Contract Management System - Establish PACT Contract


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Online tool designed to automate the entire contract process end-to-end. It will transform the way contract is managed, tracked and reported.

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Contract Management System - Establish PACT Contract

  1. 1. PACT Contract 1PACT Contract Online Contract Management System designed to automate the entire contract process end-to-end Establishing PACT Contract
  2. 2. This KnowHow Explains  Overview  Choosing T&C  Contract Approver Set-up 2PACT Contract
  3. 3. Overview PACT Contract is a web-based tool designed to automate the entire contract process end-to-end. It simplifies the way contracts are managed, tracked and reported. All types of contracts can be electronic, including  Business to Business,  Employment,  Labour on Hire Contracts, and  many more. Integrating PACT Contract into your business process will actively enforce compliance & mitigate business risks; and acts as a directory of information for all your clients & candidates. *PACT - Principal Agreement & Contract Tracking 3PACT Contract
  4. 4. Choosing T&C Terms & Conditions You may either:  Go with the standard Contract T&C (Terms & Conditions) available in MBPCloud‟s Master Library & add them into your (MBPCloud) Business Library. T&C available in the Master Library can be customised as per your requirement; or  Upload your preferred T&C to your Business Library. 4PACT Contract
  5. 5. Choosing T&C To set your Businesses Contract T&C, go to “Contract” app Directs you to the below PACT Contract page. In this page, go to “Terms & Conditions” submenu. Directs you to the T&C page. 5PACT Contract
  6. 6. Choosing T&C 1. Adding Standard T&C from Master Library To choose an industry standard Contract T&C from the Master Library, click “Master Library” submenu. Directs you to a full list of T&C‟s covering various services & agreements. Select the T&C of your choice & click to download. 6PACT Contract
  7. 7. Choosing T&C If the chosen T&C from Master Library needs to be amended, go to “Questions” app in MBPCloud home page. In the Questions page, select team^ to send the amendment request, upload the T&C, enter your request details & Submit. ^ All PACT Contract T&C related request should be send to the „Legal‟ team If a suitable T&C is not available in the Master Library, then lodge a request for one through the “Questions” app (same process as explained above). 7PACT Contract
  8. 8. Choosing T&C 8PACT Contract
  9. 9. Choosing T&C Else, if no changes to the T&C is required then add them to your MBPCloud Business Library. 2. Adding Your Preferred T&C to Business Library Go to “Business Library” submenu in PACT Contract page. Directs you to the below page. Here, all your business related documents will be stored. To add a T&C to your Business Library, click “Add New” button. 9PACT Contract
  10. 10. Choosing T&C “Add New” directs you to the document upload section. Here, enter the document (T&C) title, select document type from drop-down list, share document with other users (if required), select services you‟ve subscribed for, attach the T&C (either from Master Library/ or your personalised one) & Save. T&C gets added in your Business Library. The attached T&C becomes your pre-set T&C for all your Contracts. 10PACT Contract
  11. 11. Contract Approver Set-up Ensure you have provided the following details in your MBPCloud setup. If unsure advise us the above details you wish using the “HelpDesk” app in MBPCloud home page. Information Requester – creates contracts to be issued. Once the contract is created, an email notification is sent to Approver 1 & Approver 2 to approve contract. (Refer other PACT Contract KnowHow‟s for further details on Contract request & approval process) 11PACT Contract Role First Name Last Name Email Address Contact Number Requester (Person authorised to create the contract) Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Approver1 (Person authorised to approve the contract) Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Approver2 (If you wish to have a second level of approver) If Applicable If Applicable If Applicable If Applicable
  12. 12. This completes the initial set-up process Your Staff can now start using MBPCloud PACT Contract 12PACT Contract
  13. 13. THANK YOU! PACT Contract For further information please contact T : 1300 276 266 E : Follow us