Three reasons why your business needs a custom lobby sign
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Three reasons why your business needs a custom lobby sign






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Three reasons why your business needs a custom lobby sign Three reasons why your business needs a custom lobby sign Document Transcript

  • Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Custom Lobby Sign Written in collaboration with 360 Signs1. You will create a great first impression!The sign in your lobby is often the first impression your business makes on a potential client.It can creatively communicate that you take pride in the aesthetics, personnel, and overallvision of the company; or it can leave a client unsure of the direction and capability of yourorganization. A well designed and fabricated lobby sign can ensure that the first contactyou have with clients, vendors or potential employees is positive.A lobby sign is a dimensional piece of art and one of the least expensive ways toadvertise your brand and display the name of your company. It conveys that your business isdynamic and progressive. An attractive, quality lobby sign can improve the perception ofyour product or service and differentiate you from the competition. 12- Point SignWorks LLC
  • The options for creating this valuable communication tool are endless and are completelycustomizable to your organization’s needs. Material options include brightly coloreddimensional letters, acrylic, glass, wood, and brushed metals.Your directory signs are like a welcoming greeter and should be planned and constructedwith care. Directory signs can also be customized with the use of tenant logos andinteresting material combinations. 12- Point SignWorks LLC
  • 2. Your brand will stand out.Lobby signs are an important part of the branding of a company. Certainly there are otherareas that promote the brand, such as, advertising, marketing materials, and exteriorsignage. However, the one thing that every visitor and employee sees when they walk intoyour business is your lobby sign. Like the architecture and furniture, the lobby sign speaksvolumes about your company. The look and feel of this sign sets the tone for the customermeeting, the interview, or just the day’s work. It speaks to the quality of the organization,the attention to detail, the longevity of the organization. Why do all large, impactful firmshave large impactful lobby signs? They know how important it is to project a high end image.There are many ways to create a successful lobby sign. First and foremost, it must be true toyour logo. You can choose to use your corporate colors in the logo or go with another lookcompletely, such as brushed aluminum or rusted metal. Your sign designer can help you withalternatives to your standard colors if you choose to go in that direction. 12- Point SignWorks LLC
  • Here are some considerations to keep in mind for your custom logo sign: • Size: “Go big or go home” holds true for many signs, but corporate lobby signs have to be an appropriate size for the space available. Too large can overwhelm; too small can cheapen your brand image. • Dimension: How thick do you want your letters to be? Thin letters flush mounted to the wall look like they were painted on. To gain dimension you can either make the letters thicker or stand them off the wall on metal posts called studs. Stud mounting on spacers is less expensive than making the letter thicker. It gives some shadow to the letters creating the perception that they are thicker than they are. Because of the shadows, smaller text should be thinner and/or closer to the wall for best readability. Thick letters will look more substantial. They are typically mounted flush to the wall without any space between the letter and the wall. • Mounting: Another choice is to mount the logo to a panel and mount the panel on the wall. Panels can be made of acrylic, metal, or virtually any flat, rigid material. Panels can be mounted to the wall using metal standoffs. These standoffs anchor into the wall and have a barrel and cap that unscrew. You drill a small hole in the panel and the cap holds the panel to the barrel. As an alternative, sign panels can be hung with hidden hardware to create the effect that the panel is “floating” off the well surface. 12- Point SignWorks LLC
  • 3. You will appear more interesting and appealing.Lobby signs typically consist of corporate logos or simply the company name. They lookgreat and are usually faithful renditions of the corporate approved artwork and colors.However, some companies choose to have a little more fun and invest more into interestingadditions to the sign, to impress people who visit the office. Interesting additions can belighting, unusual backer panels, non-standard materials, or motion. 12- Point SignWorks LLC
  • Gettin’ fancy! • Lighting: Lighting your lobby sign can have a dramatic impact on the sign as a whole. Typically lobby signs are illuminated by the existing lights in the lobby or are illuminated by spot lights in the ceiling. More interesting lighting can be push through acrylic letters that have light coming out the face or the sides of the letters. Lighting can come out of the rear of the sign delivering a halo effect. With the variety of color and sizes of LED lights there are many creative ways they can be incorporated into lobby signs. • Backer Panels: Unusual backer panels can vary from old wood to sheet metal to exotic acrylic panels. Natural wood can provide an outdoor look to an indoor sign. The wood can be flat and finished or sandblasted to provide more texture. Metal backers can be materials with lots of holes or all the way to a grate-like material. These provide a more modern industrial look. Unique acrylic panels can have dramatic colors and textures and can even have embedded plants, bamboo, or other organic materials. • Letters: Some of the same materials used for backers can be used to make the letters or logos: natural wood, industrial metals, colorful or textured acrylic, etc. Some of the materials that are used in interior designs, especially in kitchens, can cross over to the sign world. Materials used for back splashes, countertops, cabinet faces, and floor coverings can all be incorporated into signs. 12- Point SignWorks LLC
  • Get your new custom lobby sign today! Franklin Synergy Bank lobby sign: brushed metal layer over black foam letters with pineapple logo NetMD lobby sign: brushed metal back with acrylic letters and logo Giandi’s sign: clear acrylic backing with metal standoffsIntegrity Insurance Group lobby sign: Catalyst Healthcare Research lobby sign:brushed metal back with acrylic letters frosted vinyl details on clear acrylic with standoffs and a matte black backer panel12- Point SignWorks