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20120720 ALASKA POST

  1. 1. ALASKA POST RECYCLED Recycled material is used in the making of our newsprint Home of the Arctic Warriors Vol. 3, No. 29 Fort Wainwright, Alaska July 20, 2012 Education Fair success Spc. Brian Jennings, a Soldier with the 6th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, 16th Combat Aviation Brigade (Alaska), looks over curriculum programs during the Edu- cation Fair July 12 on Fort Wainwright. With a bachelor’s degree under his belt, spending time with various university and college representatives helps him determine what might be the best use of his credits toward any future educational endeavors. (Brian Schlumbohm/Fort Wainwright PAO)Fair provides opportunities Richardson paratrooper killedto plan educational goalsBrian Schlumbohm, for those Soldiers who need to com- while serving in AfghanistanFort Wainwright PAO plete their high school diplomas or U.S. ARMY ALASKA PAO staff report who want to complete a certificate Fort Wainwright’s Education Cen- program. Details on what the TA A Soldier assigned to the 4th Brigadeter hosted an outside education fair program is and how it can benefit a Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infan-last week under a large tent set up Soldier can be found at https://www. try Division died July 14 from injuriesjust outside the doors of the post li- goarmyed.com/public/public_tuition_ sustained when enemy forces attackedbrary. assistance_policies.aspx. his dismounted patrol with a rocket pro- The five-hour-long event started at With education being an important pelled grenade and small arms fire. The10 a.m. and was open to all Soldiers, factor in any job market, it always incident took place in the Khost Prov-their Families, DoD civilians and re- comes at a price. For some joining the ince of Afghanistan.tirees, providing a multitude of op- military, financial help in paying off Staff Sgt. Carl Eric Hammar, 24, ofportunities for support in planning loans is an incentive. Lake Havasu City, Ariz., died Saturdaytheir educational goals. “You find more and more Soldiers afternoon at Forward Operating Base Gearldine Tuck, Education Ser- coming into the Army with degrees Sharana where he had been evacuatedvices officer, said the education fair whether they are enlisted or officers,” for medical treatment. He was assignedturned out a great success. Tuck said, “and so many students to 4-25th’s 1st Battalion (Airborne), Representatives from over 25 col- completing college find themselves 501st Infantry Regiment, at Joint Baseleges, universities and organizations with debt accumulated from student Elmendorf-Richardson where he servedwere on hand providing helpful infor- loans.” as a squad leader.mation and answers to questions on An attractive reason to join the Hammar joined the Army in December Staff Sgt. Carl Eric Hammareducational progression programs, military is for the Loan Repayment 2005 and graduated from Basic Train-scholarships, tuition assistance and Program. The LRA is a special enlist- ing, Advanced Individual Training, andmuch more. ment incentive offered to qualified the Basic Airborne Course at Fort Ben- August 2009 to July 2010 in support of Tuck said around 500 visitors applicants when they join the Army. ning, Ga. He served as an infantryman Operation Iraqi Freedom.came through to find what education Under the LRP the Army repays one- , at Fort Bragg, N.C., before arriving at His 3,500-Soldier brigade deployedopportunities were available and to third of a school loan for each year of JBER in September. He served two pre- to Afghanistan in support of Operationspeak with representatives from the a Soldier’s full-time duty service. vious combat tours of duty in Iraq – from Enduring Freedom in December.different schools. Whether just starting on an edu- January 2007 to March 2008 and from The next of kin have been notified. “We had a very good turnout, with cational path, working to finish aa steady flow the whole time,” Tuck present degree program or lookingsaid. “There were many Soldiers to build on a past degree, there arelooking to take advantage of the Tu- a wide variety of organizations avail-ition Assistance program.” The TA program is a financial as- able to offer their help. Spc. Brian Jennings, 6th Squadron, Deceased Fort Wainwright Soldier identifiedsistance program provided to Soldiers 17th Cavalry Regiment, 16th Combat U.S. Army Alaska PAO staff report control operator with the 1st Battal-seeking to advance their professional Aviation Brigade (Alaska) came to ion, 52nd Aviation Regiment. He en-and personal education goals while the education fair to find out what The Soldier with a severe head in- tered the Army in July 2008, and com-serving in the Army. opportunities there were for him and jury, who was rushed from his bar- pleted basic training at Fort Benning, “Right now, with 100 percent TA, his present educational status. racks room on Fort Wainwright to Ga. and air traffic controller trainingwe pay $250 per credit hour,” Tuck “There are a lot of good colleges Fairbanks Memorial Hospital early at Fort Rucker, Ala. before arriving atsaid. “As long as they [Soldiers] are to choose from here.” Jennings said. Sunday morning, where he was pro- Fort Wainwright in mid-2009.on good standards, and their com- Presently, Jennings holds a bachelors nounced deceased, has been identi- The death is under investigation bymanders sign off on their Tuition As- degree in Aeronautical Engineering fied as Spc. Marvin Kenneth Scott, the U. S. Army Criminal Investigationsistance paperwork, they can take col- and has been a Soldier with over eight 21, of Quincy, Fla. Detachment at Fort Wainwright.lege classes on their off-duty time.” Scott was assigned as an air traffic The next of kin have been notified. The program is also available See FAIR on page 4 WEEKEND WEATHER BRIEF Spring Into Summer Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Last Frontier Community Friday Activity Center Bears and moose and caribou, oh my. Areas of fog in the Saturday Sunday Learn how to survive and even thrive a visit or over- Mostly sunny Mostly cloudy night stay in the wilds of Alaska - land and water dur- morning. Cloudy. Highs: mid-70s Highs: mid-70s ing a presentation by relocation services and installa- Scattered showers. Night: mostly cloudy. Night: mostly cloudy. tion safety experts. Questions? Call 353-7908. Highs in the 60s Lows around 50 Lows in the mid-50s Southwest winds
