President Ramon Magsaysay


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President Ramon Magsaysay

  1. 1. RAMON DEL FIERRO MAGSAYSAY (1907-1957) President of the Republic of the Philippines 30 December 1953 - 17 March 1957
  2. 2. FAMILY BACKGROUND  1907 - August 31 Born in Iba, Zambalez to Exequiel Magsaysay and Perfecta del Fierro  Wife - Luz Magsaysay  Childrens: 1. Tresita Magsaysa 2. Melagros Magsaysay 3. Ramon Magsaysay Jr.
  3. 3. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND  He finished his elementary at Castillejos and his high school at the Zambales Academy.  1927 - Initially enrolls in pre-law studies then shifts to an Engineering course at the University of the Philippines (unfinished due to illness)  1930 - Begins work as Mechanic at Try-Tran, a transportation firm, continues college studies as a self-supporting student at Jose Rizal College  1933 - March 22 Graduates from Jose Rizal College with a A.B. Commerce degree
  4. 4. CAREER  1941 - Becomes Manager of Try-Tran  1942-1945 - Guerrilla years (Intelligence officer "Captain Chow") following Japan’s invasion of the Philippines:  Overall Commander, Zambales Military District  Military Governor of Zambales  Reconstitutes a credible guerillas' roster for backpay benefits from the U.S. government
  5. 5. CAREER  Runs as an independent candidate and elected Representative of Zambales in the Philippine Congress  Chairman, National Defense Committee  Joins the Liberal Party  1948 April 3 First trip to the US as head of a Congressional veterans’ mission
  6. 6. CAREERS  1949 HUKS (from Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon, a guerrilla unit founded by Luis Taruc against the Japanese forces) abandon their quest for reforms through legal & constitutional means Fighting accelerates against the Communists and the Huks  Re-elected to Congress as Representative of Zambales  1950 September Appointed Secretary of National Defense  1953 February 28 Resigns as Defense Secretary.  March 9 Takes oath of affiliation with the Nacionalista Party  April 12 Nominated Presidential candidate of the Nacionalista Party
  7. 7. PROGRAM DURING PRESIDENCY  November 10, Elected President of the Philippines  December 30, Sworn into office as the Country’s seventh Chief Executive.
  8. 8. PROGRAM DURING PRESIDENCY  Wears the "Barong Tagalog" during his inauguration, a first by a Philippine President.  Declares Malacanang Palace as the house of the people  Creates Presidential Complaints & Action Committee to attend directly to people’s complaints
  9. 9. PROGRAM DURING PRESIDENCY  1954 Laurel-Langley trade agreement between the Philippines and the United States approved  War Damages Commission stipulates the payments to the Philippines of some $400 million as war damage  SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization for Collective Defense) formed during the Manila Conference  Huk Leader, Luis Taruc, surrenders to the government
  10. 10. PROGRAM DURING PRESIDENCY  1955 Submits Republic Act No. 1400 or the Land Reform Act of 1955  February 19 "Treaty for the Collective Defense of Southeast Asia" or the "Pacific Pact" approved  Fall of a great number of Huk leaders  Congressional Act No. 1292 passed creating a special fund of P20,000,000 to be used as loans to the Filipino retail traders  Creates the National Marketing Corporation (NAMARCO) to extend help to Filipino businessmen engaged in the retail trade
  11. 11. PROGRAM DURING PRESIDENCY  1957 As part of Magsaysay’s peace initiative with returning Huk rebels, 978 surrenderees’ families are lodged in the EDCOR agricultural camps in Mindanao and in Isabela province  Establishment & development of cooperatives & credit agencies
  12. 12. ISSUES  Corruption among cabinet members.  The endless attempts to bribe the president were the most common issues of that time where corruptions was very rampant among government officials.  President Magsaysay was among the very few who resisted and had zero tolerance against corruption.
  13. 13. ISSUES  Ramon Magsaysay is one of the best presidents in the Philippines for they say that he has a kind heart and he is a very down to earth person.  The most popular of all the presidents in the republic and though he did contributed a lot to the country.  One of the most controversial issues is his death. Some would say that is only an accident, but according to some articles it was planned that they planted a bomb in the airplane he died with.
  14. 14. March 17 Dies in a plane accident at Mt. Manunggal, Cebu Vice President Carlos P. Garcia assumes the presidency March 22 An estimated 2 million attend the burial of President Ramon Magsaysay
  15. 15. Thank You Presented by: JOMALYN VILLAR TILETILE Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management