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Analysing Music Magazines
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Analysing Music Magazines



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  • 1. Analysing Music Magazines!
  • 2. The use of images on the magazine helps amplify what is in the magazine with pictures of ‘Pete’ connected with the headline supports the audience with more to interest them into buying the magazine. Now they know that can not only read about ‘Pete’ but see pictures. This all advertising to the audience and the use of two pictures gives away enough to interest the reader with the headline to go with it. Drawing them in to reading the magazine.
    The masthead ‘NME’ is very bright bed and blocky in capitals letters to stand out, the colour of NME’s masthead blends in with the themed colour red which is to demonstrate the inside of the magazine and its theme. Red being angry, fearful and danger the representation with the masthead and the Main Heading to the magazine ‘The enemy come home’ really articulates what the magazine is themed for that particular audience within NME.
    The Main image on the magazine is in the centre of the page looking from a centre/side angle it shows a young man playing the guitar with dark clothing. This not only sets the tone for the magazine but immediately draws in its directed target audience of 18-24 year olds. The light behind the man in the image suggests he is on stage, giving the reader an idea about the magazine and about what's inside. The guitar is acting as a main prop to help implicate this to the audience.
    The mode of address used here uses the opinion of the magazine, to advertise to the audience an intriguing story, with a quote from the article within the magazine. By doing this, this being on the front of the magazine shows the audience what is inside the magazine but with the magazine’s own spin on words ‘Manic Street Preachers’ makes it much more dramatic and interesting for the audience.
    The colours used on the magazine all compliment each other and the theme of the magazine using white on a dark background makes the text stand out more and the use of bright colours for the main headline and NME makes it more important and stand out more immediately to the reader about the main advertisement of what’s inside the magazine making the target audience more interested about what's inside because of the eye catching colours.
  • 3. The colours used on the magazine effect the way the magazine is seen and the text needs to jump off the page. In this magazine ‘VIBE’ the text is bright white and connection to the main heading which is also in white indicating this is ‘VIBE’s’ main story in the magazine. The white text contrasts with the rest of the text which is a pale green and with the background leading to a dark red back wall makes the white text jump straight off the page, eye catching to the audience about the story and the magazine.
    The Mode of Address in this magazine has shown a variety of different ones all in a list down the side of the magazine demonstrating how much the magazine is packed with different things. This opens them up to a much wider target audience by targeting those who may not have heard of ‘Chris Brown’ for example and it connects with people of Morden and past music such as the ‘best love songs of the 80’s’. Also with the emphasis on certain words for example ushers ‘EXES’ by putting them in capitals letters and applying them in a different colour to the rest of the text makes it even more bold and stands out a lot more to the audience creating an effect of it jumping off the page.
    The man on the front of the picture being a centre image indicates to the reader their is a main story about him inside the magazine so there is a clear cut image of him. Concluding he’s very popular to give a clear image of him to the audience to see. This effect will show the audience his is ‘Chris Brown’ and the clearer the image the more noticeable to the audience he is, which makes him more advertising to the audience. The background demonstrates that he in not on stage or in studio so its just about ‘Chris Brown’ being him, and an inside look into his life.
    The magazine have used a lot of buzz words to help advertise there magazine as something that offers more than others.They have done this by using words such as ‘mega’ and ‘hottest’ to demonstrate their magazine is the one that includes these features that other magazines don't. They have put what they offer in a red circle to create a bigger emphasis on the fact they are the ones with the exclusive look into these subjects.
    By using a quote from ‘Chris Brown’ ‘I’m still a virgin in your eyes’ by using the word ‘your also connects to the reader by not only using a rhetorical question but by including them within the magazine creates a huge effect on how is the magazine going to effect them the audience.
  • 4. The masthead is in gold to represent ‘Fergie’ woman of the year and gold representing her as the best. So the masthead is also in gold to show ‘Fergie’ is the main theme of the magazine that issue. The Blender magazine has a sliced line through the lettering and a couple of spaces gap between separating half the letters making it completely different from the cover lines on the magazine showing that ‘Blender’ is the name of the magazine showing the audience the name of the magazine and how it jumps off the page.
    The centre image of the magazine is of a famous singer with her shirt open this indicates that the magazine target audience is at men. The picture is covering the Masthead of the magazine as if the picture is coming out of magazine giving it a 3d image. The image helps portray that the story and the cover line heading is about her giving the audience an idea of what the inside story within the magazine is about. The colour of her nail vanish matches with the colour of the text creating a blended colour image theme of the magazine drawing attention to her ‘Fergie’s’ Features.