  2. 2. COMMENTARY2July 20, 2012 ALASKA POST Medical Department Activity - Alaska Screening saves lives “Medical Department ciaries are seen for acute Medical Command tracks determines a more fre- Diabetics age 18 to 75Activity-Alaska will pro- issues through the Emer- closely. Currently they are quent need. should have a hemoglo-vide high-quality, safe, ac- gency Room or their as- related to asthma, breast Cervical cancer screen- bin A1C and lipid bloodcessible medical and psy- signed clinics, BACH fills cancer screening, cervical ings (PAP smears) are panel drawn at least oncechological healthcare to a prominent role related cancer screening, Chla- recommended for fe- a year and possibly ev-our military community to preventative health mydia screening, colorec- males age 21-64 every ery three months basedwhile relentlessly pursuing measures and chronic tal cancer screening, and three years unless a pro- on patient condition and Col. Dennis LeMasterimprovement, providing disease management. diabetes screening and vider determines a more provider determination. MEDDAC-AK commanderoutstanding service, lever- Population health man- management. frequent need. Juvenile diabetics underaging innovative technolo- agement focuses on the Current recommenda- Chlamydia screening the age of 18 also requiregy and developing the next prevention, early detec- tions suggest the follow- is recommended for sexu- close management, but hesitate to call or come bygeneration of Army health tion and treatment of nu- ing at a minimum: ally active females 16-24 fall under a different set if you need us. If you needcare leaders.” merous disease conditions. Persistent asthmatics years of age every year. of guidelines and require to schedule an appoint- This is our mission, While we strive to encom- on long-term control med- Colorectal cancer close management with ment to address any of theand what every member pass every possible disease ication need to be evaluat- screening is recommend- your pediatrician and di- above recommendations,of our team works toward process, we also focus on a ed and renew their medi- ed for everyone age 50- abetic treatment team. please call the Populationevery day. Bassett Army handful of commonly oc- cations at least annually. 75 through annual Fecal Remember, we are here Health Nurse at 361-5968Community Hospital cur- curring, relatively easily Breast cancer screen- Occult Blood Tests and and ready to assist if you and let her know you sawrently serves over 11,000 detectable and manage- ing (mammogram) is rec- a colonoscopy every 10 have any questions. We this article in the Fortassigned beneficiaries for able diseases. There are ommended for females years unless a provider are committed to ensur- Wainwright Alaska Posta variety of health care is- six “targeted” diseases age 40 to 69 every two determines a more fre- ing the health of the en- newspaper and need to besues. While many benefi- that BACH and all of Army years unless a provider quent need. tire community, so do not evaluated.Flying Dragons aviation regiment welcomes new commanderStaff Sgt. Trish McMurphy, ny beside historical Hangar 1, bled to serve with you. This the battalion for the last two Before assuming commandU.S. Army Alaska PAO on Ladd Parade Field July 9. battalion has distinguished years and though several de- of the 1-52nd, Dimon served After assuming command of itself though many great ac- ployments. as the chief of Training, Ex- Soldiers assigned to the 1st the “Flying Dragons,” Dimon complishments over the last “Nobody is more filled with ercise and Readiness DivisionBattalion, 52nd Aviation Reg- turned his focus to his new several years and I look for- sorrow than I to be leavingiment, 16th Combat Aviation (J37) for Joint Forces Head- Soldiers and addressed them ward to continuing this tradi- this battalion, this has beenBrigade (Alaska), welcomed about the challenges they will tion with you,” Dimon said. one of the most difficult cer- quarters-National Capital Re-their new commander, Lt. face as the battalion prepares Dimon assumed com- emonies for me to say fare- gion/United States MilitaryCol. James E. Dimon, during for its next mission. mand from Lt. Col. John H. well,” Knightstep said. “I tru- District of Washington at Forta change of command ceremo- “I am honored and hum- Knightstep, who commanded ly love the “Flying Dragons”. McNair, Washington, DC.Col. Robert P Dickerson, 16th Combat Aviation Brigade commander, (from left); Lt. .Col. John Knightstep outgoing commander, and Lt. Col. James E. Dimon incomingcommander of the 1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment, return from their review ofthe Soldiers of the 1-52nd Flying Dragons during their change of command ceremonyJuly 9 at Fort Wainwright. (Staff Sgt. Trish McMurphy/ U.S. Army Alaska PAO)ImmunizationsStaff report, tions prior to the start of the 2012-2013Fort Wainwright PAO school