Carbon cycle


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Carbon cycle

  1. 1. What is Carbon?•An element•The basic building blocks of humans,animals and trees and somegreenhouse gases•Found in rocks, oceans, atmosphere
  2. 2. What is Carbon Cycle?The same carbon atoms are usedrepeatedly on earth. This cycle isbetween the earth and theatmosphere.
  3. 3. Plants use CO2•Plants pull carbon dioxide from theatmosphere and use it to make food(photosynthesis).•The carbon becomes part of theplant (stored food).
  4. 4. Animals eat plantsWhen organisms eat plants, they takein the carbon and some of it becomespart of their own bodies.
  5. 5. Plants and Animals die•When plants and animals die, most oftheir bodies are decomposed andcarbon atoms are returned to theatmosphere.•Some are not decomposed fully andend up in deposits underground.
  6. 6. Carbon Slowly Returns to Atmosphere•Carbon in rocks and undergrounddeposits is released very slowly intothe atmosphere.•This process takes many years.
  7. 7. Cycle repeats over andover and over and over…
  8. 8. Carbon Cycle Diagram Carbon in Atmosphere Plants use Decomposers break carbon to make down dead things, food releasing carbon to atmosphere and Plants and soil animals die Fossil fuels are Animals eat burned; carbon is plants and take returned to Bodies not in carbon atmosphere decomposed — after many years, Carbon slowly become part of oil released from or coal depositsthese substances returns to atmosphere
  9. 9. The Carbon Cycle
  10. 10. Why carbon cycle is important?Many elements have cycle, but the cycling ofcarbon atoms is particularly importantbecause:-•Through photosynthesis and respiration, it isthe way the earth produces food and otherrenewal resources.•Carbon dioxide (CO2) plays a key role intrapping heat in the atmosphere - one of thebasic mechanisms behind the greenhouseeffect.•Carbon plays a central role in combustion.
  11. 11. Human Impact•Fossil fuels release carbon storesvery slowly•Burning anything releases morecarbon into atmosphere-especiallyfossil fuels•Increased carbon dioxide inatmosphere increases global warming• Fewer plants mean less CO2removed from atmosphere
  12. 12. What we need 2 do?•Burn less, especially fossil fuels•Promote plant life, especially trees
  13. 13. Questions•What is carbon?•What is a carbon cycle?•How does the carbon cycle form?(answer in brief)•What is the importance of carboncycle?•Are the humans also a part of thecarbon cycle? How?•What can we do to reduce the rate ofcarbon cycle?
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