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Digital etiquette

Digital etiquette






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    Digital etiquette Digital etiquette Presentation Transcript

    • Digital EtiquetteSpeed/Innovation
      Amina Al-Darwish
    • The problem is that people now are using alot of technology like cell-phones, internet, laptops,etc. But they are not learning how to use it correctly.
      It is important to teach children and also teenagers and adults how to use these technologies correctly.
    • Digital Citizenship is learning how to use the technology in an appropriate and responsible way. There are nine elements of Digital Citizenship. The element I am investigating is Etiquette. Digital Etiquette means how one behaves online.
      To have good Etiquette you should have good manners and realize that not all people are the same, and that we should respect other peoples backgrounds and ways of life.
    • This is very important on the Internet because a lot of issues are happening on the Internet that cause many problems. Some people have even tried to commit suicide or have even committed suicide because they have been hurt from people who have bad Digital Etiquette. Bad digital etiquette includes things like cyber-bullying and flaming and use acronyms and emotions for people who do not know what they are. We must all work together to stop these things.
    • Digital Citizenship
      I think that people nowadays should use technologies like laptops for a reason.
      The meaning of Digital Citizenship is behaving appropriately and in the right way when technology is being used.
    • Digital Etiquette is how a person should behave in the internet. People when chatting use acronyms which are letters that are used to shorten a word. For example, ‘brb’ is ‘be right back’ and ‘ttyl’ is ‘talk to you later’.
    • The nine elements
      Digital Access
      Digital Commerce
      Digital Communication
      Digital Literacy
      Digital Etiquette
      Digital Law
      Digital Rights & Responsibilities
      Digital Health and Wellness
      Digital Security
    • The Problem with Acronyms
      Many people use acronyms. There is no problem with that when you’re talking to your friend or someone close to you.
      Sometimes, it can be impolite to use acronyms when talking to adults or parents because they don’t usually understand what they mean and find it quite annoying. That is because they dot know what the letters stand for.
    • Faces/Emotions
      There are so many different emotions that are being used today, some people may like to call it ‘smiley faces’. But, when you use the keystrokes, its hard to understand. For example:-
      These are keystrokes: (: - ):
      These are their emotions:  - 
    • Good Digital Etiquette & Examples
      Good Digital Etiquette must be done by everyone. For example, When someone has done something and you don’t agree/like their idea, instead of commenting and posting mean comments, it is better not to say anything. If you would like to give them advice on how to improve it or change it, suggest different ideas and ways and also try to be as polite as possible.
    • Avoid writing a sentence or something in ‘caps lock’ because it can be considered as yelling.
      If you want to put something on the internet, ask permission from the people with you or your friends. For example, if it’s a picture of you and your friends ask them if they don’t mind their picture being on the internet for others to see.
    • Cyber Bullying
      Cyber bullying is common and used a lot in the internet these days.
      Cyber bullying is when you bully other people in the internet.
      It is when you post rude comments about other people or make fun of them or post an embarrassing picture of them without getting their permission.
    • Bad Digital Etiquette & Examples
      Bad Digital Etiquette can be an example of something I have just talked about, Cyber Bullying.
      Another example of Bad Digital Etiquette is acronyms. As I have said, it can annoy people and adults.
      Bad Digital Etiquette is when:
      You disagree with someone’s idea by being rude.
      You call people mean names.
    • You yell at people for a stupid reason or constantly using acronyms and caps locks.
      You tell someone that their idea of something is stupid instead of advising them or helping them.
    • How to deal with Cyber bullying
      Trying to stop people who are being cyber-bullied is very important.
      Talk to them slowly and try to sort things out.
      If that doesn’t work, try ignoring them.
      Talk to someone responsible.
    • The net Gen norms
      There are 8:
    • Speed/Innovation
      Digital Etiquette and Speed/innovation is a type of Net Gen Norm in the ‘Etiquette’ category.