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Advertisement critique

  1. 1. Name___MinaYamanaka___Date__March, 9_ Period_8_ The Culture of Commercialism: A CritiqueA. Directions:Read the introduction to commercialism “Are We Immune toCommercialism?” on p. 54 of your Media and Culture booklet, highlighting importantstatements. In complete sentences, answer the following questions below that are relatedto the article: 1. Do advertisements influence us? Explain. - It is proven by a lot of evidences that the advertisements do influence us. The clothes we wear, the food we eat, the recognition of brand names…our lives reflect the advertisements around us. 2. What are the positive aspects of advertisements? - Advertisements play a vital role for the business community. They provide information that can be helpful to consumers. They increase our understanding of the product choices available to us. Thus they also encourage the economic growth. 3. What are the negative aspects of advertisements? - Some people feel that the constant message to buy influences us in ways that are not to our benefit, such as helping each other, caring for our environment, and contributing to community. 4. Is this article biased? Explain. - This article is pretty much fairly written, not biasing neither the side that assume we are immune to ads, nor the side that claims that ads influence us. The article both admits and talks about the facts that the advertisements do influence us in a way, and we are savvy enough that we are not to influenced by them too much. (Turn page over.) 1
  2. 2. Name___MinaYamanaka___Date__March, 9_ Period_8_B. Directions:Read the thirty statementsunder “What are the Effects of Advertising andCommercialism?” on pp. 54-57 of your Media and Culture booklet, highlightingthe mostimportant statement/phrases in each. Choose 5 of the statement/assertions that you agreewith. Number and write out each of the chosen statements below.2. Advertising projects false images. For example, some ads imply that you’re not collunless you drive an expensive car, that smoking means you’re an independent spirit, orthat to be mature means drinking alcohol.3. Commercialism contributes to environmental problems by encouraging wasteful use ofnatural resources. Over-packaging, disposable goods, and buying things we don’t reallyneed all contribute to unnecessary se of limited resources. The manufacture and disposalof the things we buy cause other environmental problems, including habitat loss andincreased air and water pollution. Billboards cause visual pollution.9. Advertising costs us money. Business pass many of their advertising costs on to us,also, the price of a product increases when ads successfully cultivate the idea that acertain product can give us status or a cool image.11. Ads can be misleading. They emphasize the benefits of products and services andignore the drawbacks.27. Our commercialized culture encourages people to spend money that they don’t reallyhave. The number of Americans with financial problems has increased steadily in recentyears. 2