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Humanities Presentation Template

Humanities Presentation Template






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Humanities Presentation Template Humanities Presentation Template Presentation Transcript

  • Saudi Arabia Amna Nasralla Mr. Sparks 8A
  • Where Saudi Arabia is located
    • Saudi Arabia is located in Asia, more specifically in the Middle East
    • Bordering the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea
    • Geographic Coordinates: 25 00 N, 45 00E
    • Neighboring countries: Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Yemen
  • Geographic Features of Saudi Arabia
    • Varied
    • The sea level rises from the western costal region
    • The land rises in the west and makes a mountain range, which lies a plateau of Nejd in the center
    • Southwestern regions like ‘Asir has mountains as high as 3,000m
    • ‘ Asir has fresh and green climate
  • Climate of Saudi Arabia
    • Frequent sand and dust storms
    • Harsh
    • Dry desert
    • Great temperature extremes
    • Sandy deserts
  • Environment of Saudi Arabia
    • There are a lot of animals and few plants in Saudi e.g.:
    • Date palms
    • Cacti's
    • hyenas
    • falcons
    • Oryx
    • Snakes
    • Lizards
    • Camels
    • Gazelles
  • History of Saudi Arabia
    • Saudi Arabia started as a group of people with similar backgrounds and it grew to become a country, that means it was once a nation, so it grew during the years; if that didn’t happen then Saudi Arabia wouldn’t exist today as it is. (social)
    Oil export has increased Elections were made to increase political participation US troops left the country Basic laws were made Oil was discovered Became independent Re-capturing Riyadh Saudi dynasty began 2005-6 2005 2003 1992 1938 1932 1902 1744 Event 8 Event 7 Event 6 Event 5 Event 4 Event 3 Event 2 Event 1
  • Customs and Traditions
    • Men wear thobe and gahfeyyah
    • Women wear hijab and cover their faces with niquab
    • Sword dances are very popular
    • Traditional folk dances and songs have a religious touch
    • Guests are treated with palm date and coffee
  • Government of Saudi Arabia
    • Government and laws are based on the Islamic law (Shari’a)
    • Monarchy
    • Ninth most obedient regime in the world
    • King has limited powers according to the Shari’a and other Saudi traditions
    • Government spread Islam by building mosques and schools teaching Qur’an in other countries
    • The business in Saudi Arabia has improved a lot, it became easier; ranking it, last year it was 38 th and now it’s the 23 rd . It is the best place to do business in the entire Middle East. (political)
  • Economy of Saudi Arabia
    • Oil and petroleum are the most important export
    • It has 25% of the world’s petroleum reserves
    • Agricultural products are: wheat, barley tomatoes, melons, date, citrus
    • Also chickens, muttons eggs and milk
    • Have a lot of industries: oil production, petroleum refining, basic petrochemicals, industrial gases, cement, fertilizers, plastic and a lot more
    • Economy is very important in Saudi Arabia because it’s one of the things that makes it very rich (economic)
  • Tourism in Saudi Arabia
    • Hard to attract tourists
    • Most tourists are Muslims
    • Muslims go for pious pilgrims such as the holy cities of Mecca and Medina
    • Saudi Arabia has a lot of modern hotels such as the Four Season hotel and the Sheraton hotel
    • When you go to Saudi Arabia you can visit the holy mosques, the National Museum and lots of other places
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