year. Free School District Immunization “No shots, no school,” warns the Clinic at the District AdministrativeFairbanks North Star Borough School Center, 520 Fifth Avenue, Fairbanks,District on their webpage. School is just Thursday, Aug. 9, from 3 to 6 p.m.around the corner in August and get- The State of Alaska, Division of Pub-ting the kids ready is more than just lic Health Immunization Clinic will beset of new clothes, paper and pencils. Aug. 15 at the North Pole Fire Depart-Immunizations take the leading role in ment, 110 Lewis Street, North Pole, Col. Robert Dickerson, 16th CAB commander, passes the battalion colors to Lt. Col.readying students for class. from 3 to 6 p.m. James E. Dimon, signifying the acceptance of command and relieving Lt. Col. John Alaska State Law requires that Students who do not meet immuni- Knightstep of his duties at a ceremony at Ladd Parade Field, Fort Wainwright, Alaskaschools receive a current copy of every zation requirements will be excluded July 9, 2012. (Staff Sgt. Trish McMurphy/ U.S. Army Alaska PAO)child’s immunization record prior to from school until requirements are met ALASKA POSTthe first day of school. and proof of immunization is provided to the district nurse. State regulations These shots should include: require students must be appropriately4 or 5 DtaP depending on spacing and , immunized or have a valid medical orage religious exemption. Students will be3 or 4 Polio, depending on age eligible to attend school immediately3 Hepatitis B2 Hepatitis A upon receipt of appropriate medical Home of the Arctic Warriors record and/or statement. Immuniza- The ALASKA POST is authorized by Army2 MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) tions may be administered by a regular EDITORIAL STAFF Regulation 360-1 and is published by the Fairbanks2 Varicella (Chicken Pox) required for health care provider or at the immuni- Daily News-Miner, a private firm in no way connected Fort Wainwright Garrison Commandergrades K through 6 only zation clinics listed above. with the U.S. Army, and is under exclusive written For more information on school dis- Col. Ronald M. Johnson contract. Contents of the ALASKA POST are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, The school nurse will review your trict immunization policies as medical U.S. Army Garrison Fort Wainwright the Department of the Army. The editorial content ofchild’s record to determine what, if any, exemptions, religious exemptions, re- PAO this publication is the responsibility of the U.S. Army Garrison Ft. Wainwright Public Affairs Office. Theimmunizations are needed. lease information and the immuniza- Linda Douglass ALASKA POST welcomes responsible comments To attend school, children must be tion packet go to www.k12northstar. from its readers and will publish letters, articlesappropriately immunized, or have a org/departments/health-services/immu- Command Information Chief or photos submitted at least one week prior to thevalid medical or religious exemption nizations. Connie Storch next publication. The ALASKA POST reserves the right to edit or reject submissions. All submittedon file. We strictly enforce a “No Shots For more information contact Maureen Editor material will become official Army property unless– No School” policy in accordance with Kauleinamoku, Nursing Coordinator at Brian Schlumbohm otherwise indicated. To advertise call (907) 459- 7548 Everything advertised in this publicationstate regulations. 452-2000, ext. 11253 or email at maureen. shall be made available for purchase, use or In an effort to prevent and control the Staff writers kauleinamoku@k12northstar.org. patronage without regard to race, color, religion,spread of infectious disease, the school Military family members served by Trish Muntean gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation or any other non-meritdistrict reminds parents and guardians Bassett Army Community Hospital Allen Shaw factor of the purchaser, user or patron. The Editorialthat school-age children must be appro- can obtain immunizations on a walk-in Contributors office is located on Ft. Wainwright in Building 1047 #1; Mailing address is Public Affairs Office, 1060priately immunized in order to attend basis starting at 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Staff Sgt. Trish McMurphy, U.S. Army Alaska PAO Gaffney Road, 5900, Ft. Wainwright, AK 99703. Callschool. weekdays. For information, call 361- 353-6779 or 353-6701, or send emails to pao.fwa@ Students have two upcoming oppor- 5456. To schedule a student physical Sgt. Michael Blalack, U.S. Army Alaska PAO us.army.mil The ALASKA POST – Home of the Arctic Warriorstunities to receive required immuniza- appointment, call 361-4000.
  3. 3. NEWS 3ALASKA POST July 20, 2012An Independence Day to remember; Fort WainwrightSoldier takes citizenship oath at White HouseSgt. Michael Blalack, 1-25th Stryker service members. “You put on the uni- this was really special. I had a greatBrigade Combat Team PAO form of a country that was not yet ful- time.” ly your own. In a time of war, some of Obed emigrated to the U.S. at the age Pvt. Aegean Obed of 3rd Battalion, you deployed into harm’s way. You dis- of 17 to join his mother in Delano, Calif.21st Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker played the values that we celebrate ev- He enlisted in the Army in 2011 and at-Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry ery Fourth of July -- duty, responsibility tended basic training at Fort Benning, Ga.Division, became a citizen of the United and patriotism.” In Alaska, he serves as a mobile gunStates in special naturalization cere- Secretary of Homeland Security Ja- systems crew member.mony