Portfolio- Darci Asel-Templin


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Portfolio- Darci Asel-Templin

  1. 1. Career Portfolio Darci Asel-Templin Northwood University 2013-2014
  2. 2. Table of Contents  Title Page  Table of Contents  Mission Statement  Resume  Letters of Recommendation  Reference list  Awards and Accomplishments  Volunteer History  1,2 & 5 Year Goals  Skills  Statement of Originality
  3. 3. Personal Mission Statement  My mission is to be a valuable asset to my employer and co-workers. Not only by offering my unique creativity but also by providing exemplary leadership and dedication to my job.
  4. 4. Resume
  5. 5. Letters of Recommendation Bryant Wilson Assistant Coach | Track and Field Central Michigan University | Intercollegiate Athletics IAC 306 | Mount Pleasant, MI 48859 Cell: 989-387-4344 To those who may inquire: I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Templin as a coach, supervisor and friend since 2011. Darci first started as a client of mine during her senior year of high school when she came to my training facility, Athletic Republic, with the intentions of becoming a faster sprinter. Darci’s work ethic and focus immediately set her apart from all my other high school and collegiate clients and put her on a level I had only witnessed with my professional athletes. Her attitude day in and day out was not to merely survive the workout but rather attack it and make the most out of her training time. This attitude was recognized by my other athletes and Darci quickly became the admiration of our facility because of her talent but also her humility. My other athletes looked forward to training alongside Darci as she would help push them to do their best but did so in a way that made them feel comfortable and made for a great training atmosphere which speaks to her natural ability to lead. Darci accepted a scholarship offer to compete as a student athlete at Northwood University where my company was contracted to train the middle distance runners; so now, I had the pleasure to coach her at the collegiate level. Darci carried over her love of training to the next level and made an immediate impact on the track as a member of the school record 4x400m relay team but her presence was felt off the track as well. Darci was trusted with hosting major recruits, organizing team events and fundraising and she did so while maintaining a GPA of 3.4. As a coach, we don’t typically trust these responsibilities to our underclassmen, let alone a freshman but Darci has the ability to juggle multiple tasks and excel while doing so. During the summer following her freshman year, Darci asked if she would be able to complete an internship through Athletic Republic and given her ability to multi task, leadership skills, familiarity of the athletes and the program; it was a no brainer. Because of her intrapersonal skills, she was able to adapt the training to each individual and make it a truly unique experience for each client she worked with. Darci was the best intern I have had since we opened our doors at Athletic Republic. Her character is exactly what I look for when hiring staff and if I could find 5 more of her, I would hire them in a heartbeat. I have since moved on to CMU as an assistant coach with the Track and Field team but I have remained in contact with Ms. Templin and still train at Athletic Republic. I am very proud of Darci as a coach and seeing her progress on the track is a testament to her work ethic and commitment to bettering herself, but the real joy has been watching her grow as a person. She is self-motivated, intelligent, trustworthy and has a contagious personality that would be an asset to any company and Ms. Templin has my full endorsement for any position she is pursuing.
  6. 6. To whom it may concern: I am writing this letter of behalf of Darci Asel-Templin. I have had the honor of having Darci in a number of classes in the Entertainment and Sports Promotions Management (ESPM) department at Northwood University where I’m a sports law/sports management professor. Darci excels in a number of areas. She has been a top student in my classroom, being an active participant and always adding excellent points to the various discussions we have in class. She is also involved with the ESPMA, the student group for our department. With her assistance the ESPMA has been the most active group on campus this past year. I serve as the faculty advisor for the ESPMA. Darci is also a true student-athlete. She is on the track team as well she works within the athletic department assisting with various events. She also has a job on campus working in admissions. It is rare to find someone who is a total all around student-athlete, excelling in all areas while giving back unselfishly to assist others. If you cannot tell I am very fond of Ms. Asel-Templin and give her my highest recommendation. Any organization with the opportunity to hire this young lady should jump at the opportunity. You may reach me at any time to further discuss. Respectfully, Dr. Preston James IV Preston James IV, J.D./MBA Northwood University Entertainment and Sports Management 4000 Whiting Dr. Midland, MI Office: (989) 837-4485 jamespr@northwood.edu “Be the changes you would like to see in the world” Ghandi
  7. 7. Reference List  Bryant Wilson  Athletic Trainer/ Boss  Email: bryant@wannabeathletics.com  Cell: (989) 387- 4344  Dave Schwartz  Athletic Director  Cell: (989) 239-9842  Doctor Preston James  Professor  Email: jamespr@northwood.edu  Cell: (515) 943-7710
  8. 8. Awards and Accomplishments  Bay County Hall of Fame Scholarship Recipient 2012  Northwood University Academic Freedom Scholarship  Northwood University Track Scholarship  Northwood University Women’s Track & Field Freshmen of the Year 2012-13  All-GLIAC 4x4 Performance, Outdoor GLIAC’s 2013  Freshmen Year Dean’s List  Dream Team 2012 Volleyball & Track
  9. 9. Volunteer History  Youth League Basketball Association, coach and referee 2010-2011  Northwood Auto Show 2013: Team Ferrari  Midland Community Center kids after school program 2013  Circle K activities 2013  Garber High School Track & Field assistant  Garber High School Volleyball Kids Camp 2012
  10. 10. 1 Year Goals  Continue to make the Dean’s list all 3 years of undergrad  Excel in track by moving up in the GLIAC conference standings, team and individually  Continue to be involved by making connections and networking throughout the business world
  11. 11. 2 year goals  Graduate with my BBA in Entertainment, Sports Management Promotion with honors  Obtain another internship in Sports Management  Achieve individual and team All-GLIAC awards in 4x4, DMR and open events indoor and outdoor
  12. 12. 5 Year Goals  Graduate the 4-year Northwood BBA/MBA program in 2016 with my Bachelor and Masters degree  Start working in my field of interest: Sports Broadcasting, Sports Media Management
  13. 13. Skills  Team Player  Communication Skills  Experience with Word, Excel, and Power Point…etc.  Enjoy working with the public  Ability to self-motivate  Willing to learn  Great work ethic
  14. 14.  These documentations are hand crafted by Darci AselTemplin and may not be copied or duplicated unless granted permission by myself.