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  • 1. Report is a text which present information about something. It is as a result of systematic obsevation and analysis
  • 2. Social funtion To describe the way things are with reference to arrange or natural, manmade and social phenomena in our environment
  • 3. Generic structure 1.General classification 2.description
  • 4. General classification stating classsification of general aspect of thing : animal, public,plant, etc which will be discussed in general
  • 5. Description Describing the thing which will be discussed in detail, part per part, customs or deed for living creature and usage for material ( part, qualities, habits, or behavior ( if living ) use ( if not natural ))
  • 6. Language features :  focus on generic participant  use of simple present tense  no temporal sequence  use of being and having clauses  using conditional logical connection, when, so, etc.  introducing group or general aspect
  • 7. Simple present tense Verbal : (+) S + Verb s/es (-) S + do/does + not + Verb I (?) do/does + S + Verb I Nominal : (+) S + to be (is,am,are) + n/a/adv (-) S + to be (not) + n/a/adv (?) to be + S + n/a/adv
  • 8. example
  • 9. The orchid that probably grows in the forest near your town is a member of the largest family of flowering plants in the world. There are more than 15.000 kinds of orchids in the world. There are no orchid in the Antartica, but your orchid has cousins on all of the other continents. It has a cousin which is only six miimetres high, and it has cousin which is moer than six milimetres high. One of its cousins has a flower that is ony 1,5 miimetres across and another has a fower that is more than twenty five centimetres across.
  • 10. Orchid has a cousin that gives us vania and several cousins give us medicine, but most of the members of its family are just nice to ook at. Thet is enough for most people. Because your orchids and their cousins are beautiful, people heve been cultivating them for severa hundred years. They heve made many kinds of orchids from the old ones, and so the large family continuous to grow.
  • 11. Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.
  • 12. product By Arni Rohmanti XI IS A
  • 13. Bye ……