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Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece
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Ancient Greece


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  • 1. Ancient Greece
    By Jessica
  • 2. Title
    Athens – A day in life
    Athens – Government
    Sparta – A day in life
    Sparta – Government
    Alexander the Great – Personal information
    Alexander the Great – Alexanders empire
    Olympic games
  • 3. In Athens only boys went to schools , girls stayed home and helped there mothers.
    Athenian women got married in the teens.
    Athenian women stayed home and did cooking , sewing , weaving and more.
    Athenian men did a lot of sports
    Most of Athens debates were war against other city-state.
    Athenian people were very religious.
    Athenian people where very wealthy.
    Athens – a day in life
  • 4. In Athens Athenian women, children and slaves weren't aloud to vote in democracy only men were.
    In Athens they pick around 500 people and those people got to make new laws for one year.
    Athenian people were the first ones to use democracy.
    In Athens they held a assembly witch oped to all citizens that's when the decided all the laws and some of the citizens could speak up if they had something to say about the laws.
    A council of 500 ran the assembly.
    Women were not aloud to go to the assembly only men were.
    Only men over 18 were aloud to vote in Athens.
    Athens- Government
  • 5. Spartan women were taught skills to protect them selves in a battle.
    The Spartan women also stayed home and did cooking , cleaning and making clothes.
    when Spartan turn seven they leave home.
    Spartan citizens had farms that the slaves wood look after.
    Sparta – A day in Life
  • 6. Sparta government was an oligarchy.
    The laws were created by the council.
    The council was the two kings and twenty-eight elders
    In Sparta government there was only a few people in it.
    Only men over 30 could support in the council.
    Two kings made up there minds about the laws.
    Spartans also held assembly's with the council and the kings.
    Women were not aloud to vote and go to assembly’s.
    Sparta - Government
  • 7.
    • Alexander was the son of Philip II of Macedonia and queen Olympias.
    • 8. When he was young he learned Greek philosophy, art and science – Aristotle was his teacher.
    • 9. Alexander became ruler when he was twenty, after his father had been killed.
    • 10. Alexander married a Persian princess called Roxane,and also
    Statira, the daughter of the Persian king Darius.
    Alexander the Great – Personal Information
  • 11. Alexander the Great – Alexander’s empire
    After Alexander dad died he took over his dad empire.
    After Alexander conquered some places he named them Alexandria after himself.
    At the age of thirty Alexander the Great had the largest empire in ancient history.
  • 12. Only men were aloud in the Olympics.
    The Olympic games were held in honour of Zeus to Greek god of heaven.
    The ancient Greece Olympic games were held around 776BC.
    In ancient Greece they did the Olympics every fore years.
    The most popular events were chariot racing, long jump, wrestling, javelin throwing , 200 metre sprint and the marathon.
    The ancient Olympic Games were held at Olympia in the city-state of Elis.
    If there was a war going on when the Olympic Games were on the would stop the war until the Olympic Games were over.
    The most dangerous sport in the Olympics was the
    Chariot races.
    Olympic games
  • 13. Socrates was the most famous philosopher.
    Philosophy means “Lover of Wisdom”.
    Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were the most well known philosophers.
    Plato was a student of Socrates
    Plato opened his own academy for students.
    Aristotle got thought philosophy at Plato's academy.
    When Alexander the Great was travelling around the country he sent a messenger back to Athens with unusual plants for Aristotle to study on.
    After Socrates died Plato started to write his own ideas
    about philosophy.
  • 14.