July is a good time of the year.
  • 11. Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant is my favorite player for my favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers. I like him because he is a great player on and off the court. He has sponsored many organizations to help people in need. For example he held a fund to help the people of Darfur who were being killed and slaughtered. On the court he has won 5 NBA titles, 1 league MVP, and 2 NBA title MVPs. He also holds numerous records for all-time.
  • 12. Lincoln Lincoln is my little brother. Me and him are very much alike at times my mom says because he looks up to me. He is very competitive and he’s pretty funny but it’s that stupid funny, if you know what I mean. He is also OBSSESED with the Seattle Seahawks because Shaun Alexander used to play there. Shaun Alexander
  • 13. Mom I love my mom. There are many people that have had an impact on my life and influenced me in many different ways. My mother, however, has had the biggest impact on my life, and influenced me more than anyone else. She has had an impact on me since the day I was born, and she still does today. When I would cry, she would come and see what I needed. She would change my diaper if it needed changed, or she would feed me if that is what I wanted. If there was something else wrong with me, she would definitely find it out. She would not stop trying until I stopped crying. It still is that way today, and if there is something wrong she will comfort me until I feel better. Overall she’s just an amazing mom.
  • 14. Nachos Nachos are my favorite chip to eat. I don’t really like any thing on it except for cheese. My mom sometimes when we are really good for her, she’ll buy a back a nachos and put cheese on it and cook it so it melts the cheese. Its delicious. One thing I remember when she did this was the cheese melted on the nachos and turned them yellow but there was no cheese. Everyone in the room had mixed feelings but we still ate them and had a good time.
  • 15. Outback Outback has some of my favorite food along, with 99’s. Whenever I go there I get there chicken fingers with honey mustard. They make their honey mustard homemade so it tastes amazing. I also eat the Alice Springs quesadillas, with that with a side of honey mustard too. The Alice Springs is mostly for everyone at the table but I pig out and eat most of it.
  • 16. Peyton Manning Peyton Manning is my favorite football player in the NFL. I only like the Colts because of this one guy. He is funny in commercials, an outstanding player and supports many foundations and funds. He made PeyBack in 1999 to promote the future of disadvantaged youth. He Has donated more than 4 million in the states of Tennessee, Louisiana, and Indiana. On the field he has gone to two Super Bowls, only winning one. Manning holds NFL records for consecutive seasons with over 4,000 yards passing and the most total seasons with 4,000 or more yards passing in a career. Also holds the record for most NFL
  • 17. South Carolina South Carolina is my favorite place I’ve ever been to so far. When I get older I want to move there. The atmosphere there is so great! Everyone there is extra friendly and always happy to help you with whatever you want. Next the beach is BEAUTIFUL. The water is extra warm even at later in the night. Also, the beach is extra clean and the water is crystal clear. There are many fantastic's place and attractions there too which are extremely fun.
  • 18. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHEN CALIFORNIA I want to leave high school going to this college. First off the academics there are great and one of the best. Also, USC has a amazing football program and if I go there and become a starter, I have a better chance of going to the NFL.
  • 19. Water I love the water. Whenever I do go in a pool or ocean, I rarely come out because I’m like fish. I can also hold my breath for a long time, I have swam underneath the water from one side of a pool to another several times. In the water everything is so calm and relaxing and it allows me to think clearly and that's why I love it so much.
  • 20. Xbox 360 Xbox is my hobby. I play when I’m bored and it’s a rainy day mostly. My favorite games are Madden and Call of Duty and I’m constantly playing them. I’m amazing at Madden and decent at Call of Duty. Whenever friends come over we play and have good time.