July 4 in the White House’s East net Napolitano delivered the oath of al- Upon arriving at Fort Wainwright,Room. legiance to the service members. Obed quickly impressed both his leaders President Barack Obama delivered Obed, a native of Manila, Philippines, and his peers with his positive attitude,remarks and presented coins at the was flown from Fairbanks to Washing- willingness to learn and his outgoing per-event, which included foreign-born ton, D.C., with travel provided courtesy sonality.troops from all branches of service. of Alaska Airlines. “He’s one of those guys you always see “All of you did something profound: “I knew the Army would offer some smiling, laughing and cracking jokes,”You chose to serve,” Obama told the great opportunities,” Obed said, “but said Pvt. Brandon Kovacik, who went to basic training with Obed. “He works hard and is a great basketball player.” Like many 19-year-olds, Obed enjoys playing video games and never says no to a game of basketball, according to Pfc. Maykol Lorenzo, another basic training comrade. “He’s eager to learn, and learns fast,” Sgt. Alex Hermida, Obed’s supervisor, said. “He shows great discipline and bear- ing for a young Soldier, is fast to correct any deficiencies and stands out as excep- tionally courteous to his peers as well as his leaders.” About 87,000 immigrants from the Philippines have served in the U.S. armed forces and the Filipino-born veterans comprise the largest group of foreign- born veterans. Special provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act authorize U.S. Citi- zenship and Immigration Services to ex- pedite the application and naturalization Pvt. Aegean Obed, a mobile gun sys- process for current members of the U.S. tems crew member with 3rd Battal- ion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 1st Styker armed forces. The president signed an ex- Brigade Combet Team, 25th Infantry ecutive order July 3, 2002, authorizing all Division, stands in front of the gim- noncitizens who have served honorably in let, iconic symbol and nickname of the U.S. armed forces on or after Sept. 11, Obed’s battalion at their headquarters 2001, to immediately file for citizenship. building. Obed became a naturalized Video of the naturalization ceremony U.S. citizen in a ceremony at the White can be seen at www.whitehouse.gov. House, July 4. (Courtesy photo)Pvt. 2 Aegean Obed, a mobile gun systems crew member with 3rd Battalion, 21stInfantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, disas-sembles an M4 assault rifle for cleaning in his company’s arms room at Fort Wain-wright. Obed became a U.S. citizen in a special July 4 naturalization ceremony at theWhite House. (Photo by Sgt. Micheal Blalack) Where Faith & Academics Meet Immaculate Conception Grade School and Monroe Catholic Junior/Senior High 17399443 K-12 accredited education program Ashford University is shaping Faith-filled environment olling Stu MONROE FOUNDATION Now Enr P r e - K dents Grade 12th Low teacher-to-student ratio Outstanding teaching faculty Catholi 615 M c Schools (907) 45onroe Street, Fa of Fairbanks the future of today’s Army. through UAF partner in education 6-4574 • irba E-mail: in www.cathonks, AK 99701 AK POST/FAITH ACAD Students of all faiths welcome fo@cath lic- olic-sch schools.org ools.org 3 x 2.5 40397154 AFC/ASHFORD UNIVERSITY 17399443 7-20 AP Faith Academics Community Tradition Service Athletics AK POST/-TBD- AK 3 x 11.5 Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association (ncahlc.org). Benefits subject to eligibility. Visit military.ashford.edu for complete 40398327 eligibility requirements. MARKETING SOL/CARLILE FF AK POST/AK POST 3 x 5.5
  4. 4. 4July 20, 2012 NEWS ALASKA POSTPrivate weapon ownership means responsibilityLinda Douglass, the local police desk.Fort Wainwright PAO The police desk has firearm safes which meet the security Orders to Fort Wainwright requirements for the temporarycome as a welcome gift to Sol- storage of all firearms and smalldiers and Families who like to amounts of ammunition. Per-hunt. Alaska offers an abun- sonnel will use these containersdance of wildlife and hunting when they are not able to storeunmatched in many areas of weapons in their respective unitthe Lower 48. Moose, caribou, arms rooms or other authorizedblack bear and Dall sheep are locations. The desk sergeantsome of the big game hunters will accept firearms from any-can go up against here. one at any time. With ownership and use Overnight, routine or longof firearms comes responsibil- term storage is not authorizedity. Since March 2012, Fort at any time in vehicles, bar-Wainwright Soldiers or Family racks, transient lodging ormembers have been involved some other location or roomin 34 incidents with firearms. other than the arms room (e.g.,The most recent was Wednes- a friend’s quarters).day, when a 12-year-old boy drinking alcohol. In outlying areas exempt or other unauthorized people. Storage of archery weapons,was killed in a firearm incident If you live on post or plan from the firearms registra- You may not store firearms BB guns, pellet guns, swords orin a Soldier’s off-post home. to bring your privately owned tion requirements (hunting and ammunition permanently martial arts weapons by per-Officials are still investigating firearms on post – the canton- areas, ranges, etc.), you may or routinely in vehicles. This sonnel residing in barracks isthe shooting. ment area - there are certain transport your firearm pro- includes leaving them in a ve- at the unit commander’s dis- Seven Soldiers were injured rules you must follow for the vided there is no round in the hicle for the day while you are cretion. Garrison, post andcleaning or handling