academy jarpal. M.Nadeem Ashraf, Lesson2


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al husnain science education system jarpal. M.Nadeem Ashraf

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academy jarpal. M.Nadeem Ashraf, Lesson2

  1. 1. AL_Hussnain Science Education System, Jarpal SUBJECTIVE Time: 2:30 Hour Part_I Marks: 80 SECTION_I Q.No.2: (a) Answer any six of the following questions from Book_I (Short stories). (i) Why did Harry want to go back to the earth? (ii) Why did the woman ask Roger to wash his face? (iii) How many children Mr. Bittering had and what were their names? (iv) How dangerous can a Martian virus be? (v) What was the nature of the woman’s job? (vi) Why did not the boy run from the house of the woman? (vii) What happened to the boy when he tried to snatch her purse? (viii) How social were the people of mars? (b) Answer any five of the following questions from Book_III (Play) (i) What is the purpose of the visit of Kreton? (ii) How much impressive were the morals of Kreton? (iii) What is the theme of the study of Kreton? (iv) What were the restrictions imposed upon the members of Spelding, s house? (v) What was Keton, s opinion about the civilization of the earth? (vi) What is the role of General Power in the play? (c) Answer any four of the following questions from Book_III (Poems) (i) What kind of man the Rider is? (ii) How does the fearer try to discourage the farer? (iii) What is the theme of the poem “Loveliest of trees, the Cherry now? (iv) What is Easter? (v) Why are the fifty springs little to see the cherry tree? SECTION_II Q.No.3: Write a letter to your mother telling her why you dislike hostel life. Q.No.4: Write a story on the moral “Honesty is the best policy” (150_200 words). Q.No.5: (a) Explain the following lines with reference to the context. And since to look at things in bloom, fifty springs are little room, about the woodland I will go, To see the cherry hung with snow. (b) Punctuate the following extract from Book_I do you need somebody to go to the store asked the boy (c) Use any five of the following pairs of words in your own sentences. (i) Baron; Barren(ii) Berth; Birth (iii) Cite; Site (iv) Cast; Caste (v) Cell; Sell Q.No.6: Translate the following passage into Urdu (Short stories Book_I). 15 The wind blew as if to flake away their identities. At any moment the Martian air might draw his soul from him, as marrow comes from white bone. He felt submerged in a chemical that could dissolve his intellect and burn away his past. They looked at the Martian hills that time had worn with a crushing pressure of years.
  2. 2. AL_Hussnain Science Education System, Jarpal (OBJECTIVE) Time: 30 Minutes PART-I Marks: 20 Q.No.1: (a) Tick the right synonyms of the following underlined words. (i) Bittering had some blueprints. (a) Sketches (ii) utensils (c) instruments (d) medicines (ii) Laura stumbled through the settlement. (a) Staggered (b) passed happily (c) walked vividly (d) strolled (iii) Cora asked Harry to chin up. (a) forget (b) abandon (c) be cheerful (d) be sad (iv) Mrs. Jones did not ask the boy about his folks. (a) Belongings (b) circumstances (c) relatives (d) enemies (v) M, am kicked the boy on his sitter. (a) neck (b) hips (c) head (d) foot (vi) Roger wanted to buy suede shoes. (a) canvas (b) rubber (c) beautiful (d) soft leather (vii) The slowly a luminous object arcs into view. (a) radiant (b) dim ( c) murky (d) dark (viii) Kreton says that his visit is impromptu. (a) decided ( b) essential (c) pre designed (d) unprepared (ix) Mr. Spelding looks unctuous. (a) kingly (b) flattering (c) cruel (d) wild (ix) The cherry is hung with bloom along the bough. (a) branch (b) bloom (c) stem (d) twig (B) Tick the correct answer. (i) What was the woman carrying? (a) a rod (b) a bag (c) a hammer (d) a large purse (ii) What do the old cities have according to Harry? (a) Relics (b) broken material (c) ghosts (d) idols (iii) What is the name of Spelding,s daughter? (a) Norma (b) Mathilda (c) Cora (d) Ellen (iv) With what is the cherry covered? (a) Bushes (b) dry leaves (c) berries (d) with white flowers (v) What did the traveller see in the twisted trees? (a) A crow (b) a shape (c) grapes (d) fruit (C) Tick the correct form of the verb in the following sentences. (i) It……….at present. (a) rain (b) rains (c) rained (d) raining (ii) you…….since morning. (a) Rest (b) has been resting (c) have been resting (d) has rest (iii) The boy……to say something. (a) Want (b) wanted (c) wanting (d) nothing (iv) He……here ysterday. (a) Comes (b) has come (c) will come (d) came (v ) My brother…….cricket daily. (a) Play (b) plays (c) played (d) is play