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creativity course assignment (sleep problems and solutions)

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  1. 1. 100 Ways To Reduce Sleep Issues Creativity Course Team By Abeeha Arshad and Qurat-ul-Ain
  2. 2. Sleep Recognize and Problem develop the needRecognition for a sleep routine Set up rules and Regulations for sleep routine Decide a proper timing Ask to wake up Try being and sleepparents/guardia punctual in n to help you following the during a day stick to your sleep routine routine.
  3. 3. Set up the Workload time table for routine tasks Try piling up different set of tasks to avoid getting bored andleaving work for the next day Try not going beyond the time limit devoted to work Denote specific Avoid timings for Overburden: studies and Compile an easy entertainment task with a heavy task to reduce work
  4. 4. listing the factors which Stress cause stress, help in identification of the problem. Set up some extra time to finish up remaining task Avoid stress through practicing Try getting into physical activities yoga or Involve indoor and outdoor meditation. (playing games like yourself in cricket or simplyactivities like jogging). taking a vacation.
  5. 5. Take good care of your diet. Eat healthy and Eat meals eat right. Vegetables on time. and Fruits are preferred. Include freshjuices and water. Avoid junk and oily Diet food.
  6. 6. Take out time for social Entertainment activities (family gatherings)If time is an issue try enjoying at school / university. All these activities Go out for should be movies and devoted a parties with Try playing time limit. computer friends. games for indoor entertainment
  7. 7. Avoid Avoid weed smoking, itintake which Avoid damages will disrupt neutral alcohol as body it disrupts functioning. sleep cells routine. Avoid soft drinks and extreme coffee consumption to stay away from caffeine. Avoid energy Avoid drinks which Chemica have chemicals ls that damage liver cells.
  8. 8. Take out time for yourself Shop foryourself, it will make Going for personalyou happy. recreation such as manicure and pedicure Try eating what you like at least once a week, Go to the sea within the health limits. side and spent Spend some time to relax time with yourself yourself by engaging in activities one likes
  9. 9. Keep time for family and friends so that your routine is not disturbed. Take out time to talk to Compromise on others some things to keep the relationship going. Avoid engaging in conflicts and criticism Develop which is not mutual constructive. respect andunderstanding Relationship s
  10. 10. Always keep timeOther Ways for short naps These should only be used when in need of sleep or relaxation Shop foryourself, it will makeyou happy. Keep away from electronic devices Try reciting while sleeping as the holy the emit harmful books or pray radiations that to keep self effect sleep calm pattern
  11. 11. Do not engage in any medically deviant eating the unhealthy food Get regular while sick. checkups Identify any problems such as insomnia orMedical otherFactors hormonal disorder. Follow doctors medication and Engage in prescriptions any therapy regularly sessions if required
  12. 12. Sleep at an optimum room Have dim lights temperature switched on in Make sure the room you there is no wish to sleep noise in theroom where you wish to sleep Have a proper medicated mattress and pillow Sleep in aEnvironmen t proper posture
  13. 13. Try to have fewer Room setup distractions in the roomThe roomshould be properlyventilated Prefer Include lighter color Replace noisy soothing painted walls fans or AC’s pictures in the bedroom
  14. 14. Take out some Should set up time to spend the pets with them routine in during the coordinationmorning when a with theirperson is awake To keep the routine and active pet in an area where they know it will be safe Keep extra food and water for the pet so that they do not disturb you To keep the bedroom away from the pets People with room pets
  15. 15. Young Can have a parents maid for help Sleep in hours during which the child sleeps Actively play withchildren during thenon sleep hours sothat children sleep well and so do parents. Can distribute Can leave there responsibilities children for day of the child care to relax between for themselves partners
  16. 16. Do not study Set smaller time Prepare for for very long targets to them before hours duringcomplete revisions last moment exams which help gain confidence. Try not to waste time in entertainment for long hours during exams Give yourself the time to have smaller and Exams frequent breaks during preparation
  17. 17. Don’t try sleeping if Get a warm you are bath before sleep not sleepy Drink warm milk Eatbedtime snack Drink Relaxation herb tea Techniques
  18. 18. Don’t watch Relaxation television or Technique read just s before sleep Cut down on sweets, they keep youenergized and avoid sleep Go for a short Deep Breath walk before exercise sleep Visualize something peaceful
  19. 19. Close yourRelaxation eyes and tryTechniques falling asleep Think about your hobbies Counting backwards technique Aroma therapyhelps to sleep Use ear plugs for relaxation incase you are sensitive to noise
  20. 20. Relaxatio n TechniqueAvoid bed time s conflicts Make sure that you understand the importance of sleep Weekend are to catch up with the accumulated sleep not to disturb routine Wake up early in the morning Keep soft toys on your bed, if you like them
  21. 21. Open the curtains every morning to easily wake upAnalyze your Do not havesleep routine multiple alarm and try to clocks to improve it disturb yourevery month sleep Relaxation Techniques Set up your Sleep at least body clock 7 to 8 hours a which helps in day sleeping well