    The layout of the magazine has the picture of the woman in the centre image of the magazine the fact she is revealed her body in this photo demonstrates this magazine is for male music fans. The colours of the magazine and the clear easy layout shows its simple what the magazine is offering and with the white background concentrates around the image rather than the text. As the image is the main device used in this magazine to draw attention to the audience of around all males mainly 18-24 maybe older and slightly younger.
    They advertise a website on the front of their magazine , advertising 20 essential CD’s of 2008, by using buzz words like essential and ‘best’ gives the magazine much more reputation making out their magazine specifically to have it, making their magazine like no other magazine. Giving to the audience its selling purpose and much more buyable. The cover lines are in black and light blue font . The light blue font is used to insinuate and draw attention to the key words of the magazine that they want to effect the audience.
  • 5. The cover lines on the magazine cover are in hot pink and bright yellow so they jump off the page, the bright colours draw attention to the words and the contrast to the picture background. The font is in block capital letters in the centre of the magazine page and gives a list teaser of what's inside the magazine by elaborating on the main cover line. It also has separated bubbled text area’s on the magazine such as ‘Download 2006 the best festival ever?’ by asking questions to include others within the magazine and advertising downloads on the front of the magazine.
    This magazine really jumps off the page its full of lots of different things. The background is used of a variety of different images using this they can show lots of different things that are happening inside the magazine so advertise what's inside their magazine to a lot of different audiences. They have used captions on the photos to demonstrate what is inside the magazine giving the audience a taster to what is in store. The Main centre image gives away the tone of the magazine setting with the black hair and dark eyes gives off rock or heavy rock look to the magazine. This sets a target audience to the magazine audience of if they will like what's inside the magazine.
    The masthead is completely different from the other fonts on the magazine to make it stand out as the magazines name. It has a different background to the rest of the magazine and the contrast between the white background and black font makes it stand out completely against all other colour contrasts. The text gives off the appearance that it has been smashed which may indicate the type of music the magazine is offering which gives off a rock themed impression to the audience.
    The sky line above the title demonstrates this is big news to the magazine and using buzz word ‘only’ as in the magazine having the only interview about ‘Tool’s’ new album, it shows ‘Kerrang’ has the only interview in the magazine world so they have the exclusive news the skyline demonstrates its importance and is available first thing for people to see near the masthead creating a huge effect.
    ‘Kerrang’has used their layout to their advantage to have the magazine seem packed with different things, by using editing they have given the front of their magazine a layered effect by cutting around the main image and placing him over the over images. This makes the audience believe the magazine is packed full of information of music.
  • 6. The magazine is themed black and white using the gold to stand out from the text which represents something within the text that is important to catch the audience’s eye straight away. The Name of the magazine is not very clear and is put behind the picture of the man on the front of the magazine, and the rest of the text is in a silver front which i personally think is hard to read against the white background. There is a main heading in the centre of the page just over the image of the man the text gives off a 3d look by overlapping the background and the picture giving a 3d image to the magazine.
    The masthead shows a plain black font against the white background which makes it stand out and blends in with the tone and theme the magazine is creating. There is also a smaller font overlapping which is still part of the masthead which is in small italics ‘music magazine’ this shows the audience what the magazine is its a music magazine giving the clear crisp image of what the magazines about and i feel that the italics and handwritten ‘music magazine’ font shows a personal connection from the magazine to the reader.
    The centre image, is in black and white. This magazine defiantly gives of a rock or death feel tone, with the black and white or something from the past in some way with the representation of the black and white image. The black and white image creates a different effect from the rest of the magazine which makes the gold, silver and black font stand out from the magazine’s cover. The person in the photo is hiding half of their face and posing for the camera in an obvious way which could demonstrate something to the audience or relate it to the CD with the magazine in some way.
    The magazine gives away a ‘freebie’ by showing the free CD sticker like label overlapping the ‘MOJO’ masthead. The CD offers the readers something free which is another reason to by the magazine it is clearly shown on the front of the magazine of the type of CD your getting which is another reason to buy the magazine. The audience may just buy the magazine for the free CD which gives ‘MOJO’ a chance to target their new target audience or get people more involved in the magazine this can be used as a personal advertising method for the magazine to draw in the audience.
