124th Fighter Wing Observer Brief


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Welcome brief to ORI observers--124FW, Boise, Idaho. OPR Lt Col Beverly Bracewell, WESO.

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124th Fighter Wing Observer Brief

  1. 1. 124th Fighter Wing<br />UNCLASSIFIED<br />Phase I ORIObserver In-Brief<br />
  2. 2. Briefing Slides and Discussions areFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY <br />Slides are marked accordingly<br />PracticeOPSEC at all times<br />Turn off or silence electronic devices<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Threat Awareness<br />Lt Col Stephanie Sheppard<br />124FW ATFP<br />124SFS/CC<br />UNCLASSIFIED<br />
  4. 4. Threat Awareness<br />Boise and Surrounding Areas<br /><ul><li>Criminal threat towards USAF assets is LOW
  5. 5. Petty theft/larceny most common crime
  6. 6. Occasional gang activity within the local bars
  7. 7. Outlaw motorcycle gangs actively recruit
  8. 8. Sovereign citizen groups are active in the local area
  9. 9. Recent thwarted bombing attempt by a animal rights group in Caldwell, Idaho</li></ul>UNCLASSIFIED<br />
  10. 10. Safety<br />Lt Col Tony “Sumo” Brown<br />UNCLASSIFIED<br />
  11. 11. Contact Information<br />Lt Col Tony Brown(124 FW/SE, OIC)<br /> On-Base: x5600<br /> Off-Base: 208-422-5600<br /> Cell: 208-724-1658<br />SMSgt Becky Hawk (124 FW/SE, NCOIC)<br /> On-Base: x5317<br /> Off-Base: 208-422-5317<br /> Cell: 208-841-9069<br />MSgt Brian Hobbs (124FW/SEW)<br />On-Base: x5870<br />Off-Base: 208-422-5870<br />Cell: 208-921-2596<br />EMERGENCY CONTACT: 911<br />UNCLASSIFIED<br />
  12. 12. TRAFFIC<br /><ul><li>25 MPH (Unless otherwise posted)
  13. 13. Seatbelts Mandatory (on & off base)
  14. 14. Head phones are not allowed while operating a motor vehicle or jogging
  15. 15. Mandatory use of reflective belts or vests while jogging during the hours of darkness
  16. 16. Large facility with a lot of activity taking place (troops marching/personnel jogging, etc.)
  17. 17. Use of radar detectors are prohibited
  18. 18. .08 BAC = (DUI)</li></ul>UNCLASSIFIED<br />
  19. 19. TRAFFIC<br /><ul><li>Cellular phones can not be used while operating a motor vehicle in motion, unless a hands free device is utilized
  20. 20. Adhere to Emergency Barricade lights at the inbound and outbound lanes of Main Entry.
  21. 21. Heavy traffic flow at main gate 0645 & 1630</li></ul>UNCLASSIFIED<br />
  22. 22. Core Hour Operations<br />9<br /><ul><li>Core Hours 0600-1900: All areas manned
  23. 23. DCC: Early (0500 ish) – Last airlift departure of day
  24. 24. 24 Hour Facilities:
  25. 25. ICC: (limited): ICC Director + CP
  26. 26. OPS: Generation support
  27. 27. MX: All Areas
  28. 28. SFS: All Areas</li></li></ul><li>Key Events<br />10<br /><ul><li> RST 0600-0800 TBD
  29. 29. Add subtract times based on RST</li></li></ul><li>All approved observers have been added to the Entry Access Listing (EAL)<br />Many areas (DCC, ICC, CP) require a restricted area badge <br />Under no circumstances will a visitor be granted access to these areas without their restricted area badge displayed on their person after verification against EAL<br />11<br />Observer ROE<br />
  30. 30. Observer ROE<br />12<br /><ul><li>Due to the number of observers visiting the base and limited parking, the 124 FW will provide parking passes and badges forObservers
  31. 31. You must show both your military ID and the Observer Badge to get access to the buildings on base Saturday and Sunday
  32. 32. Badges and parking passes should be turned back in at the Building 400 Auditorium prior to your departure on Sunday
  33. 33. Observers will park only in the designated observer parking area – Carpool to reduce congestion
  34. 34. Display parking pass while parked on base
  35. 35. Badges must be worn at all times while on base</li></li></ul><li>13<br />Observer ROE<br />Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) will be worn when required<br />Hearing protection, vests, steel-toed boots (CDF, Weapons, Munitions, etc)<br />Provided at home units expense<br />Cell phones are not authorized on the flightline, inside the ICC/DCC, PDF or Command Post<br />Class B Blues is UOD<br />If at any time you are asked to step out, please do so<br />Observer POC is Lt Col Beverly Bracewell (208-571-8153)<br />
  36. 36. 124th Security Forces<br />Only 2 observers, at a time, will be allowed to enter the Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC)<br />TWG - 2 observer at a time only<br />124th Communications Flight<br />Observers will not be allowed to enter the vault<br />14<br />MSG Observer ROE<br />
  37. 37. CDF <br />Observers are only allowed in aircraft silhouettes at cargo load start time on DSOE.<br />CDF NCOIC will verify with CDF IG Inspector before any observers are allowed in area<br />Observers will check in at ECP and will be given a safety brief<br />Observers must stay out of the way and will not answer or help in anyway unless IG Inspector directly addresses them <br />CDF will setup an area for observers close to scale but not in the way of CDF operations<br />If observers need to leave that area and come into CDF operations they will need to be escorted by a section NCOIC.<br />CDF work trailers<br />Observers must get clearance from NCOIC of each trailer before entry <br />Only one observer at a time allowed in work trailers<br />15<br />
  38. 38. PDF<br />5 observers in WAA, Bldg 301<br />5 observers inside Rope area of PDF, Bldg 1500<br />5 observers in PAX Holding, Bldg 1528<br />FPCON CHARLIE=Enter through single point of entry (Doors on East side of Bldg 1500)(PAXs only enter through West side door)<br />DCC<br />A maximum of four (4) observers will be allowed in the DCC at any one time. DCC door guard will ask the observer to sign in and will take their ID card. The ID card will be returned when the observer signs out and exits the DCC <br />Only one observer at a time will be allowed in the IPR/SIPRNET area. Observers for the DCC and IPR areas must be on the EAL with valid clearance<br />16<br />
  39. 39. Key Unit Personnel<br />Position Name Cell # (208) <br />Commander Col James R. Compton 863-3022<br />Vice Commander Col Brad Richy 841-8974<br />OG Commander Col Michael Nolan 863-2657<br />MSG Commander Col Christopher Rood 863-9402<br />MXG Commander Col Robert Park 867-5945<br />MDG Commander Col Ralph Sutherlin 409-0609<br />Command Chief CMSgt Robert Bailey 863-3021<br />UNCLASSIFIED<br />
  40. 40. IG Work Center<br />UNCLASSIFIED<br />
  41. 41. Idaho 7 Day Weather<br />Compliments of KTVB.Com<br />UNCLASSIFIED<br />
  42. 42. Questions?<br />UNCLASSIFIED<br />