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Couponing Couponing Presentation Transcript

  • Couponing
  • Topics What is Couponing? Create a Shopping List Get Organized Weekly Coupon Maintenance
  • Topics Coupon Sources Record Keeping Economizing Couponing for Healthy Eating
  • What is Couponing?
  • Read the Small PrintCoupons can be tricky and cause confusion because of restrictions orlimitations. Reviewing some of the small print and restrictions can help youavoid returned coupons.Expiration date:  Once the coupon expires, it is usually void.Buy Item X to Get Item X Free:  Buy a certain amount of items in order to receive item X for freeSpecific ItemCoupon limitations  The number of items you can purchase  Number of coupons you can use per transaction  Restrictions on products that are already on sale Note: Always check the store policies. Refer to the Store Policy Resource page.
  • Create a Shopping List Start by listing your most frequently used items  Arrange items by food department  Take the various departments and put them in order according to grocery store layout and aisles Check your pantry to see what you already have Only use coupons on what you would normally buy If a coupon is going to expire and you won’t be using it, leave it in the store by the item for someone else
  • Get Organized Different systems  Envelopes  Expanding File or Wallet  Index File Box  Coupon Binder
  • Weekly Coupon Maintenance Three options for maintaining your coupon organizer  By Expiration Date  By Product  Alphabetically
  • Coupon Sources Newspaper  Store Circulars  Sunday Newspaper  Manager’s Special  Local Newspaper  Weekly Savings Direct Mail  Store Kiosk  Valpak  Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s Websites  Manufacturer Website  Store Website Magazines
  • Record Keeping Keep your Receipts  For you record  Returning product/item Create a Receipt Spreadsheet  Spreadsheet should include the date, store name and location, total bill before discounts, tax, total bill after discounts, and total discount dollar amounts File your Receipts  Receipts can be filed at the back of your coupon organizer or an envelope.
  • EconomizingBuying in bulk can be a money savings opportunity when the savvyshopper understands the advantages and disadvantages and makes goodchoices.Extra Storage Space. Create a space in your home needed to store itemsbought in bulk.Disadvantages. Companies try to promote unhealthy products viacoupons and customers tend to buy items they don’t need.
  • Stacking CouponsExample: Here is how the deal works! Cereal (14 oz.) regular price = Buy 2 boxes of cereal on sale for $5.00 $3.25/box Store sale 2 boxes for $5.00 Less one box free -$2.50 Manufacturer’s coupon buy one get Less (.55 x2) -$1.10 one free. Less (.55 x2) -$1.10 Another manufacturer’s coupon $.55 You pay $ .30 off a box of cereal and the store doubles manufacturer’s coupon Yes, you pay only $.30 for two boxes under $.99 (print two coupons) of cereal that at regular price would have cost you $6.50! For a total savings of $6.20
  • Couponing for Healthy Eating Small changes in your diet can result in healthier eating. Choose foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients and low in sugar, sodium, fat, additives and preservatives. Many disease and allergies are the result of poor food choices. Smart couponing can be used for healthy eating or specialized diets.
  • Healthy Eating  Be conscious of eating a healthy and balanced meal.  Unhealthy eating habits can lead to various illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, among other illnesses.  Make better-informed decisions about food and calorie.  A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is recommended (
  • Online Resources Couponing      
  • Questions?