  • 7. This magazine uses the titles of the subjects in the magazine in bold shadowed font to make it appear it is coming away from the page giving it a 3d effect. Then underneath the title they will give a less bold description to explain what is inside the magazine is a few short words. This is to open the audience to what is inside the magazine when browsing through magazines or looking at the cover for an immediate idea of what the magazine contains. The text is white which contrast with the purple bed cover background this is a contrast which makes the text much more bright and illuminating to the audience.
    The centre image matches with the name headline using the girl in the pictures name in a bigger text to catch the readers eye from the image to her name to the article the magazine is advertising on their cover. The image is expressive to men and women, and contrasts between nudity and child like using the soft toy and her in underwear to some up ‘teenager’ as almost a symbolism. The phone is another prop to demonstrate a teenage lifestyle with these two props it contrasts her different sides of being a teenager setting an audience for different types of teenagers.
    The masthead is also in purple to match the background setting of the magazine. The image overlaps the masthead to give the rest of a magazine a 3d looking finish. The colour of the masthead is a different type of purple to although blend in with the purpled teen theme of the magazine but to also stand out from the rest of the magazine to draw attention to the main masthead the name of the magazine for the readers to clarify with its identity.
    Features on the magazine such as the date of the magazine shows the reader if its an old or new issue keeping them up to date with the many number of issues. This also encourages the reader to buy the new copy and keep up to date. The barcode in the bottom right hand corner indicates the price of the magazine to the reader but not clearly so they are not distracted by the cost of the purchase but of the magazine itself.
  • 8. The mast head is different to other magazines which causes a unique attraction. The dark background of the masthead contrasts with the bright white text making it jump off the page. The letter ‘Q’ is the name of the magazine, I think this magazine is unique by using a symbolic letter rather than a name for their magazine. Hanging over the masthead is a hanging cover line explaining to the audience this is a ‘bumper issue’ which by using this cover line near the masthead gives it more attention which the magazine obviously used the ‘bumper issue’ as a major selling point for this issue.
    Most magazines just have the masthead, image, and cover lines. But this magazine is very different to the others, it had freebies. There is a large advert at the bottom of the magazine advertising a page on women’s music, or in music. By making the text colour for ‘Free Inside’ different from the rest of the text this magazine knows what it needs to do to advertise itself to the audience. The whole advert is different from themed colour of the magazine its in pale blue, with black and white text contrasting with the rest of the magazine draws more attention to audience. It also shows an image of the ‘70 page special’ to show the audience a visual advertisement of freebie.
    The centre image has over taken the whole page of this magazine, symbolising this issue is strictly about the woman on the front of the cover. The bigger is presented as 3d as it overlaps the masthead. The picture is of Madonna turning around as if to look at the reader (audience) this relates to the article written about her in the magazine as she is interviewed by a list of people in a column in a cover line on the left of the picture.
    There isn't many cover lines on this issue of the magazine. And the ones that are, are all pulled into the main theme of Madonna. There is a list that shows all the people who have interviewed her and using upper case makes it more dramatic and stand out to the reader. The name MADONNA splashed across the image and centre of the magazine is the main cover line that jumps off the page. And indicates to readers who may not no Madonna that this is who she is. The cover lines indicate the main theme of the magazine in this issue.
  • 9. This magazine is full on bold texts with a variety of blended colours. The mast head is in black and like most magazines the cover line to do with the image of the front is also in black to indicate to the audience that this is the main story within the magazine. The mast head had a unique twist to it with 3 different colours inside the gaps of the lettering this makes it a big more unique and eye catching compared to other magazines. The masthead also has a description to go with it to explain the type of magazine it is ‘The music, The money, The market share. This is a clear indication that the magazine uses to describe the magazine in a short snappy sentence.
    The cover text is a very light grey which creates a bigger impact on the photo, as the photo is the main attraction to the magazine. The cover line of Lady Gaga creates a slight sexual nature which is appealing to most anything to do with celebrities and there sexual imitations is highly regarded to most of the audience ‘Why she doesn’t wear pants’ The rest of the cover lines use short snappy words and lines to draw in the reader. ‘BMG IS BACK’ by using these three main colours for the magazines theme the white, grey and black although bland colour’s blend in with the magazines theme making it more appealing and sophisticated.
