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MBPCloud (MyBusiness Portal)  is your business community that contains information & functionality that acts as “My Office in the Cloud ” & your document, team, task & project management intranet. It has search capability including keywords.

It provides the business community with the tools they have requested to run their business efficiently, compliantly, cost effectively and successfully. Services include secure Document Sharing, Task Management, Contract Management, Purchasing, Reimbursement Management, Leave Requests, Online Bookings, Relationship Management, Timesheet Management, Salary Packaging, Online Forms and a lot more.

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MyBusiness Portal

  1. 1. MBPCloud MBPCloud Overview
  2. 2. Contents
  3. 3. 1300bpo 1300bpo LP is one of the leading providers of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, offering a wide range of back office, customer care & support, virtual secretaryPA and accounting outsourcing solutions to clients in Australia and worldwide. We can also offer services for your Software Development requirements. Aided by world-class infrastructure, business competencies, domain knowledge & expertise and a dedicated group of highly skilled and trained professionals, we are able to provide the best quality outsourcing services to clients. Using established BPO methodologies in combination with customized outsourcing solutions, we are able to provide improved process integration and optimal performance to our clients. We understand that customer satisfaction is the key to the successful creation and sustenance of a popular brand name. Committing to long- term business relations is not a problem as we have scalable and highly flexible systems. We never take our eyes off your targeted goals, which allows us to achieve and deliver your desired results, through our business processGrow your Business, Not Outsourcing (BPO) services. Your Workload
  4. 4. MBPCloud MBPCloud  is your business community that contains information & functionality that acts as “My Office in the Cloud ” & your document, team, task & project management intranet. It has search capability including keywords. You can use the Question facility to enquire of specialists in various fields 24/7. You can assign a job to your or our teams, including to create your business procedures. If there is something you need, just ask & we will source it for you. There is an online virtual typing & research service. All suggestions for improvement including functionality will be seriously & quickly considered. MBPCloud seamlessly integrates services & functions, giving you a powerful organisation. My Office in the Cloud
  5. 5. System FeaturesMBPCloud transforms cloud infrastructures into profitable cloud businesses with a comprehensive platform tomanage business & operations support services, customers and cloud offerings. Enterprise & line-of-business applications Empowers clients with self-service – lowering management costs and improving client satisfaction. No installations – Software as a Service Simplifies & automates the commerce and customer service aspects of operating a cloud business. Simplifies planning & management User-Defined Access Comprehensive Features Transform Clouds into Businesses
  6. 6. Solutions in a Cloud EnvironmentMBPCloud automates the business & operations with simplified cloud services provisioning & updates. A Key Benefit of Moving to the Cloud: Business Process Transformation
  7. 7. Benefit & Expense Management - Salary PackagingThe perfect blend of technology & personal service!Our market leading cloud system offers live, customized reporting to both business & staff.You have simpler FBT, ITC & GST reporting, resulting in improved staff efficiency.Increased staff take-home pay, at no cost to you.Staff can claim & monitor their Benefit & Expense Packaging with a few clicks.It eliminates messy paperwork, & offers helpful, personalized support when needed. Contract ManagementPACT Contract is an application to automate your entire contract process end-to-end. It will transform the wayyour contracts are managed, tracked & reported. Integrating PACT into your business will actively enforcecompliance & mitigate business risks.All types of contract are electronic, including: ABN, Business to Business, Employment, Labour on Hire &many more… *PACT - P rincipal A greement & Contract Tracki ng
  8. 8. Document ManagementAn easy to use application to securely manage all your documents via the Internet. Store your businessdocuments in an organised folder structure, with controlled user access. You can add, edit, delete, share,review & archive documents. Online Inductions - TrainingOnline training system, allows staff to follow a pre-defined process as part of the induction & ongoing trainingprocess. New staff and work health & safety (WH&S) induction programs can be completed online throughMBPCloud. Purchase Order ManagementA fully custamisable online purchase order system, that allows you to create, approve & manage purchaseorders & invoices with ease. A broad view of your entire purchasing process is provided from a singleintegrated system.
  9. 9. Relationship Management - RMSRMS (Relationship Management System) is a strategy, process & technology that lets you make the most ofevery sale & every opportunity for a sale, by optimizing communication through your business and getting abetter understanding of your customers needs. It rolls together sales, marketing, customer service, client,supplier, staff & business contacts into a single software-driven technology. Roster & Timesheet ManagementA robust, one-stop application, featuring one screen, one-click functionality that is designed to be simple &easy for all users. The application empowers individuals, with more control over their working lives & savesmanagement administration time. It will simplify & automate the way you manage & control your labour, &accomplish significant competencies in accuracy, communication, processing time, management & costcontrol. Task ManagementOnline task management, that allows you to assign, monitor & report projects & tasks for both internal &external clients alike. And many more cloud solutions for your business..
  10. 10. Benefits 1000+ custamisable documents in the Master Library necessary to run your business. Administer your entire office in the cloud, and manage various processes from contract, purchase order & invoice, tasks/projects, roster & timesheet, reimbursement to leave, all from one common platform Branding with your business logo Can be your business intranet & can be shared with your external associates Cutting the cost of paperwork Increases profits of your business Model & Advanced business processes that brings efficiency to your business No capital expense for dedicated infrastructure Real-time access & management of your corporate documents Scalability to meet any projected growth Secure username & password access Support & advice available from specialist teams
  11. 11. Fee MBPCloud Client Set-up fee one time of $100 Per User Per Service : Set-up fee one time of $10 Per Month $10
  12. 12. Thank you & Appreciate any Questions?Telephone : 1300 276 266Email :