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 jarpal. M.Nadeem Ashraf Lesson 01

jarpal. M.Nadeem Ashraf Lesson 01



al husnain science education system jarpal. M.Nadeem Ashraf

al husnain science education system jarpal. M.Nadeem Ashraf



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     jarpal. M.Nadeem Ashraf Lesson 01 jarpal. M.Nadeem Ashraf Lesson 01 Document Transcript

    • AL_Hussnain Science Education System, Jarpal SUBJECTIVE Time: 2:30 Hour Part_I Marks: 80 SECTION_I Q.No.2: (a) Answer any six of the following questions from Book_I (Short stories). (i) Why did Norma consider the tone and attitude of Mr. Steward Offensive? (ii) What were the reasons Norma gave to her husband to accept the offer? (iii) What is the significance of Arthur’s life insurance policy? (iv) Why had the old man planted his secret garden? (v) What were the feelings of the old man at the age of seventy? (vi) Why did Arthur disagree with his wife? (vii) Why did not the old man follow the advice of the doctor? (viii) What were the names of vegetables the old man grew on his farm? (b) Answer any five of the following questions from Book_III (i) What were the circumstances that forced the girl to leave her car? (ii) Why could not the girl describe the killer? (iii) Why did the girl consider the first man her helper? (iv) What are the factors that played their role in saving the girl? (v) What were the probable questions that the police might ask the girl? (vi) What was the condition of the weather? (c) Answer any four of the following questions from Book_III (Poems) (i) How can a rainy day be enjoyed? (ii) Why does the poet call the upper leaves the rich leaves? (iii) What is meant by Night Mail? (iv) What happens when the train passes by the farm? (v) How does rain water fall on the poor leaves? SECTION_II Q.No.3: Write a letter to your friend inviting him to spend a few days with you. Q.No.4: Write a story on the moral “Do good and have good” (150_200 words). Q.No.5: (a) Explain the following lines with reference to the context. And when the Sun comes out, after this rain shall stop, a wondrous light will fill, each dark, round drop; I hope the Sun shines bright; it will be a lovely sight. (b) Punctuate the following extract from Book_I mr steward looked embarrassed I am not at liberty to tell you that he said (c) Use any five of the following pairs of words in your own sentences. (i) Altar; Alter (ii) Adapt; Adopt (iii) Allowed; Aloud (iv) Advice; Advise (v) Angel; Angle Q.No.6: Translate the following passage into Urdu (Short stories Book_I). 15 This was not the land one had to build up. It was already here as God had made it and we had to do was to clear the trees and burn the bush. I ploughed this mountain with cattle the first time it was ever ploughed. And we raised more than a barrel of corn to the shock.
    • AL_Hussnain Science Education System, Jarpal (OBJECTIVE) Time: 30 Minutes PART-I Marks: 20 Q.No.1: (a) Tick the right synonyms of the following underlined words. i. Arthur stared at her appalled. ( A) gazed ( B) raised ( C ) terrified ( D ) excited ii. Norma made a contemptuous noise. (a) Scornful (b) beautiful ( c) faint ( d) careful iii. “Look at this Jess, Jess”! He bragged. (a) Challenged ( b) said (c ) boasted ( d) swerve iv. Steward looked embarrassed. ( a) successful ( b) delight ( c) mysterious ( d) upset v. My father answered me curtly. ( a) smilingly ( b) politely ( c) bluntly ( d) interestingly vi. I wiped the streams of sweat from my face. ( a) Currents ( b) currants ( c) gallants ( d) sad gets vii. The girl says that I’m scared. (a) frightened ( b) brave ( c) sacred ( d) saved viii. The girl is sobbing and is out of breath. ( a) laughing ( b) smiling ( c) weeping ( d) singing ix. The train snorts noisily. ( a) sleeps ( b) whistles ( c) runs ( d) stops x. Norma joined Arthur in the elevator. ( a) living room ( b) lift ( c) swing ( d) meadow (B) Tick the correct answer. i. What did Norma find inside the button unit? ( a) wires ( b) tubes ( c) transistors ( d) nothing ii. The round drops brightened by________. ( a) sunshine ( b) rainbow light ( c) moonshine ( d) star light iii. The Night mail reaches________. ( a) in time ( b) on time ( c) before time ( d) late iv. What does the first man give to the girl? (a) flash light ( b) chewing gum ( c) a book ( d) a pen v. What was the temperature in the shade? (a) 95 ( b) 96 ( c) 97 ( d) 98 (C) Tick the correct form of the verb in the following sentences. i. She_______ the unit over. (a) Turn (b) turned (c) turning (d) nothing ii. The Hindus______ the dead bodies. (a) is burn (b) was burn (c) were burn (d) burn iii. I_______how hot it was. (a) know ( b) knew ( c) known ( d) knowing iv. Is that what you_______to show me? ( a) want ( b) wanted ( c) wanting ( d) nothing
    • v. A rolling stone_______ no moss. (a) gather (b) gathers (c) gathered (d) had gathered