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  • 1. Community Action Council 07 November 2012, 1000-1100 Last Frontier Community Activity Center
  • 2. Shorterwait timeLower ratio group10% discountHomelike environmentHourly Care usage up to 5hrs/day not to exceed 25 hrs.weekExtended care/overnight option for mission related duty
  • 3. November 2012 SUN MON TUES WED THU FRI SAT BCMC2 1 RETIREE COUNCIL 2 3 LEVY Brief UAF MILITARY APPRECIATION (03-18 Nov) SCHOOL BD4 5 6 7 CAC 8 9 TRNG 10 HOLIDAY SET CLOCKS BACK “H” is for HONOR (Children’s Book Reading) UAF MILITARY APPRECIATION (03-18 Nov) Staff Meeting WLC11 12 13 Directors 14 E WELCOME TO WINTER 15 16 GRADUATION 17 Veteran’s Day FEDERAL Arctic Light SOS Support NEWCOMERS (T) BIRCH HILL 1st SKI DAYEvents Downtown HOLIDAY Elementary Group Welcome to Winter American Education Week (13-16 Nov) PARENTS NIGHT OUT UAF MILITARY APPRECIATION (03-18 Nov) Staff Meeting18 19 Directors 20 SCHOOL BD 21 22 23 24 FEDERAL TRNG HOLIDAY HOLIDAY UAF MILITARY APPRECIATION HOLIDAY MEAL (03-18 Nov) Staff Meeting25 26 All 27 28 29 30 NATIONAL AMERICAN INDIAN HERITAGE OBSERVANCE Security Manager AFAP CONFERENCE (27-29 Nov) Refresher Training Security Managers Training Course (26-30 Nov)
  • 4. December 2012 SUN MON TUES WED THU FRI SAT 1 SCHOOL BD CAC BCMC22 3 4 5 6 RETIREE COUNCIL 7 8 LEVY Brief Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony FWA Company Commander/First Sergeant Course (03-06 Dec) Staff Meeting WLC9 10 Directors 11 12 E NEWCOMERS 13 14 GRADUATION 15 SOS Qtrly Garrison PARENTS DAY OUT Support Award Ceremony Group SOCIAL MEDIA WORKING GROUP (10-14 Dec) Staff Meeting SCHOOL BD16 17 Directors 18 19 20 21 WINTER 22 SOLSTICE HALF DAYS23 / 24 TRNG HOLIDAY 25 FEDERAL 26 27 28 29 30 /31 HOLIDAY TRNG HOLIDAY FNSBSD WINTER BREAK (24 DEC 12 – 4 JAN 13) HALF DAYS
  • 5. Fire EvacuationDevelop an emergency evacuation plan – Report any emergency…dial 9-1-1 – Identify a meeting point for summer & winter – Take accountability and provide to emergency responders – Identify realistic area of refuge during winter months, especially if children are involved – Coordinate plan with Fire Prevention Inspectors at 353-9164 – Practice, Practice, Practice…the plan to identify possible weaknesses. If you don’t practice, the plan is just words on paper!!
  • 6. ARCTIC KNIGHTS THANKSGIVING MENU November 22, 2012 1100hrs-1530hrs Cranberry Juice Cocktail Shrimp Cocktail Spicy Vegetable Soup Oyster Crackers Roast Turkey with Turkey Gravy Carved Ham with Raisin Sauce Glazed Cornish Hens Steam Ship Round w/Mushroom GravyCreamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes Parsley CarrotsBaked Macaroni and Cheese Sesame Glazed Green BeansBaked Sweet Potatoes w/Cinnamon-Sugar Topping on the Side Calico CornCornbread Dressing Savory Bread DressingWarm Butterflake Rolls with Butter Pats Mixed Nuts and Hard CandyMinced Meat Pie EggNog W/ CinnamonHermit Bars and Lemon Drop Cookies Sparkling Apple CiderDecorated Thanksgiving Cake Mixed Fresh Fruit WedgesCranberry Sauce Strawberries w/Chocolate Foundation Desert Bar with Pumpkin, Apple, Sweet Potato & Pecan Assorted Beverages: Skim & 1% Milk, Coffee, Tea, Punch Salad Bar with Assorted Salad Dressings and Condiments Meal Cost Family members of E-1-E-4 $6.40 Enlisted/Officer, Retirees and DOD Civilians and family Members $7.50
  • 7. Hours of OperationBREAKFAST: 0600-0700 HRS LUNCH: 1100-1530 HRS DINNER: 1630- 1730 HRS
  • 8. Holiday Dos and Don’ts Gifts  To superiors $10 limit, except hospitality gift  To peers or subordinates, no limit  From an outside source $20 limit Appropriated funds  Yes to purchase decorations for common areas  No to purchase or send greeting cards Special rules for Gov’t Contractors attending Holiday parties Alcohol  Consuming alcohol during duty hours requires approval by first GO in the chain of command. Questions please contact Mr. Gary Kluka, Ethics Counselor, DSN 353-6554