their weap- safety and welfare of those chamber. Magazines, clips or at work. unit policies addressing theseons, sometimes after having around you. revolver cylinders may be load- While you are traveling to types of weapons will be postedone or more alcoholic drinks. ed and/or contained within the and from authorized storage on the unit bulletin board.In one incident a noncommis- Transporting the weapons firearm itself provided there is locations or ranges, you may USARAK law enforcementsioned officer went downtown on post no round in the chamber or im- leave your firearms in a locked officials may confiscate fire-to pick up a Soldier who had re- Everyone – Soldier and ci- mediately in front of the firing vehicle out of public view for arms and other weapons foundquested a ride back to post after vilian – who wishes to carry, pin or hammer. short, very-limited periods of to be stored, transported orhaving several drinks. A second transport and/or store pri- Off-post residents (military time, such as a short stop at used in manners or methodsSoldier saw the TMP van and vately owned firearms on Fort and civilian) participating in the shoppette, post service sta- contrary to the rules. Unreg-requested a ride. After getting Wainwright must register the an authorized shooting activ- tion, or a friend’s home. istered firearms will be confis-into the van, the second Soldier firearm(s) at the visitors’ cen- ity on post who do not wish to The only authorized stor- cated and maintained by lawnegligently discharged a fire- ter before entering post. You have their firearms permanent- age place for firearms owned enforcement until they arearm, with the round exiting the must declare the firearm to the ly entered into the police fire- by Soldiers who are assigned properly registered.side door of the van. gate personnel as you enter. arm registration database may a room in the barracks is the It is imperative that anyone You may register your firearm request that the registration unit arms room. The firearms Concealed weapons on postwho handles a firearm does so at the Police Station located at documents be held for pick-up and ammunition will be stored All Soldiers assigned or at-using common sense. Building 3028 if you purchased upon conclusion of the activity. in locked containers sepa- tached to U.S. Army Alaska are The first rule should be: AL- it on post. Any registration held longer rate from government-owned prohibited from carrying a con-WAYS ensure the weapon is Privately owned firearms than 24 hours at the main gate weapons and ammunition in cealed firearm in Alaska, on orunloaded before even bringing and ammunition will only be visitors’ center will be entered the arms room. off military installations, un-it indoors. Then ensure it is transported on post for pur- into the database as a matter of The commander or autho- less an exception exists. Thisunloaded before cleaning it or chase or sale, use at autho- record on the next duty day. rized representative must prohibition applies regardlessshowing it to your friends. rized ranges, authorized hunt- provide written authorization of whether the Soldier has a The second rule should be: ing and trapping or for off-post Storing the weapons on post each time a privately owned concealed-carry permit fromNEVER play with it. It is not a activities. You must carry your You may not store loaded firearm is withdrawn from the state. The policy is punitivetoy. Never aim it at something firearm registration documents firearms in your household. the arms room. Upon comple- and Soldiers who fail to complyyou do not intend to shoot. with you every time you trans- Ammunition in government tion of their activity with the with the policy’s requirements The third rule should be: port the firearm on post. quarters, including reload- firearms, it must be immedi- are subject to adverse admin-NEVER leave it where a child While you transport the ing supplies, must be stored ately returned to the unit arms istrative action and/or punish-can reach it. Keep it locked in a weapon on post, it must be in separate from the firearms. All room; however, when person- ment under the Uniform Codecabinet when not in use and keep a firearm case. Loaded maga- firearms stored in government nel are unable to return their of Military Justice.the key in a safe, secure spot. zines or clips must be stored quarters must be secured or firearms or ammunition to the The fourth rule should be: separately from that firearm otherwise rendered inoperable unit arms room, those items Exceptions:NEVER handle a weapon after during transport. to prevent their use by children can be stored temporarily at a. Soldiers engaged in lawful hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, trapping or other lawful outdoor Fair: Educational information activities that typically involve carrying a firearm for personal protection from wildlife. b. Soldiers carrying a concealed firearm in a dwelling or on land owned or rented by the Sol- Continued from page 1 dier. c. Soldiers carrying a concealed years in the Army. “I’m looking to further firearm in connection with my degree -something to expand on,” Jen- their military duties (e.g., mili- nings said. Though he may not stay in the tary police officer). aeronautical field, with his accumulated de- Areas exempt from the fire- gree credits and other classes he may have arm registration requirements an opportunity to use his credits towards are all off-post ranges and other degrees. training areas such as the Ta- Looking over the rows of tables and pam- nana Flats, the Yukon Train- phlets of various university and college rep- ing Area and the Donnelly resentatives, Jennings said he hopes to