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Resources 2012

  1. 1. Resources
  2. 2. Military Saves Military Saves Site: Facebook: Military Saves is a DoD-wide financial readiness campaign to persuade military service and family members, as well as the wider military community, to reduce debt and save money, thereby ensuring personal financial readiness and positively impacting the nation’s personal/household savings rates. Military Saves encourages:  Developing a personal financial plan  Establishing good credit  Saving a portion of each paycheck  Enrolling in the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance, the Thrift Savings Plan, and, when eligible, the Savings Deposit Program.
  3. 3. Financial Education Websites  investor education modules and resources  money management, military financial news  saving tips, strategies and resources tools
  4. 4. Financial Education Websites  free comprehensive credit report  information about your FICO score  news, tips, advice, calculators
  5. 5. Financial Education Websites  MSN money: personal finance, investing, business news  financial advice, management tools, investing, retirement  financial tools and educational materials  track credit cards, bank accounts, create budgets and savings goals.
  6. 6. Financial Blog Frugal Dad Site: Facebook: Frugal Dad was created for the average family to find financial resources with a conservative approach to personal finances.
  7. 7. Financial Blogs Get Rich Slowly Site: Facebook: Get Rich Slowly is devoted to sensible personal finance. You will find daily information about personal finance and related topics along with stories about debt elimination, saving money, and practical investing. Also posted are occasional reviews of books, magazines, and software.
  8. 8. Financial Blog News & Advice Site: Facebook: is designed to inform, educate and empower you with the insight and knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your financial wellbeing. They provide objective reviews of financial products and services, expert insight and analysis of the latest industry news relating to your interactions with the banks and corporations around the world, and answer the questions that are most important to you and your financial life.
  9. 9. Financial Blog Five Cent Nickel Site: Facebook: Five Cent Nickel is a personal finance blog founded in 2005. It gives information, tips and tricks on topics ranging from finding the highest yield savings accounts to saving money on groceries. A panel of writers cover practical and sensible tips to personal finance while keeping you current on the best money offers such as 0% balance transfer credit cards and discount online brokers.
  10. 10. Financial Blog Wise Bread Site: Facebook: Bread/26830741467 Wise Bread is a community of bloggers here to help you live large on a small budget. Wise Bread will help you discover:  Savvy shopping tips to keep you stylish, sassy, and solvent.  Financial advice that is easy to understand and easy to apply.  Career and money-making ideas thatll add zeros to your bank account.  General adulthood know-how your parents forgot to tell you.
  11. 11. Financial Blog Consumerist Site: Facebook: The Consumerist empowers consumers by informing and entertaining them about the top consumer issues of the day. It is published by Consumer Media LLC, a not-for-profit subsidiary of Consumers Union, and takes no outside advertising. The Consumerist highlights the persistent, shameless gaffes of modern consumerism - and the latest scams, rip-offs, hot deals and freebies.
  12. 12. Educational Games (Celebrity Calamity, Groove Nation, Bite Club, Farm Blitz, Refund Rush) (Moneytopia) www.practical (Financial Football, Financial Soccer) (Bad Credit Hotel- US Treasury) www. (Reality Check)
  13. 13. Recommended Reading The Tipping Point: How little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence: Revised and Updated for the 21st Century by Vicki Robin Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Richard H Thaler
  14. 14. Recommended Reading The Great Inflation and Its Aftermath: The Past and Future of American Affluence by Robert J. Samuelson Microtrends: the Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes by Mark J Penn Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J Stanley
  15. 15. Recommended Reading The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn The Difference: How Anyone can Prosper in Even the Toughest Times Easy Money: How to Simplify Your Finances and Get What You Want out of Life by Liz Pulliam Weston SAVE BIG: Cut Your Top 5 Costs and Save Thousands by Elizabeth Leamy
  16. 16. Recommended Reading Master Your Debt: Slash Your Monthly Payments and Become Debt Free by Jordan Goodman Wealth Watchers: A Simple Program to Help You Spend Less and Save More by Alice Wood Heroes at Home: Help and Hope for America’s Military Families by Ellie Kay “The Difference: How Anyone Can Prosper in Even the Toughest Times” by Jean Chatzky
  17. 17. Recommended Reading “Organize Your Life in No Time” by Debbie Stanley “The Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey “Solve Your Money Troubles” by Robin Leonard and Margaret Reiter
  18. 18. Recommended Reading “Plan Your Estate” by Denis Clifford “Guide to Surviving Debt” by Deanne Loonin “Tiptionary 2 : Save Time and Money Every Day with 2,300 All-New Tips” by Mary Hunt “The Wealthy Barber” by David Chilton
  19. 19. Recommended Reading “The Little Book of Big Savings” by Elle Kay “A Beginner’s Guide to the World Economy” by Randy Charles Epping “The Complete Eldercare Planner” by Joy Loverde “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker
  20. 20. Recommended Reading “Predictably Irrational: the Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions” by Dan Ariely “Life Skills 101: A Practical Guide to Leaving Home and Living on Your Own” by Tina Pestalozzi “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason “Master Your Debt: Slash Your Monthly Payments and Become Debt Free” by Jordan Goodman