  • 9. Army Community Service Army Family Action Plan Conference 27-29 November (MTC: Mission Training Complex) Delegate Names and Applications Due 20 November, ACS Senior Enlisted Spouse Seminar 6 December , ACS Conference Room
  • 10. FRG Training for November 2012 Date: 8 November 2012  Date: 14 November 2012 Training: Key Caller  Training: FRG Leader Training Time: 0930-1130  Time: 0900-1400 Location: Post Library  Location: Post Library Classroom (Bldg 3700) Classroom (Bldg 3700) Date: 8 November 2012 Training: Treasurer  Please RSVP via email to Time: 1330-1500 Cheri.l.weber.civ@us.army.mil Location: Post Library with name, email, phone Classroom (Bldg 3700) number and unit information.
  • 11. FRG Tree Trimming and Open House FRG Tree Trimming and Open House Location: ACS in the FRC Dec. 7 @ 1300-1500 FRGs are invited to join us for the tree trimming and light refreshments. Each FRG is encouraged to submit an ornament that represents their unit to adorn the tree in the ACS Family Resource Center.
  • 12. Northern Lights Chapel Thursdays at 1200First Course NOV 1st –DEC 20th (Registration is required)Open post wide. Space is limited. Sign up early!Contact Northern Lights Chapel or your Chaplain for more information. Northern Lights Chapel: 353-2088 CH (CPT) Jeff Ellis: 353-2772 CH (CPT) Scott Dennis: 353-1506
  • 13. Holiday Electrical Safety Its that time of year when the holiday lights are being hung inside and out, extension cords are over used, and power strips are ready to pop and burn from being overloaded. Utilize heavy duty extension cords instead of lightweight Outlet overloadingIndoor cords for holiday lights. Do not overload a power strip, they are for Electronics only .
  • 14. Holiday Electrical Safety Place space heaters at least three feet away from anything that can burn - including furniture, people, pets and window treatments. Never plug space heaters into a power strip. Turn off space heaters before leaving a room or going to sleep. Element Heater Ceramic HeaterOil Filled Heater Heaters are to be placed on the floor, ensure they have an auto turn off device should it be knocked over.
  • 15. ICE DOGS Weekend!!! Fairbanks Ice Dogs are playing against the Kenai River Brown Bears on Friday and Saturday! Come by the ASYMCA Office for your military discounted tickets! Tickets are $9.00/Adult and $4.50/Child ages 5-11. Children ages 4 and under are FREE! Fri, Nov 9 7:30pm Sat, Nov 10 7:30pmFor questions, call or stop by any time Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm at 353-5962 or Bldg. 1047 Nysteen Road, Suite 4.
  • 16. November Events• Fairbanks Concert Association – FREE Tickets – The Metta Quintet 8pm, Friday, November 16- Hering Auditorium – Pink Martini 8pm, Friday, December 7- Hering Auditorium – Tickets are Limited and First Come, First Serve! Call or Stop by our office for more information• For questions, call or stop by any time Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm at 353-5962 or Bldg. 1047 Nysteen Road, Suite 4.
  • 17. Adopt-A-LoungeDid you know that you could earn as much as $750 for your booster club/organization/FRG by helping out the ASYMCA? All you have to do is Adopt-the-Lounge by providing volunteers to staff the ASYMCAs Military Courtesy Lounge at the Fairbanks International Airport for one month. (And NO, its NOT the USO!) Help spread some smiles or even some holiday cheer by ensuring that the Lounge is open -- providing military travelers and their families a safe, comfortable place to wait for their flights during the month your group signs up for! We are already looking for groups to sign up during the 2013 calendar year! For more info, or to sign up, contact the ASYMCA office at 353-5962 or at Fairbanks@akasymca.org.