Timesheet Management


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Web based application to manage your Timesheet & Leave from any location 24/7. All requests & approvals are done online.

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Timesheet Management

  1. 1. Timesheet Management 1Timesheet Timesheet & Expenses Made Simple
  2. 2. This KnowHow Explains  Overview  Timesheet Submission & Approval 2Timesheet
  3. 3. Overview MBPCloud Timesheet App allows you to easily manage your staff/contractor’s timesheet for their projects & tasks. Ideal for any industry.  With our intuitive layout, filling out timesheets on-time every time is a hassle free experience for user.  Each user gets their own login & reminders so you don't have to micro manage recording timesheets.  You can create & assign multiple projects & tasks to users.  You’ll have a personalised page which will give you a clear status of your timesheet.  Set up to two levels of online approval.  Reports are custamisable. 3Timesheet
  4. 4. Timesheet Submission & Approval Once you have logged into MBPCloud www.mbpcloud.com click the ‘Timesheet’ app icon You will be directed to the below page. 4Timesheet Submenu  KnowHow Description about Timesheet Management app.  Timesheet List Track status of your timesheets.  Timesheet Submit Submit your timesheet online.  Timesheet Report Details of your timesheet.
  5. 5. Timesheet Submission & Approval The admin assigns projects/tasks to users’. Users’ will see respective projects/tasks assigned to them in their timesheet page. To submit you timesheet, click the ‘Timesheet Submit’ submenu. You will be directed to your timesheet submission page that comprises of all tasks allocated to you. 5Timesheet Projects & Tasks Allocated Submit Timesheet
  6. 6. Timesheet Submission & Approval Enter total hours spent each day of the week on allocated tasks. To temporarily save entered timesheet details for latter submission, click ‘Save’ button. If timesheet details are completed, click ‘Submit’ button. 6Timesheet Enter hours spent on this task (on this day) Save enter details Submit timesheet Add note for task Submit Timesheet
  7. 7. Timesheet Submission & Approval You can add notes for each task (if required). To add a note for a task, click the notes icon The below pop-up window opens. Enter your note here and click ‘Add Notes’ button. 7Timesheet Edit note Enter note here Click to add note entered Submit Timesheet
  8. 8. Timesheet Submission & Approval Once submitted, the following email is triggered to the Timesheet Manager requesting approval of users’ timesheet. click here link in email directs to the ‘Timesheet List’. 8Timesheet View timesheet details Approve timesheet Approve Timesheet
  9. 9. Timesheet Submission & Approval Timesheet Manager can either approve the timesheet by clicking the ‘Approve’ button provided in the Timesheet List, or click ‘View’ button to first review the timesheet details and then approve/decline the timesheet. 9Timesheet Approve Timesheet Decline Timesheet Approve Timesheet
  10. 10. Timesheet Submission & Approval Raise a comment/query. Timesheet Manager can raise a comment/query prior to approval by: • entering the query in the comment text box, • selecting user to raise query from user drop-down list, and • clicking the ‘Ask Question’ button. Selected user then receives an email intimating on the query raised. 10Timesheet Select user to raise query Click to raise query to selected user Raise Query
  11. 11. Timesheet Submission & Approval Timesheet approval response is triggered to the User via email. click here link in email directs to the ‘Timesheet List’. 11Timesheet
  12. 12. Timesheet Submission & Approval Generate your timesheet report by clicking on the ‘Timesheet Report’ submenu. Reports provide timesheet details like current status, project name, task name, start & end date, hours spent on a task each day, and total hours & cost spent on a task for the week. The report can be filtered based on department, user, status and period. You can export your timesheet report to an excel file by clicking the ‘Export to Excel’ button. Note: filter option based on department & user is available only for Admin. 12Timesheet Filter by dept Filter by user Filter by status Filter by period Click to filter report based on filter criteria's Timesheet Report
  13. 13. Process Ends 13Timesheet
  14. 14. THANK YOU! Timesheet For further information please contact T : 1300 276 266 E : support@mbpcloud.com Follow us