    The cover image like most magazines creates a 3d effect over the masthead to make it appear it is leaping of the page, but this magazine is also overlapping the cover lines of magazine. The picture is the symbolic colour theme for the magazine by using Lady Gaga’s Hair as the purple colours to separate cover lines her hair is very brightly coloured as she is dressed very uniquely to create a different music magazine to most making it very original.
    In this magazine there are visual symbols for cover line’s almost used as text dividers. This creates a more visual look for the magazine by drawing attention and separating the text from each other for example instead of using ‘and’ they’ve used a plus symbol. This creates a more ‘slag’ speak and visual text from the magazine.
  • 10. The type of magazine metal hammer is, is demonstrated through the visual features of the masthead and the cover lines. The metal hammer mast head is rusty, rotting and blood splattered in a very bold font and use effects to make it an original masthead. By portraying this they are showing their reader the type of music and magazine metal hammer is. The masthead is overlapped by the photo and some chains. The chains are a visual device and hang over the masthead which is designed specifically for the theme.
    There is more than one image on this magazine cover which is unusual for magazines. The cover shows one main image with four heads around the main picture, they are very dramatic images which blend in with the masthead and the theme the magazine represents a ‘horror’ show, this is advertising to the audience a certain type of music band. And Using dramatic images like this is very eye catching and different to most magazines making it stand out the pictures are also made to look 3d by using an editing overlapping technique and different sizes of the four heads making it jump off the page.
    By using buzz words in this magazine such as ‘ever’ and contrasting words like ‘heaven and hell’ cause a huge attraction to the magazine by using words like this they distract the audience into thinking this is the ‘most shocking cover ever’ and encourages them to read it or buy it creating bigger sales in the magazine. By placing the cover lines on top of the picture and in the centre of the magazine makes it the first thing to you and is very eye catching to the audience and much more noticeable. The brightly coloured yellowy text is lighter than the background making it stand out.
    Metal hammer also used freebies as one of there main selling points of the magazine. The font cover shows a large red arrow pointing towards the inside of the magazine shows ‘2 free cds!’ by showing this, it is just another reason to by the magazine it is offering you something other magazines may not and including the audience within the magazine. The red and white colours in the advertisement text contrasts with the rest of the front cover making it stand out to audience and from the rest of the magazine cover.
  • 11. Panic! At The Disco" is clearly shown with a white-coloured font and pink background. Along with the cover line "How did these guys become rock's hottest new band?" the pink could symbolise the difference which is associated with this band as well as the magazine itself. The impression that I get from this technique used by Spin is that they are trying to be different and appeal to a variety of audiences. Pink is stereotypically a girl colour, so maybe Spin normally appeals to a more male audience but by having the pink, girls are also interested in this magazine.
    The main image suggests that this magazine isn't serious as one of the boys are positioned with a strange look on his face which puts a "Spin" on the typical magazine. It also shows that this band is completely different to some of them that you would expect. A banner is positioned at the top of the page above the masthead at the top left. Again, red is a colour which is used as the background of the title - an often occurrence! There are numerous cover lines advertising further articles within the magazine appealing to numerous audiences interested in different genres; the most popular genre's being rock, indie and pop. In this type of music magazine.
    The barcode includes the date, issue number and price which is easier in my opinion as the audience just need to look at the barcode to find out what they need / want to know (such as how recent the magazine is.
    The logo of this magazine masthead has a very harsh contrast with the hot pink main cover line across the picture making it very abrupt. The white lettering similar to the cover line over the darker background makes the text bolder rather than using the classic darker on light. This gives the magazine a new image which is used by most magazines for a symbolic eye catching effect for the reader. With the colours used in this magazine I would say the main target audience is teenagers
  • 12. Analysing
  • 13. The magazine contents page shows different pictures and captions of the pages, this shows the reader a more visual effect of what is inside the magazine and the main subject of the magazine that they are trying to portray is in the centre of the contents page drawing attention with the background of two different shades of green. Separating it from the rest of the magazine contents page, which makes it bold and immediately noticed.
    The NME contents page layout is cleverly designed so that the main focus is on the main subject the magazine is portraying is in the centre of the page. With the contents page down the side its easy to locate and not a complicated design so its easy to read and find the page you want to see first. There is also different subheading showing other features the magazine wants to put forward for example the ‘news’ and ‘reviews’ these are all added for the reader to constantly be pulled into the magazine and become interested.
