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Govhack cached

  1. 1. Presented hacksHeres some brief descriptions, and links to[], all the hacks and mashups that came out of GovHack Canberra;check them out, and be inspired.Some videos of the demos are available at YoutubeLobbyLensAn in-depth visualisation of lobbying groups relations to government agencies, , including tenders awarded, linksbetween the various agencies, and physical office locations.http://lobbylens.infoLobbyLens @ MashupAustraliaTwitter contacts - @DorisSpiel, @maxious, @zephell, @frglps, or @mjecWTFGDWhat the Federal Government DoesAn enormous tag cloud of the different functions of government, combined with visualisations of governmentfunctions shared between departments.What the federal government does – first steps (blog)Twitter contacts - @CathStyles @brendam with help from @namborGOVIS - Visualising Government @ Mashup Australiaand View GOVIS - Visualising GovernmentTwitter contact - @namborSoulSoutionsWorked on improving the data feeds supplied by various departments, including the powerhouse, as well asworking on resizable map tile images, for us in mapping applications.Powerhouse Dataset as a REST serviceLands Mapping Overlay (requires Microsoft Silverlight)Photosynth demoTwitter contacts - @soulsolutions @bronwenzKnow Where you liveA stylish presentation of ABS data, pulling in relevant information for a particular postcode: rental rates, averageincome, crime rates, and more.Link to Know Where you liveKnow Where you live @ MashupAustraliaTwitter contacts - @ericdot, @dp_lewis or @diversionaryCensusShowed off a merging of Census data and Google Maps, by showing the location of all speed cameras, with detailsof their type (red-light, general, etc).
  2. 2. My RepresentativesIn a quest to make it easier to engage in our democracy, My Representatives presented an API for finding yourrepresentative in the Houses of Parliament, through to local government. contact: @myrepsA few days after GovHack, they announced the service was split out as a standalone serviceat @ MashupAustraliaTwitter contacts: @jcandiloro @geo2govNational Library (Picture Australia location search)To help make searching historical picture archives easier, this demo linked the National Library archives up to amap, which pulled up all the pictures from that particular location.Link to Picture Australia location searchAlso from Paul: Then and Now @ MashupAustraliaTwitter contact - @paulhagonmyMP similar style to MyRepresentatives, this demo gave you access to your MP, including easy contact information,details of upcoming and past speeches, as well as pulling in various public data on that MP.Heres the presentation that covers some of what we have planned for myMP.Twitter contacts: @andrewperry @henaredegan"Its buggered, mate"In true Australian style, the Lonely Planet boys allowed you to report buggered toilets, roads, etc, with an easy-to-use graphical interface overlayed on a map. Their idea was to combine this with local government services to fixissues in the community.Link to It’s Buggered MateTwitter contacts - @madlep or @wanderingkenRate-a-LooDemonstrates a community engagement idea, seeded with government provided data. Allows users to locate andthen rate the condition of public toilets. Try outRate-a-Loo @ Mashup AustraliaTwitter contact - @wingedmonkeyboyProject Tea-LadyProject Tea-Lady ("Not very sexy, but glad someones doing it"). Shows Local Gov data, postcodes, suburbs, etc.Link to Project Tea-LadyGovHack summary on slideshareSocial Services
  3. 3. A site to search for social services (Canberra region) and browse user comments about the services Link to Social Services AccessibilityMate Another Mashup for Government services in the ACT with an emphasis on respecting WCAG accessibility guidelines Link to AccessibilityMate Mashed Influence (Live comment at Govhack): Team 19: MashedInfluence: people able to cross-reference different data-sets, though the demo seems to have exploded. Link to Mashed Influence Mashed Influence @ Mashup Australia Twitter contacts: @ atirado @NickHodge Retrieved from "" Who Organised Govhack? Web Directions staff and mentors/judges [edit] Web Directions and mentors, from left to right:• Rob Manson @nambor• Matthew Cashmore @matthewcashmore• Melina Chan (@Nodecity)• John Allsopp @johnallsopp• Cheryl Gledhill @cherylgledhill• Gloria Tong Other Web directions volunteers/staff:• Will Mason• Guy Leech @guyleech Other judges and mentors:• Tom Coates @plasticbagUK• Glenn Archer• Ruth Ellison @RuthEllison Government 2.0 Task Force and AGIMO [edit]• Nicholas Gruen• Peter Alexander
  4. 4. • Gordon Grace (to be completed) CSIRO and ANU [edit] Core team of GovHack organisers, from left to right:• George Petru (CSIRO IM&T): IT support, including the liaison with NodeCity and CSIRO IM&T team• Ross Ackland (CSIRO ICT Centre) and Laurent Lefort @laurentlefort (CSIRO ICT Centre) joint coordinators of the event on behalf of CSIRO (bringing the local knowledge to Web Directions)• Bob Edwards (ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science) liaison with ANU resources (IT and logistics)• Xuan Zhou (CSIRO ICT Centre) Whole event volunteer The other GovHack supporters involved at different stages were: Tom Worthington (ANU), Mandy Yialeloglou (ICT Centre), Warren Muller (CMIS), and Dimitrios Georgakopoulos (ICT Centre). Thanks also to the team at CSIRO IM&T working remotely on the internet connection setup: John Gibbins, Peter Easton and Henry Baumeister. NodeCity [edit] @Nodecity Mobile HQ #govhack• Donal ODuibhir @irldexter• Melina Chan @melinachan Casual helpers [edit] Also thanks for helping before hacking to some of the participants:• Earle Castledine @mrspeaker• Ross Hill @rosshill• Stephen Lead• Julian Doherty @madlep• Ken Hoetmer @ wanderingken Retrieved from ""