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2009 Information Innovation Conference

2009 Information Innovation Conference



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  • Users are really starting to look to mobile like they look to online. The opportunity for free. Start with Free, hook in the customers, offer premium services….. Balance!
  • Many carriers seeing data to north of 20% of ARPU
  • Many carriers seeing data to north of 20% of ARPU
  • Brands now care about metrics and also are looking at this. Carriers are looking to difference themselvers

2.2 Peggy Anne Salz   Msearchgroove 2.2 Peggy Anne Salz Msearchgroove Presentation Transcript

  • International Information Innovation Conference 2009 Day 2 1st October 2009 Steffen Schlimmer – NetBiscuits.com
  • Peggy Anne Salz - Msearchgroove “ I still haven’t found what I’m looking for!”
  • Leveraging Location for Services
  • Today's Points of Discussion…
    • Mobile Explosion / Disruptive Convergence Forces
    • Mobile Applications and LBS examples * The convergence around all services, mobile and LBS
    • How to Profit from Location
      • * The right business models for success
  • Combined Forces The Mobile CrossMedia Agency Strategy/ Biz Dev/ Planning Consultancy Services Thought Leadership Analyst Strategic Consultancy Services, Bespoke Research, White Papers
  • Mobile Explosion / Disruptive Convergence Forces
  • Force 1: Consumption Fragmentation
  • Force 2: Free vs. Fee ( Balance) Free Terrestrial Paid Satellite Free Broadcast Paid Satellite + Cable Free Newspaper/Free Directory Paid Daily Newspaper Radio TV Print Online  Advertising  Advertising  Advertising Free content/services Subscription & Transaction  Advertising “ Free” Advertising “ Paid” Subscription 40% iPhone Apps are Paid/ 60% Free Subscription & Transaction Mobile Free content/services  Advertising NOW
  • Force 3 : Open Platform Multimedia Computer ( 2008 pivotal) All of my connected applications , always with me, EVERYWHERE Mainframe 1960s Mini 1970s Personal 1980s Laptop 1990s
  • Force 4: Personalization (The New Media Wave) Accelerated Growth ‘ 95 ‘ 00 ‘ 05 ‘ 10 Email Portal Social Media Web/Local Search Perspective Search
  • Force 5: Social Nets = Mobile (Influencer/Recommendation Systems) > 65% use Mobile Mobile Access Mainstream > 5% Users Mobile Access Mainstream 100’s of Apps > 20 Million Users Entertainment Access
  • Force 6: Amazing Mobile API (Application Disruption) App Store 1-click Immediate Use Location API (shake/move) Accelerometer API Touch API Microphone API Rich Media API Browser API Camera API Speaker API
  • Force 7: Location without Rankings is Dead! Search recommendation dynamic Personalization
  • Force 8: Who Owns the Address book! Vodafone 360
  • Force 10 : Exploding Browsing ADObjects, Inc © all rights reserved 2X Global MOBILE INTERNET Growth
    • 2010 inflection point. Mobile HTML Browsers > PC’s
    • Major Search Engines generate 8B page views daily
    • Major Social Media generate 6B page views daily
    All regions expected to see significant, if not massive, growth Western Europe 60%+ U.S. 60%+ APAC 80%+ CE Europe 125%+ CALA & ROW 200%+
  • Mobile Applications and LBS examples
  • The iPhone Velocity
    • It took 74 days to sell the first million iPhones in 2007.
    • Then, on July 11, 2008, Apple launched the App Store, and everything changed.
      • Three days to sell 1 million iPhones.
      • Three days to download 10 million applications.
      • Eleven days to download 25 million apps.
      • 60 million applications downloaded in the first month .
      • $360 million in applications sold to date , even though the majority of downloads come from free apps.
      • 1Billion Apps (35K in Catalog) downloaded 8 months later
      • 1.7Billion Downloads now today!
      • Potentially $1 Billion marketplace in the next 24 months
  • Categories of Cool Creative Apps Novel Practical New Value Directory Publishers Advertisers & Local Sounds &Shake Search 2.0 Perspective/ Recommend Multimedia/ Live Ads News & Info Goes Local Socialize the Advertiser Bleeding Yellow Cross-Media Print 2 Mobile Around Me ( Next Level) Cross-Media Web 2 Mobile Around Me (Entertain)
  • Sounds and Shake Apps that can bring some novelty to the experience. “ Push or Pull” Sounds and novel Idea’s to link content to Locations
  • Socialize & Perspective (location) Building on-top of twitter to follow perspectives / The New Social Search
    • Whereyougonnabe?
    • Twitter Apps
      • Twinkle
      • Local Weather
    • Facebook Connect Apps
    • Social navigation
      • Planet9 RayGun
  • Directed Search (Location) Search, Augmented Search and the Direction around you GeoVector is Directionally Filtered to present the user with what they need. Layar AR Browser 3D Local Search
  • Around Me ( Entertainment Example ) Apps that serve a purpose of entertainment have maps and local info Anyone want to meet for drinks at Pikes on Friday? Leveraging location based Advertisers and information in Entertainment Applications
  • Yellow …to Rainbow (The All Around Me App) Apps that have built on-top-of listing ( New Value) From choosing your Vertical Around you To ….
  • Bleeding Yellow ( community editorial) Apps that have built on-top-of listing ( New Value Editorial) … ..It is clear that Search without User-Generated-Content is now DEAD People crave References and information about listings, Yelp has created the Status-Quo
  • Yellow Slice….. ( Movie Vertical) Apps that have built on-top-of listing ( New Value for Vertical) … ..Learning about a movie, includes the location of the movie…. And maybe a restaurant to have dinner before or after?
  • News Goes Local Better and Better Local Newspaper apps from the media companies ..From dedicated branded apps from Local News Companies, … .To New York Times API for mash-ups
  • From Virtual to other great content applications that offer search Creative Content ( Driven search)
    • Augmented reality
      • ViewRanger
      • Placr
    • Locality browsing
      • Lightpole
    • Tracking
      • Path Technologies using TMSI in shopping centres
  • How to Profit from Location! Syndication
    • Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Syndication
    • or your Syndication
    * Quote- Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineLand (>60% of Google’s Biz model was Syndication with the web *)
  • Business of Cool Creative Apps Directory’s Advertisers & Local API Developers Original Content $$$ Rev. Share Syndication Creativity User Attraction End-Users Massive Usage Of Products With LBS
  • >20% of local advertiser Budget is website (Truvo Directories) (Mobile and Apps are linked) ADObjects, Inc © all rights reserved
  • Mobile Internet Strategy = Discovery “ leverage mobile” to share your apps SPIN ADObjects, Inc © all rights reserved SPIN Wilco
  • What to do…..
    • Quickly Launch Own Application
      • Do cool, cool, cool…..as Status Quo
    • Open your Advertising APIs- to App Stores
    • Syndicate Data and remarket via own marketplace
    • Focus on the most profitable verticals
  • Thank-you [email_address] [email_address]
  • Print 2 Mobile: Ubiquitous Connection
    • Communitainment (Syndicate)
    • New Advertiser Relationship
    • Consumer Free => Then Fee
    • The Multi-media Computer
    • Perspective Search (Twitter)
    • Mobile HTML
    • Local Rich Banner
    • Find the Cross-Media Formula
    • Social Media = Mobile
    • Creative Application API’s