gain Training Area. a little insight on how he should proceed. Any weapon lost or stolen on Like many others, he uses the Tuition As- post will be reported to the Po- sistance program in order to meet educa- lice Desk immediately. tion goals while he serves in the Army. Tak- For more information on ing advantage of the financial support helps privately owned firearms on him professionally whether at his present post, please call the Physical job or to prepare for a future career beyond Security Office at 353-7537 the Army. or 7564, or see the USARAK Soldiers can also take advantage of the Commanding General’s policy Post-9/11 GI Bill which is available to them letter Number 19 at https:// during active duty and after retirement or p o r t a l . u s a r p a c . a r m y. m i l / honorable separation. It can be used as re- usarak/staff/CMDGRP/Pages/ imbursement of tuition fees to a school and CofSPolicies.aspx can even make housing and other payments directly to the Soldier. The percentage re- ceived is determined by the length of active duty service and the school being attended. SOLDIERS AGAINST Soldiers who are residential students at a DRUNK DRIVING public institution of higher learning can have all tuition and fees reimbursed. Those attending private or foreign 353-6610 schools have tuition and fees reimbursed Have a Plan, to $17,500 per academic year. This amount will go up to $18,077.50 starting Aug. 1 of Call Someone. this year. There is also reimbursement for on-the-job apprenticeship and vocational flight-training programs. To find out more Fort Wainwright PAO about the Post-9/11 GI Bill go to http://gi- bill.va.gov/. “We encourage all the service members Find us online to take advantage of their education oppor- tunities,” Tuck said. The Education Center Fort Wainwright is open from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 1 to 4 www.wainwright.mil p.m. for walk-ins. Call 353-7486 to find out more or to make an appointment with an Facebook education specialist. Presently, a new Edu- www.facebook.com/ cation Center is being renovated in the old fortwainwright School Age Services, Building 4391. Sched- Flickr uled to open sometime before the end of the year, Tuck said she looks forward to the www.flickr.com/photos/ Soldiers stopped by the Education Fair, July 12 on Fort Wainwright to gather infor- next education fair to be held at the new fortwainwright mation on universities, colleges and financial programs from more than 25 different facility and keep providing those who serve Twitter organizations attending the event. (Brian Schlumbohm/Fort Wainwright PAO) the educational benefits they deserve. twitter.com/PAOFWA
  5. 5. 5ALASKA POST NEWS July 20, 2012Golden Days 2012: “Let the Gold Times Roll”Allen Shaw, Fort Wain-wright PAO The Fairbanks com-munity Golden Days ac-tivities kicked-off with aparty under the big tentat Pioneer Park Wednes-day with the reenactmentof Felix Pedro, an Italiangold miner, bringing hispoke of gold to the bankfor a ceremonial weigh-in. Fairbanks has beencelebrating Golden Days,a week-long event, since1952. The Greater Fair-banks Chamber of Com-merce coordinates theevent to celebrate Pedro’sdiscovery of gold in 1902. Many of those who at-tended the event weredressed in “period cos-tumes” which reflect fash-ion in Fairbanks duringthe Gold-Rush era. After the ceremonialhoopla, the festivitiescontinued with musicalperformances by the 9thArmy Band, South Polyne-sian Dancers, a dunk tankand the “jail.” Anotherbig hit with the crowdwere the Old Tyme Gameswhich included contestsfor kids and adults. The The Senior Recognition Luncheon is part of the annual week-long Golden Days festivities that celebrates the founding of Fairbanks. Theyoungsters battled for theme for the 60th anniversary is “Let the Gold Times Roll.” The celebration continues through Sunday with a variety of events for all ages.bragging rights and full (Photo courtesy Sandy Harrington/Pioneer Park)bellies during the water-melon-eating and pie-eat-ing contests, while the emcee the 2012 Comedy calling 452-1105 or online and float to the finish line as the “flotilla of fun” The race is open to any-he-men and she-women night from 7 to 10 p.m. at fairbankschamber.org/ at the Cushman Street as participants launch one who can construct acompeted in the log-split- The line-up includes mu- goldendays (click on the Bridge. For more infor- something that floats in tub on wheels. For moreting, two-person cross-cut sic from Earl Hughes Friday tab for the order mation on the duck race the Chena River at Grae- information contact thesaw contest and two-per- and Friends, the Grizzly form). call the Chamber at 452- hl Landing and attempt Pioneer Park office atson bucket brigade. Alaskan Contests and co- The weekend will also 1105, visit www.fairbank- to float to Pioneer Park. 459-1087. The celebration con- median Bob Zany. The be filled with commu- schamber.org , ask one of The only requirement is The Golden Days 60thtinued Thursday when Grizzly Alaskan contests nity activities for Fort the many “ducky” repre- that the vessel is adorned anniversary theme thisthe 9th Army “Arctic award prizes to the hairi- Wainwright Soldiers and sentatives walking along with the handyman’s se- year is “Let the GoldWarrior” Jazz Band per- est chest, the bushiest Families to enjoy. On the parade route or visit cret weapon, a roll of duct Times roll.” It is an op-formed at the Golden Cit- beard, craziest mustache, Saturday there will be a the rubber duck table at tape. This year the spe- portunity for Soldiersizens’ luncheon to honor hairiest legs and what street fair with food and the street fair. cial guest judge will be, and Families to celebratethe pioneers