Invoice Approval & Payment Request


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MBPCloud Invoice - Automated Invoice Approval & Payment Request System

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Invoice Approval & Payment Request

  1. 1. Invoice Automated Invoice Payment Request System
  2. 2. Invoice myofficehub Invoice App automates the approval of supplier invoice payment requests. Incoming invoices are first loaded into an online request form. Then invoices are automatically routed for review & approval and updated in the invoice list. Aged Payables Reports are then automatically routed on a scheduled day for review & payment approvals. Aged Payables Reports can be scheduled has per your requirement. Invoice payment status are then updated in the invoice list. Clicking “Invoice” icon in myofficehub home page directs you to the below page.
  3. 3. Invoice Welcome – Gives a brief description on Invoice app. KnowHow – Know how Invoice App works. Invoice Approval Request – Lodge your invoice approval request through “Invoice Request” online form. Once submitted, invoices are automatically routed via email to your Invoice Approver. Enter Requester details. Cont.. Invoice Request FormInvoice Request Form
  4. 4. Invoice Enter Invoice details and attach invoice/description. To attach invoice, click ‘Browse’ button, select file path & file, then click ‘Add’ button to add the attachment to the request. You can attach other related files in “Attach Other Details” field. Attach invoice here Add attachment to invoice request Cont.. Attachment added here Attach other related files here Edit attached invoice details
  5. 5. Invoice Select Supplier of choice from supplier dropdown list. On selecting supplier, contact details of the respective supplier will be auto-populated. If you don’t find your preferred supplier in the Supplier dropdown, you can add your own preferred supplier, which on approval will be included in “Approved Supplier List” (explained in Slide 18). Select invoice Approvers from respective dropdown, and Submit request. Select from dropdown Select internal invoice approver Select client invoice approver Save details & submit request latter Cont.. Add (new) supplier if not found in dropdown Submit request now
  6. 6. Invoice Once submitted the request will be added on to the “Invoice List” page. Then an automated Email will be triggered to the Invoice Manager (internal) requesting for approval. “click here” in email directs to the Invoice List page through which Manager approves/declines the Invoice. View request details Submit new request Approve request Invoice Approval Request (internal) Email Template Invoice Approval Request (internal) Email Template Invoice ListInvoice List Invoice ListInvoice List
  7. 7. Invoice Manager can also approve request after viewing request details, by clicking “View” button in Invoice List page. Directs to the Invoice Details page. Manager can raise questions to users prior or after approval. Approve request Decline requestRaise question Select user to whom question is raised Enter question here Invoice DetailsInvoice Details
  8. 8. Invoice Approval response will be triggered to the Requester as an automated Email. Invoice Approval Confirmation Email Template Invoice Approval Confirmation Email Template
  9. 9. Invoice If approved, then Requester sends manager approved invoice to the Client Approver requesting approval. This is done through the Invoice Details page. Send request to Client Approver Invoice DetailsInvoice Details
  10. 10. Invoice Then an automated Email is triggered to the Client Approver requesting for approval of Invoice. Client Approver can approve/decline the Invoice directly through buttons provided in the email. On approval, the following confirmation message is displayed. Approve request Decline request Invoice details Invoice Approval Request Email Template Invoice Approval Request Email Template
  11. 11. Invoice Approval responses will be auto-triggered to the Requester, and Also to the Invoice Manager (internal). Approval Response Email Template Approval Response Email Template Approval Response Email Template Approval Response Email Template
  12. 12. Invoice Once the invoice is approved, the Payment Manager receives the below email which explains about the payment process. Payment Process Email Template Payment Process Email Template
  13. 13. Invoice Then on the scheduled day, the Aged Payables Report is automatically triggered to the Payment Manager via email requesting manager to provide payment instruction. Aged Payables Report scheduling/setting explained in Slide 19. Aged Payables Report Aged Payables Report Email Template Aged Payables Report Email Template Click to receive report again Click to provide payment instruction Click to provide payment instruction Click to for quick approvals
  14. 14. Invoice in Aged Payables Report: Full button – confirms the full outstanding amount needs to be paid. Decline button – confirms no payment needs to be made for now. All declined payments will be listed as ‘Payment Archived’ in the “Invoice List” page. While archived, these records will no longer appear in the Aged Payables Report. These records will have a “Restore” button in the Invoice List, which would be available only for the Requester. Restoring these records will move them back to the Aged Payables Report. Click to restore record back to the Aged Payables Report
  15. 15. Invoice Partial button – confirms only a partial amount from the total outstanding amount needs to be paid. Clicking “Partial” button directs to the payment instruction page, where in you can enter the partial amount for the invoice to be paid. Enter partial amount & click “Update” button. Payment instruction will be add to the payment instruction grid with its current ‘pay status’. Once the amount has been paid, pay status gets updated from ‘pending’ to ‘paid’ Enter partial amount here Partial pay instruction added to grid Payment InstructionPayment Instruction Pay status
  16. 16. Invoice – option for Payment Manager for having the Aged Payables Report resend to them on a specific day. “Click here” directs to the resend request history page, where in you enter the date & time at which you want the updated Aged Payables Report to be resend to you. Enter date & time, and click “Resend” button. Then on the selected date & time, the report is auto-triggered to the Payment Manager via email. Enter date Enter time Click to submit request Resend request history
  17. 17. Invoice – option for Payment Manager to provide payment information for all invoices in the report from a single page. “Click here” directs to a page containing the Aged Payables Report. Full, Partial, Decline - Same process as mentioned in Slide 12 & 13.
  18. 18. Invoice Unlike in Email, here ‘Partial’ button will open the payment instruction section in a pop-up window, as shown below.
  19. 19. Invoice On confirmation, Requester receives the below automated email notifying payment instruction by Manager. “Click here” in payment instruction email template will direct to the Invoice Details page. Invoice DetailsInvoice Details Invoice Payment Instruction Email Template Invoice Payment Instruction Email Template
  20. 20. Invoice Payments already updated will show status as Payments to be updated (pending) will show status as Once the Payment is made manually, update the status to ‘paid’ by clicking the “Paid” button. paid pending Invoice DetailsInvoice Details Click to update payment status Process Ends Here
  21. 21. Invoice Aged Payables Report can be set in the User Permission page by the Client Admin, as shown below. Based on the setting a summary report on all outstanding payments as well as payments that are due shortly will be auto-send to the payment manager. You can set recurrence pattern/period, start date/day, and user(s) to whom the report is to be sent. User to send report Click to save your setting
  22. 22. Invoice Add New Supplier – Add your own preferred supplier to the “Approved Supplier List”, subject to approval. To add new supplier, click “New Supplier Request” menu under Invoice App page. You will be directed to the online “New Supplier Request” form. Complete new supplier contact, product/services, buying and payment details, and payment terms & Submit. View supplier list New Supplier Request FormNew Supplier Request Form
  23. 23. Invoice On submission, the new supplier details will be included in your “Supplier List”. On approval, this supplier will be included in the “Approved Supplier List”. You also have the option to partially fill & save supplier details, and submit completed form at a latter point of time. Supplier ListSupplier List Partially filled supplier details Complete pending supplier details & submit View supplier details
  24. 24. THANK YOU! For further information please contact us: Telephone : 1300 276 266 Email :