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Ansel adams

  1. 1. ANSEL ADAMS The Man Behind the Mountains “A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.”- AnselThe Tetons- AdamsSnake River Presentation by Taylor Ferguson
  2. 2. The Life of Ansel Adams (1902-1984) Ansel Adams was born in San Francisco, California, on February 20th, 1902. Adams first visited Yosemite National Park in 1916. His original career choice was to be a famous concert pianist. He taught himself how to play at the age of 12.
  3. 3. The Story of the Nose At the age of four, during an aftershock of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, the young Adams was thrown headlong into a wall. The impact shattered his nose. Never having it reset, Adams’ nose remained crooked for the rest of his life.
  4. 4. Ansel Adams in Photography Adams began to experiment with photography after his trip to Yosemite in 1916. Adams’ first success came with the publication of his first portfolio, which included the now famous “Monolith, the Face of Half- Dome”. Monolith, the Face of Half- Dome
  5. 5. Ansel Adams in Photography (cont.) Between 1929 and This photo incorporates 1942, Adams’ work and mirror-like symmetry and interesting negative space. reputation developed in the world of photography. He became friends with artists including Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O’Keeffe, Dorthea Lang, and Paul Strand. Taos Pueblo Church
  6. 6. Who influenced Ansel Adams? “Albert M. Bender, a San Francisco insurance magnate and patron of arts and artists…” ( Paul Strand Mary Austin Edward Weston Alfred Stieglitz Georgia O’Keeffe and Orville Cox
  7. 7. Who did Adams influence? The people who had an impact on Adams were generally also influenced by him. Edward Weston Paul Strand The tree is framing the mountains and the rule of odds is exhibited with the combination of branches and rocks. Jeffrey Pine
  8. 8. The Zone System  Ansel Adams, together with Fred Archer, created, developed, and introduced the complex technique known as the zone system into the world of photography.This photo emitsa serene andpeacefulfeeling, usingsymmetry, rule ofodds, and a soft “You don’t take a Mt. Moran, Tetoncontrast of photograph, you make National Parkgrayscale. it.”- Ansel Adams
  9. 9. The Zone System (cont.)  It consisted of controlling and relating exposure and development, enabling photographers to creatively visualize an image and produce a photograph that matched and expressed that visualization. This photo uses ahigh-key contrast to show of the stark bareness of the landscape. Half Dome, Apple Orchard, Yosemite
  10. 10. Group f/64 Adams founded the Group f/64 along with fellow photographers I love the eerie feeling this Willard Van Dyke and photo gives off. Even though the tree is in the center of the Edward Weston. frame, the branches work the It was comprised of 7 golden points. San Francisco photographers who were attempting to promote a new “Modernist” aesthetic. Oak Tree, Sunset City, California
  11. 11. The Members of Group f/64  Ansel Adams The contrast in this  Imogen Cunningham photo is very defined. It gives of  John Paul Edwards an aura of foreboding and  Sonya Noskowiak death.  Henry Swift  Willard Van Dyke  Edward WestonRoaring Mountain, Yellowstone National Park
  12. 12. An Interesting Point of View Adams took most of his photographs from the roof of his Cadillac “woody” station wagon.
  13. 13. Others On Ansel Adams "He set himself problems of extreme depth of focus and of extreme rendition of textures”(Nancy Newhall). The negative space and texture of this photo is interesting. It also incorporates the rule of thirds and exemplifies dominance and subordination. "The Rock of Ages in the Big Room”
  14. 14. Things You Probably Didn’t Know Ansel Adams did a brief commission as a street photographer in the 1940’s. Residents of the Olympic Trailer Court in Santa Monica relax and play with their dog outside their trailer. Cole and Dorothy Weston
  15. 15. Manzanar  Adams did a commission at the war relocation center in Manzanar, California.Mrs. Naguchi and two Baseball game at Manzanar, 1943children, Manzanar RelocationCenter
  16. 16. Adams in the Caverns Ansel Adams had the opportunity to shoot in the Carlsbad Caverns of New Mexico. "The Chinese Pagoda, Big Room, detail" Both photos have interesting negative space and texture. "In the Queens Chamber"
  17. 17. Adams in Yellowstone  Ansel Adams shot photographs of"Old Faithful Yellowstone National Park for the "CentralGeyser, Yellowston Geysere National Park” National Parks Service. Basin, Yellowst one National Park” Both photos show extreme contrasts in color and also in the elements. Old Faithful almost looks cold, even though it is a boiling geyser. Central Geyser Basin combines water and fire to make steam.
  18. 18. Adams in Yosemite  Adams is generally best known for his photographs of Yosemite National Park. This photo combines the textures of both the soft, fluffy clouds, and the sharp, well- definedYosemite mountainsValley, Clearing withinWinter Storm them.
  19. 19. Adams in Yosemite (cont.)I love this picturebecause it combinesboth the naturalelements of themountain and theriver, and man madeelement of the bridge.
  20. 20. Adams in Yosemite (cont.) Yosemite FallsBoth of these photos incorporate the rule ofthirds, as well as interesting negative space. Yosemite Valley
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