who have seemed to be the crowd retail vendors and the an- After the festivities Red Green himself. the Golden Heart citycontributed so much to favorite and the hardest nual Grande Parade with downtown, stroll back Other events at Pio- and be part of this an-the Fairbanks community. on the panel of judges, more than 80 entrants over to Pioneer Park to neer Park throughout the nual event. “Almost ev-Festivities continued into the ugliest “frontier feet” including the 9th Army enjoy the first annual day are the Alaska State erything is free of chargethe evening with a free ice contest. Band. The parade starts Golden Days weightlift- Barbecue championships, and we appreciate thecream social. “Between our headlin- at 10 a.m. from the Carl- ing competition organized the Governor’s Picnic support of our military. Activities scheduled er comedian and the Griz- son Center and winds by CrossFit. The compe- starting at noon, where This is just another wayfor today at Pioneer Park zly Alaskan Contests this through downtown, tition will start at 4 p.m. Governor Sean Parnell we can celebrate the his-include Young Pioneers year, the crowd should where it ends at Gaffney under the big tent. hosts an afternoon of tory of Fairbanks andDay from noon to 3 p.m. be in stitches the whole Street and Airport Way. The five-day celebra- entertainment, food and bring our communityThe event is free and night,” said Lisa Her- The 9th Army Arctic tion will conclude Sunday refreshments, and final- together for 5 days ofthere will be hot dogs, bert, executive director Warrior Arctic Rock Band with the Red Green River ly the Gold Rush Town fun under the midnightchips and drinks for the of the Fairbanks Cham- will once again perform at Regatta, which is touted bathtub races at 3 p.m. sun,” Herbert said.first 800 people, activities ber of Commerce. “Jerry 1 p.m. during the streetand displays including and Glenner always bring fair. The highlight of thepony rides, balloon-mak- quality comedians to day will be the 25th an-ing, face-painting, music Golden Days.” nual rubber duckie raceand entertainment. This The Carlson Center that starts at 2:30 p.m.evening’s program will will operate a beer garden when 7,000 yellow rubberbe geared toward the 21- and tickets are $12 in ad- ducks are dumped intoand-older crowd as Jerry vance or $15 at the tent the Chena River from theEvans and Glen Anderson and can be purchased by Wendell Street Bridge(Clockwise from left) Members of the 9th Army “Arctic Warrior” Band have become a fixture during Golden Days providing entertainment for the Senior Luncheon,Thursday and Grande Parade and Street Fair, Saturday. Hardy residents participate in a variety of events during the week-long celebration such as the Old Tyme Gamesand Grizzly Alaskan contests. (File photos by Trish Muntean, Fort Wainwright PAO)
  6. 6. 6July 20, 2012 COMMUNITY CALENDAR ALASKA POST GROUP CYCLING CLASS, noon, Physical Fitness GROUP CYCLING CLASS, 4 p.m., Physical FitnessFriday-20th Center, Building 3709. Call 353-7223. Center, Building 3709. Call 353-7223.PINNELL MOUNTAIN TRAIL, 8 a.m., Outdoor Recre- ZUMBA FITNESS CLASS, 6 p.m., Physical Fitness ZUMBA FITNESS CLASS, 6 p.m., Physical Fitnessation Center, Building 4050. Cost is $75 for three-day Center, Building 3709. Cost is $7. Call 353-7294. Center, Building 3709. Cost is $7. Call 353-7294.backpacking trip. Call 361-6349. SPRING INTO SUMMER, 6 to 8 p.m., Last Frontier Com-GRANDE FINALE STORY HOUR and CRAFTS, 2 to 5p.m., Post Library, Building 3700. Call 353-4137. Tuesday-24th munity Activity Center, Building 1044. Call 353-4223. GROUP CYCLING CLASS, 6:30 a.m., Physical Fit-EVENING BOAT RIDES, 5:30 p.m., Outdoor Recre-ation Center, Building 4050. Call 361-6349. ness Center, Building 3709. Call 353-7223. Friday – 27th HOUR OF POWER GROUP STRENGTH CLASS, BIG BOWL GIG, 8 p.m., Nugget Lanes Bowling Cen-COSMIC BOWLING, 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Nugget Lanes noon, Physical Fitness Center, Building 3709. Call ter, Building 3702. Live Entertainment, Call 353-2654.Bowling Center, Building 3702. Call 353-2654. 353-7223.Saturday-21st GROUP CYCLING CLASS, 5 p.m., Physical Fitness Saturday-28th Center, Building 3709. Call 353-7223. FAMILY ROCK CLIMBING, 9 a.m., Outdoor RecreationHOMEMADE BABY FOOD CLASS, 10 a.m. to noon, BOUNCY HUT NIGHT, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Last Frontier Center, Building 4050. Fee is $10. Call 361-6349.CDC II, Building 4176. Call 353-7713. Community Activity Center, Building 1044. Call 353- 7755. (ages 4-12 with parent). ICE CREAM SKEDADDLE 5K RUN, 10 a.m., PhysicalBOATER SAFETY CLASS, 1 p.m., Outdoor Recre- Fitness Center, Building 3709. Registration begins atation Center, Building 4050. Call 361-6349. GOSPEL SERVICES BIBLE STUDY, 6:30 p.m., Bas- 9:30 a.m. Call 353-7223. sett Army Community Hospital, Medical Library, Build-ZUMBA FITNESS CLASS, 1 p.m., Physical Fitness ing 4076. For more information email ac2.claxton@ ATV SAFETY CLASS, 1 p.m., Outdoor RecreationCenter, Building 3709. Cost is $7. Call 353-7294. us.army.mil. Center, Building 4050. Ages 18+. Call 361-6349.PARENT’S DAY OUT, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., CDC II, Build- ZUMBA FITNESS CLASS, 1 p.m., Physical Fitnessing 4024. Register by July 13. Cost is $16 per child.Call 353-7713. Wednesday-25th Center, Building 3709. Cost is $7. Call 353-7294. NEWCOMERS ORIENTATION, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., WELCOME/GOODBYE NATURE HIKE, 1 p.m., YouthCOSMIC BOWLING, 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Nugget Lanes Last Frontier Community Activity Center, Building 1044. Center, Building 4109. No cost, register by July 26. CallBowling Center, Building 3702. Call 353-2654. Call 353-4227. 