Global Card Processing                                     CONNECT                                     AND                ...
Payvision Global                                           More from  CONNECT                                  the experts...
2Global Card Processing                                                                                    Quote: Global  ...
4Facts        E-Commerce Sales Worldwide   GLOBAL        growing to almost            TRANSACTION        1,4 trillion     ...
6Innovative Payment Solutions                                                                                       Quote:...
8Facts        Payvision growth in        Emerging Markets (2010 vs 2011)        39% 94%        in Canada               in ...
10Payment Expertise                                                                                  Quote: Proven leaders...
12Risk Management                                                                                     Quote: Payvision off...
14Contact                                                                              Click here to viewCONNECT AND GROW ...
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Company brochure

  2. 2. Payvision Global More from CONNECT the experts AND GROW Rudolf Booker Gijs op de Weegh Cheng Liem Li Jeffrey De Petro Payvision: click here to continue reading on the website Making cross-border e-commerce payments domestic and profitable HOME PAYVISION
  3. 3. 2Global Card Processing Quote: Global GLObal Domestic Acquiring Card with the same quality in each Processing region. Business growth through E-commerce offers PSPs, financial institutions to when trying to expand geographical expansion should ISOs, MSPs and their expand their geographical internationally. Our be the ultimate goal of those Merchants unprecedented footprint. By connecting professionals provide involved in international opportunities to sell to Payvision, Acquirers you with advice about the e-commerce. Acquiring Banks, products and/or services provide their Merchants right payment solutions, abroad. Even though Ac- access to global business customized to your Payment Service Providers, quiring Banks offer do- opportunities. specific cross-border ISOs and their Merchants will mestic Payment Solutions, Resellers and their Inter- business needs. see their profits increase Banks need a full-service national Merchants will when business grows, both in platform and international benefit by connecting to terms of revenue and global business partners to offer our secure full-service Click here to presence. Merchants global payment payment processing CONTINUE READING processing, which services platform; while acquiring cross-border transactions banks benefit from our on a global scale. expertise in the cultural, Global Card Building non-competitive legal and linguistic chal- Processing relationships with other lenges, which a domestic Acquiring Banks allows Acquiring Bank facesRudolf Booker Chief executive Officer PAYVISION
  4. 4. 4Facts E-Commerce Sales Worldwide GLOBAL growing to almost TRANSACTION 1,4 trillion VOLUME CAGR by 2015 14% TRANSACTION Payvision offers One PROCESSING VALUE Full Service Payment OVER $3 BILLION IN Platform for all your 2011 AND GROWING global transactions. RAPIDLY. Scalable up to 22+ billion transactions, which is 42.000 per minute. PAYVISION
  5. 5. 6Innovative Payment Solutions Quote: Innovative Payvision, Making payment Cross-Border Payments solutions Domestic. From the birth of e-Commerce, In the last ten years, Our innovative card pay- Payvision a WBSO Tax Global Card Payments have Payvision’s key experts ment platform and high- Credit for technologically been the technological have acquired a high level availability architecture innovative companies. backbone of a rapidly of knowledge enabling offers our customers one expanding electronic market them to build innovative transparent interface to payment solutions based service global card Pay- facing great challenges on a solid architecture ment Processing through such as unprecedented and a secure technical an international network Click here to technological innovation, infrastructure according of Acquiring Banks con- CONTINUE READING changing business needs and to the high demands of nected to one secure an increasingly demanding a complex card payment Full-Service Model. regulatory landscape of industry. Payvision has 26% of Payvision’s hu- Innovative Payment complex legal obligations. been Compliant with the man resources consist of Solutions latest PCI DSS Security European RD specialists. Standards since 2007. This high investment on Payvision is assessed innovation has been ac- each year by a Quality knowledged by the Dutch Security Auditor. Tax Office which grantsGijs op de weegh Chief Operating Officer PAYVISION
