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  • 1. 2010 Pioneer TVS Harsha Gowtham (09101919) [3CET REPORT] Submitteb to: Mr. M.Shiva Koti Reddy sir
  • 2. 3 CET REPORT ON TVS MOTORS Introduction:- T.V.Sundaram Iyengar and sons limited (TVSs) is the holding company for the TVS groups of companies engaged in the manufacturing of various automotive components, two wheelers and also into the financial service sector. The annual turnover of the entire group was more than USD 1billion in 2008-2009. A present Chairman of TVS motor is Shri.Venu Srinivasan. History of TVS:- The founder of TVS is Shri.T.V.SundaramIyengar in the year 1911.The ideals of TVS is Trust, Value,Service.In 1950 they entered into automobile industry starting with passenger transport in the temple town of Madurai,TamilNadu.Its knows for its punculality,reliability and customer service. In 1979, Sundaram Clayton Mopeds division (new TVS motor company). Products of TVS:- 1979:- India’s 1st two seater moped TVS XL – a vehicle for common man 1984:-India’s 1st 100cc motorcycle IND SUZUKI AX100 1994:-TVS Scooty-Liberate women-Putting Women on Wheels 2001-2006:- New indigenous bike – TVS Victor Value for money bike – TVS Star City A bike for young India – TVS Apache 2007:- Stylish & Fuel efficient bike for the executive-The sexy TVS Flame Step through motor cycle for Indonesia-New NEO 3 wheelers-New generation auto rickshaw TVS KING
  • 3. Global Plants of TVS:- Hosur in Tamilnadu Mysore in Karnataka Himachal Pradesh Indonesia From Chennai they exports to 47 conutries. They will manufacture nearly 1,00,000 3 wheelers per annum in Chennai. Social Responsibities:- Women Empowerment Health care Environment friendliness Rehabilitation World class dealership for superior customer experience be it city or a small town. TVS has 500 dealer and 2000 authorized service center’s across India. TVS has 5000 empolyees with 10 million customers with passion and commitment. TVS has received Deming prize committee, JUSE for Global Quality and Global recognition. 3CET 3C s- Company -Competition -Customers E - Environment T – Technology
  • 4. The Company:- The companies name is TVS –Trust Value Service.Established in 1911 by Shri.T.V.SundaramIyengar. This company has so many operations for its success towards 100 years. They are majority concentrating on Marketing operation.Because this is the major department which creates profits for the company. 4P’s :- Product Price Place Promotion Product:- 1.Scootyteenz - - - Eletric,Petrol 2. Scooty pep+ 3.Scooty streak Price:- Scootyteenz :- Rs.35,090/- Scooty pep+ :- Rs.42,370/- Scootystreak :-Rs.44,680/- Place:- Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Indonesia.
  • 5. Promotion:- We have 4 sub methods they are 1.Personal selling 2.Sales promotion 3.Publicity 4.Advertisment Personal selling:- Is done through show rooms. Sales Promotion:- Is done through conduting test drives for teenzers,ladies near schools and colleges.And visiting apartments and encouraging them by conducting games and distributing prizes and gifts for the people who has taken test drive, taking lucky draw, by conducting free learning school for winners etc. Publicity:- Is done through banners and media Advertisments:- Is done through the brand ambassador’s like Sania, PreethJenta for Pep+ and Streak. Distribution Network is done through media,pampletes,test drives etc., Authorized Service Centres:- Pioneer TVS Motors is located in Guntur for that it has Authorized Service Centres These ASC do both sales and service for TVS .TVS has total 17 ASC around guntur
  • 6. They are 1. VijetaAutomotives 2. Syed Motors 3. Lakshmi Sujatha Motors 4. Sai Automobile Spares 5. Sai Motors etc TVS has 2000 ASC across India and 500 dealers. Market Share for Pioneer TVS in 2 wheeler industry in Guntur is 37%. Pioneer TVS total sales of Scooty for an year are i.e., from April ’09 to March ’10 is Scooty pep+ :- 1257 Scootystreak :-650 Scootyteenz :- 20 The Customers:- Customers are god for any business to run in success. TVS company has total 10 million customer with passion and commitment. Current Scooty customers are: 1.Girls. 2.Modern,fashionable& fun loving. 3.Basically look for convenience and ease of usage in their bike. Scooty pep+ is targeted to first time riders, generally girls of age group 15-18. Where as Scooty Streak is more advanced than Pep+ and it is targeted to girls who are greater 18 years of old.
  • 7. The Competition :- The competitaries of Pioneer TVS are Bajaj,Hero Honda, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki. Scooty competitors are 1.Honda – Activa 2.Hero Honda – Pleasure 3.Suzuki – Access Comparative Specifications :- TVS Scooty Pep+ TVS Scooty Streak TVS Scooty Pep+ Hero Honda Pleasure Honda Activa CC & Power 90 CC Litech Engine 5 Bhp 90 CC 5 Bhp 102 CC 7 Bhp 102 CC 7 Bhp Mileage on road (Kmpl) 55 55 50 45 Kerb Weight (Kgs) 96 95 104 111 Suspension Synchronised Suspension with F -Ceriani type Cast Aluminium Front Shocks R -Triple rated Hydraulic spring Synchronised Suspension with F -Ceriani type R -Triple rated Hydraulic spring F -Bottom link with Spring loaded Hydraulic Damper R – Spring arm Loaded Hydraulic Damper F -Bottom l Spring load Hydraulic D R – Unit sw spring load Hydraulic d
  • 8. Brakes F -110 mm R -110 mm F -110 mm R -110 mm F – 130 mm R – 130 mm F – 130 mm R – 130 mm The Business Environment:- Every business is influenced by the environment surrounding it as it cannot be done in vaccum. The environment of any business can be divided into:  Micro Environment  Macro Environment
  • 9. Micro Environment comprises of company, suppliers, customers, competitors and intermediaries. This environment is also known as the “Controllable Environment”. Pioneer TVS does not get any effect from the suppliers because the supplier of the product is TVS Motors. They will send product according to the orders that the showroom has got and the production is also under the control of TVS Motors and hence the effect of the suppliers on Pioneer TVS is less unless it has got worse relations with company. The other components play a major role in the success of the company. The major factors of Micro Environment are:  Competitors  Suppliers  Customers  Human Resources The major competitors for Pioneer TVS in Guntur are:  Annapurna Agencies- Hero Honda  Santosh Automotives- Honda Macro Environment cannot be controlled and it will have a major impact on the business and hence it is known as the “Uncontrollable Environment”. The Macro Environment comprises of:  Political Environment  Legal Environment  Technological Environment  International Environment  Socio Cultural Environment
  • 10. The Technology:- Technology plays a key role in any business. It cannot viewed that technology replaces man power but reduces the effort of humans and increases the productivity and efficiency. Due to many technological changes the impact of technology increased and it began to stand as the winning edge for the companies and gives competitive advantage to the company. Pioneer TVS is much influenced by the technology. It uses an ERP program installed by the WIPRO technologies. It played a key role for reducing the overheads and increasing the efficiency. TVS Motors is known for technological breakthroughs. The products are also reflections of new technologies. “Jive” is the best example for this which is the first automatic clutch motor bike. It is also trying to come out new look auto rickshaws in Indian market.