Online quizzes and forms for education


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Online quizzes and forms for education

  1. 1. Online quizzes andforms for education
  2. 2. Technology and educationDid you know that 70% of children betweenages 2-5 know how to use a mouse, whileonly 11% know how to tie their shoelaces?Statistics source:
  3. 3. Technology and educationComputersInteractive WhiteBoardsTablets
  4. 4. Since the internet is now anessential part of our lives, most ofthe teachers use online tools andrely on cloud apps.Online tools
  5. 5. Online toolsBLOGSManagement toolsSharing Data ToolsWIKISOnline Courses and LessonsMultimedia toolsCommunication toolsQuiz and form generatorsSocial NetworksScreencasting toolsVideo Editing ToolsAudioTools
  6. 6. Quizzes, forms and tools to create them
  7. 7. How to use quizzes inclassroom activities?• “Get to know each other” activities• Foreign language learning• Class projects• Chapter recaps• Subject evaluations• Appraisal quizzes
  8. 8. How to use forms in schooladministration?• Receive donations• Collect information for admissions• Gather feedback from students, teachersand even parents• Recruit volunteers• Manage event registrations• Facilitate scholarship applications• Evaluate your staff
  9. 9. Tools for generating quizzesand formsWhen creating a form for your school, it is a good idea touse a versatile tool which you can easily adapt to yourneeds.You can enrich class activities through quizzes and alsostreamline school management through forms.Create them all using the same tool!
  10. 10. 123ContactForm to use in yourschoolFOR EDUCATORSCreate classroom activities by using quizzesor polls;Gather feedback on your teaching methods;Save time with appraisal forms by using agrading system that shows you the percentageof correct answers;Get to know your students better throughform-related projects or trivia quizzes.FOR ADMINISTRATORSReceive donations with secure forms;Manage admissions with real time view of allsubmissions;Organize your events and use onlineregistration forms;Export databases and increasecommunication efficiency with all yourstakeholders.
  11. 11. “I liked 123ContactForm because it could be formatted to fitin with our website design, and look as if it is a part ofit, rather than being a totally external service. It was alsostraight forward to configure and set up. It has been afantastic addition to our website.”AndrewBalaam, Teacher& Lead authorof Languages
  12. 12. 123ContactForm – gettingstartedWith 123ContactForm it’s easy to create any kind of form or quiz you may need.123ContactForm is an online form generator thatrequires no programming skills to create any kindof forms, quizzes or surveys.You only need to create an account and followthree easy steps to have your form up and running.
  13. 13. How to create a school formStep 1 –Createyour formStep 2 –CustomizeyoursettingsStep 3 –Publishyour form
  14. 14. 123ContactForm – create your education forms as easyas 1-2-3!More details on education forms and quizzes
  15. 15. Contact us!If you need any help or seek for further details, dont hesitate to reach out.Where to find