  6. 6. 8Facts Payvision growth in Emerging Markets (2010 vs 2011) 39% 94% in Canada in Mexico 15% 49% in Australia in Japan 26% OF TOTAL PAY VISION’s HUMAN RESOURCES CONSI ST OF EUROPEAN RESEARCH DEVE LOPMENT STAFF. 51% 178% in Brazil in Singapore 82% in Hong Kong PAYVISION
  7. 7. 10Payment Expertise Quote: Proven leadership Payment and a decade of experience enable Payvision to act as expertise your independent Trusted Advisor in a complex payment processing landscape. Our Payment Solutions Over the past 10 years, Proven Leadership en- Interchange Optimization, Reduce Complexity, saving Payvision has acquired a ables Payvision to act as Underwriting Protocols you Resources and Costs, high level of expertise in an independent Trusted and Risk Management, in the complexity of e-Com- Advisor, sharing know- synch with the need to be resulting in Transparency, merce expanding into the ledge concerning global compliant in a changing Business Expansion and USA, Canada, Europe, Asia Card Payments with the regulatory landscape. Increasing Profit. the Pacific. Our key ex- different stakeholders, perts have been involved which together form our in international card Pay- Global Payment Network. ment Processing since the birth of electronic com- We offer our business Click here to merce. Together we bring partners tailor-made CONTINUE READING decades of experience, advice about Best Prac- integrating different per- tices regarding complex spective on this expanding issues around Multiple Sharing Payment market space. Currency Processing, BIN Expertise Sponsorship, regional Interchange Rates andCheng Liem Li Chief Commercial Officer PAYVISION
  8. 8. 12Risk Management Quote: Payvision offers Risk our clients two decades of expertise in all aspects of fraud Risk Management providing the trust and expertise crucial to management manage any merchant business. E-Commerce Transactions We mitigate your which terms and agree- Our holistic approach to are vulnerable to Fraud and risk and share our ments? Which delivery Risk Management has complex Money Laundering revenue with you. method does the Mer- resulted in a Best Practice schemes. The relative Acquiring Banks, Payment chant use and what is the internationally approved anonymity of clientele and Service Providers, ISOs expected Transaction Underwriting Protocol, and MSPs have to identify Volume? Collaterals are designed by our key high card processing speed, and manage risk before determined based on a experts. Our solid and are only few of the risks accepting a business rela- combination of elements, secure card payment which stakeholders in the tionship with a Merchant. which together form the processing platform and Global Payments industry have The financial profile and customer’s Risk Profile. high-end Reporting Tool, to manage. true identity of the Mer- has brought Payvision chant have to be verified. Click here to global recognition as a What is the Merchant’s CONTINUE READING leader in the Payment financial history and what Solutions industry. is his financial track- record? Which Products Risk Fraud 0,0001% off all annual and Services are sold on Management online transactions end their website and under up in a financial loss.Jeffrey De Petro Senior Vice PresidentRisk and Underwriting PAYVISION
  9. 9. 14Contact Click here to viewCONNECT AND GROW PAYVISION OFFICESPayvision Global OFFICES HQ PAYVISION OFFICES ACQUIRING BANKS / BIN SPONSOR TO BE ADDED IN 2012 Payvision Payvision Payvision Payvision Payvision Utah New York London Amsterdam Düsseldorf DEVELOPMENT CENTER Payvision Japan Payvision Hong Kong Payvision Macao Payvision Payvision Payvision Madrid Paris Singapore PAYVISION
  10. 10. D esign : SGLOBAL CARD PROCESSING TRANSACTIONPROCESSING VALUE OVER $3 BILLION IN 2011 AND Watch the online tudio v an Pelt, AGROWING RAPIDLY. Corporate VideoINNOVATIVE PAYMENTS 26% OF TOTAL PAYVISION’sHUMAN RESOURCES CONSIST OF EUROPEAN RESEARCH msterdamDEVELOPMENT STAFF.PAyment expertise GROWING FAST, 82 FTE IN 2011,100+ FTE IN 2012, SERVICING 300+ ISOs / PSPs AND 5,000MERCHANTS WORLDWIDE.Risk management 0,0001% OF ALL ANNUAL ONLINETRANSACTIONS END UP IN A FINANCIAL LOSS.Making cross-border ADDRESS: Molenpad 2 Streetviewe-commerce payments 1016 GM Amsterdam P +31 20 794 23 00domestic and profitable F +31 20 794 23 32 PAYVISION Global Card Processing