361-5437. GROUP CYCLING CLASS, noon, Physical Fitness DART TOURNAMENT, 6 p.m., The Warrior Zone,Sunday-22nd Center, Building 3709. Call 353-7223. Building 3205. Open to all DoD Cardholder 18 and over. Call 353-1087.GOSPEL SERVICES, 9:45 a.m. Gospel Sunday school; BOOT CAMP, 5 p.m., Physical Fitness Center, Build-11 a.m. Gospel Worship service, Bassett Army Com- ing 3709. Call 353-7223. COSMIC BOWLING, 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Nugget Lanesmunity Hospital, third floor conference room, Building Bowling Center, Building 3702. Call 353-2654.4076. Call 353-9825.PROTESTANT SERVICES, 10 a.m., Sunday school, Thursday-26th11 a.m., Sunday Protestant worship, Northern Lights Sunday-29th GROUP CYCLING CLASS, 6:30 a.m., Physical Fit-Chapel, Building 3430. Call 353-9825. ness Center, Building 3709. Call 353-7223. GOSPEL SERVICES, 9:45 a.m. Gospel Sunday school; 11 a.m. Gospel Worship service, Bassett Army Com-CATHOLIC SERVICES, 11 a.m., Catholic Mass, South- ROMP AND STOMP PLAYGROUP: GREAT OUT- munity Hospital, third floor conference room, Buildingern Lights Chapel, Building 4107. Call 353-9825. DOORS, 9:30 to 11 a.m., Last Frontier Community Ac- 4076. Call 353-9825. tivity Center, Building 1044. Call 353-7372.NATIONAL PARENT’S DAY, 11 a.m., Nugget Lanes PROTESTANT SERVICES, 10 a.m., Sunday school,Bowling Center, Building 3702. Parents bowl free. Call HOUR OF POWER GROUP STRENGTH CLASS, 11 a.m., Sunday Protestant worship, Northern Lights353-2654. noon, Physical Fitness Center, Building 3709. Call Chapel, Building 3430. Call 353-9825. 353-7223. CATHOLIC SERVICES, 11 a.m., Catholic Mass, South-Monday-23rd KNOW YOUR SCORE: UNDERSTANDING CREDIT ern Lights Chapel, Building 4107. Call 353-9825. REPORTS, 2 p.m., ACS Conference Room, BuildingSCHOOL AGE CENTER WEEKLY SUMMER CAMP 3401. Must pre-register. Call 353-7438. FAMILY FUN NIGHT, 5 p.m., Chena Bend Golf Course,and FIELD TRIPS, School Age Center, Building 4166. Building 2092. Call 353-6223.Call 361-7394.YOUTH SERVICES SUMMER WEEKLY CAMP: ALLTHE WORLD IS A STAGE, Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.,Youth Center, Building 4109. Call 361-5437. Fort Wainwright Mets represent duringROMP AND STOMP PLAYGROUP: GREAT OUT-DOORS, 9:30 to 11 a.m., Last Frontier COMMUNITY the 2012 Fairbanks Open InvitationalACTIVITY CENTER, Building 1044. Call 353-7372. Allen Shaw, Fort Wainwright PAOKID’S GOLF 4 DAY CLINIC, 10:30 a.m., Chena Bend There’s plenty to do in Fairbanks thisGolf Course, Building 2092. Cost is $80. Call 353- weekend, but one of the most exciting if you’re a fan of Fort Wainwright or base-6223. ball, is watching the Fairbanks Adult Amateur Baseball tournament. The Fort Wainwright Mets, who have a solid grip on second place in the Fairbanks League with a regular season record of 11-3-1 take on the third place Midnight Orthodontics for Children and Adults Sun Panners at 7 p.m. on Marlin field in Fairbanks. Walt Babula, D.M.D., M.Sc.O. The Mets will then battle the Eielson 11396424Board of Orthodontists Diplomate American Icemen on Newby Field in North Pole Sat- urday at 10 a.m. Later in the day, the Mets BABULA, DR. M.S.D., C.O. Jessica Woller, D.M.D., will play the Anchorage A’s at Growden Park. That game will start at 4 p.m. AK POST/AK POST Military Appreciation Fee Reduction On Sunday the Mets will face the Fair- Concordia Transfer Patients Accepted banks Braves on Arco Field at 1 p.m. and Invisalign Care by the x 3.0 2 Orthodontic Specialist then “hopefully move onto the champion- The Fort Wainwright Mets will take to the diamond to play Interest free payment plans ship game,” said Rich Pulignani, general local rivals and teams from Anchorage during the Fairbanks Experienced friendly team manager and player-coach. That game Adult Amatuer Baseball League Fairbanks 2012 Invitational will be played at Growden Park at 4 p.m. Tournament this weekend at Growden Memorial Park and Visit our on-line office www.myalaskabraces.com The championship game will pit the the Arco and Marlin Fields all near the Carlson Center in 11396424 8-31-12AP Fairbanks League team with the best 452-2939 1919 Lathrop St., Ste. 102, Fairbanks Fairbanks. Here, Jerome Johnson of the Fairbanks Cubs tournament record against the Anchor- age team who comes out on top. Pulig- smashes a line-drive during the State Tournament in An- nani said, “I think we’ve got a real shot chorage. The final, championship game is slated for Sun- Raven Correspondence School if everything comes together. We’ve got day at 4 p.m. For more information on the FAABL visit www. some outstanding ballplayers.” alaskabaseball.org. (Courtesy photo) A Quality Statewide Home School Program 374-9401 or 1-888-99RAVEN 11367340 V.I.P. SOLDIERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING YUKON-KOYUKUK www.RavenSchool.com raven @yksd.com Cleaners Laundromat Have a Plan, Call Someone. 353-6610 SCHOOL DIST Students receive 13397497 K-8 $2,000 or 9-12 $2,300 POST AK POST/AK Alterations VIP CLEANERS Come see ProFlite of Alaska, LLC Computer options internet stipend AK POST/STV me at my 18398686 Formals 13399524 (up to $1,000 value x 4.0 2 FREE D new shop! ESTHER BARBER Learn to Fly with the Pros not from allotment!) 1 x 3.0 STYLES PRO FLIGHT ASK Esther Barber Styles AK POST/COME Flight Training and Aircraft Rental Ten $1,000 Raven Scholarships ABOUT 1546SEE ME St. S. Cushman AK POST/AK POST awarded annually OUR (907) 456-5577 2 x 2.0 13399524 8-10-12AP 374-3322 907-474-0099 13397497 8-31-12 AP 1 x 2.0 18398686 7-27-12AP REFERRAL There’s no place like home! BONUS! 510 Old Steese Hwy. Mon - Sat 9 - 6 • Sun 1 - 5 Fairbanks Formerly at Olympic Barber www.proflitealaska.com