Platform for real-time automated Ad Network  Management and Performance Optimization
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Platform for real-time automated Ad Network Management and Performance Optimization




Noesis is an advanced technology provider offering a cutting-edge platform for revenue optimization in web and mobile advertising, e-commerce and e-mail marketing.
Carousel is a revenue optimization platform incorporating real-time management of ad campaigns and e-commerce initiatives. The bringing together of years of academic and industrial research in a variety of disparate fields, Carousel is a self-learning tool for high-automation campaign management. It understands the moment by moment successes and failures of a given campaign and reacts accordingly with an alacrity impossible for human-managed campaigns, with proven outstanding results in maximizing revenue return.
Founded in 2008 to launch the Carousel product, Noesis has gone from strength to strength in fulfilling its mission, with a number of successes to date, including GroupM,, and Gucci.

web and mobile ad campaigns performance optimization, e-commerce performance optimization, e-mail marketing performance optimization



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Platform for real-time automated Ad Network  Management and Performance Optimization Platform for real-time automated Ad Network Management and Performance Optimization Presentation Transcript

  • Noesis and Carousel
  • Noesis and Carousel
    You run a bulk of campaigns on your network.
    You have CPM, CPC and CPA simultaneously.
    Managing the network is a challenging task, while optimizing it is a nightmare.
    You have to cope with
    • complexity
    • uncertainty
    • variability
  • Noesis and Carousel
    What is needed is
    • complexity automation
    • uncertainty adaptivity
    • variability real time
    Resulting problem: your trafficker would need to work 24/7, adapting and reacting moment-by-moment.
  • Noesis and Carousel
    Carousel: the genius
    Carousel operates by itself.
    It observes what is happening, uncovers untapped opportunities, and gives your system the best possible delivery policy for that unique moment.
    Carousel learns by itself.
    It does all this without being told.
    All in real time.
    Then, a moment later, it starts again, and so on forever.
    intelligence  decision  action
    … over and over again …
  • Noesis and Carousel
    Carousel: the technology
    The key to Carousel is its unique algorithms.
    It continuously uses the ad server API via web: analyzes data, chooses a new policy for delivering, pushes buttons and moves levers.
    The ad server continues in its business as usual, but this time simply following Carousel’s instructions.
    After a minute, Carousel starts again, re-tuning the ad server just like a human trafficker usually does, but with almost no room for human error.
    Pushing the right buttons and moving the right levers, it makes your ad server much more productive.
  • Noesis and Carousel
    Carousel: the business
    Automating and optimizing traffic on your network would be enough.
    But Carousel does even more: it opens up new opportunities. You have more chance to match yourcustomers’ needs.
    It offers non-standard features, e.g. capping and budgeting, unconventional pricing schemes, flexible delivery policies, real-time purchasing advice and many others.
    Carousel enables new business models and greater profit.
  • Noesis and Carousel
    Carousel: the record
    Our main credentials are:
    • GroupM and 24/7 of the WPP Group
    • Libero, a major Italian publisher
    • Gucci, the luxury brand
    • La Repubblica, a major Italian online newspaper
  • Noesis and Carousel
    Case history: GroupM
    We are managing all the campaigns (CPM, CPC and CPA) on Gold Network, the Italian proprietary ad network of GroupM.
    The outcomes are excellent:
    • great lift in performance (up to +120% CTR vs. non-optimized campaigns)
    • great lift in profit (ECPM)
    • many non-standard features (for delivery control, budgeting, pricing, buying policies)
    • new advanced reporting
    • new business models and new kinds of deals.
  • Noesis and Carousel
    Case history: Libero
    In March 2011 we managed all the CPC campaigns of (share 45% of Italian users).
    Outcomes: almost +30% in clickthrough and ECPM versus the usual performance using their optimizer (a well-known worldwide leader product). Much more versus basic running without optimization.
  • Noesis and Carousel
    Case history: Gucci
    From 2009 we have been performing data mining and business intelligence for Gucci.
    We give advice used for targeting direct marketing initiatives.
    A few Carousel algorithms, used off-line, are enough to support Gucci’s marketing.
  • Noesis and Carousel
    Case history: La Repubblica
    In 2009-2010 we managed the “Related Articles” service on, the leading online newspaper in Italy.
    Outcomes: clickthrough 7% on recommended articles, lift in page views and time spent on site, and consequently in advertising revenue.
    In this very different scenario, Carousel manages the existing content server, with similar performance results to advertising applications. The next generation application for this is, of course, mobiles.
  • Noesis and Carousel
    • Mission: optimizing online advertising
    • Heritage: many years of R&D
    • Strategy: making ad servers smarter
    • Style: a single ever-growing technology
    Founded in 2008.
  • For more information, please contact:Noesis srlCorso Italia 89, 56125 Pisa - Italy+39 050
  • Noesis and Carousel
    Appendix: Integration
    Every 20 minutes Carousel calls your ad server’s API, updating priorities and some other parameters.
    Delivering impressions is up to your ad server.
    Without strict real-time, Internet latency is negligible: our servers are in US and deliver campaigns in Italy.
    You don’t have to develop any code for integration. You give us an account on your ad server and we do the task.
  • Noesis and Carousel
    Appendix: Optimization
    • CPM, CPC and CPA campaigns handled together
    • Optimizing the overall network performance, not campaign-by-campaign
    • Matching the best campaign for given page, profile, time etc., re-matching in a few minutes
    • Choosing the best creative in each campaign
    • Clickthrough rate, conversion rate, ECPM and customer satisfaction optimized together
    • Self-learning the best policy, no hand-written rule