    The masthead for the contents page shows NME again in red which stands out from the magazine green coloured theme and is matching the magazine front cover masthead. The red colour is a very bright red so is very eye catching. ‘NME this week’ shows that this is the new contents of news and information that week so is brand new information this is a huge attraction.
    By using buzz words and lure words such as ‘everything’ and ‘you’ and ‘need’ shows that this contents page involves the audience it involves you. This is including the audience of NME every time and constantly including them in the magazine. The main article in the magazine uses many buzz words to involve the reader ‘Everything you need to hear this year’
    NME, have added their subscription to the contents page to immediately try and lure the audience into signing up for the magazine. It is in a completely different colour text to the rest of the magazine making it stand out as one of the first things the audience see’s. The light text against the dark background creates impact to stand out.
  • 14. As most magazine use on their contents pages the ‘MOJO’ logo is in clear sight but instead of using the word ‘contents’ they've used their magazine name. This is to demonstrate what is inside MOJO which is an unusual thing for a magazine to have. The ‘MOJO’ label is written in black to contrast to the light grey background which immediately stands out.
    The actual contents page has its own subheading putting the magazine into different genre’s and categories to meet its audience expectations. ‘What does on’ is one of the subheading this shows the pages of what's new and the new information. This gives the audience a chance to find things easier and quick find which part of the magazine they want to go to; not only that it gives each categories and theme which makes the audience look into other parts of the magazine as well.
    The magazine layout is very simple and clear to understand and locate instead of buzzing with colours images and ideas. The layout has the contents on the right hand side with different subheading for different interests. The pictures are all in a collection over lapping on the left hand side. And Finally the people working at the magazine opinion and feedback. This clear cut design layout makes it easier for the audience and clear of what they are looking for. It gives the magazine a sharp effect and a very mature approach again creating its target audience.
    The use of photo contrast with the black and white themed contents page. The colourful pictures all variation in sizes is the first thing that draws your eye towards the page. Their are a variety of different images from photo’s to cartoons to album covers, all with captions and page numbers. This is a visual technique the magazine uses to draw the readers attention. There are other photo’s on the page of some of the people who work within the magazine and their opinion and feedback about the issue of ‘MOJO’ that week.
    The people who work at the magazines imput into the magazine, includes the audience in the magazine more and the use of pictures gives the audience a visual inclusion into the magazine by seeing pictures it makes it a much more realistic approach to include the audience in the magazine.
  • 15. This is one of the most clean cut design pages for a contents page. But by making there unique features such as fonts, makes the contents page stand out.
    The images are spread around the boarder of the magazine and all look professionally which makes the magazine look much more mature and for young adults – adults rather than young teenagers to children. These pictures set up the target audience for the magazine just by the first page. The images also give the magazine a higher standard of reputation by the class and quality of the photographs makes the magazine much more appealing and sophisticated which would increase sales. The images are in different locations creating a mixed genre of music and taste for the audience to discover, this welcomes all audiences.
    The layout is simply set out by surrounding the contents page with pictures down both sides of the contents page which is eye catching when looking through the contents page. The contents is in the centre of the page making it the first thing you are directed to which is actually unusual for most magazines as they are either to the left or the right making this a unique feature in the layout. The magazine also has an area to advertise themselves outside the magazine which in the bottom right hand corner they use to advertise their e-zine website ‘vibe.com’. Although this is one of three contents pages in the magazine it then has separated the contents pages into three main sections making it clearer to the audience and much more sophisticated.
    There are lots of different unique features in this magazine. The font of the contents page is one word split into 3 different sections on the page. It shows which contents page you are on as they are split into three. The part of the magazine where it advertises the ‘Vibe’ website has an unusual boarder of 5 black lines and its only half of the boarder so it separates it from the rest of the contents page demonstrating its an advertisement and not part of the contents it also draws more attention to it by using such a bold boarder line around the advert.
  • 16. Zoey I still couldn’t find a contents page but if I could I would have done it, vanessa is sending me one but at 5 pm today which is after the work needs to be sent but the minute I have it it will be updated, sorry for the inconvenience.
  • 17. The image on this contents page takes up most of the page showing this is one of the main images and using a quote and caption including page number gives the audience all the information they need provided to view the page with the image and its context. The image shows four men in a field with a view they are all dressed in dark rock/indie clothing this portrays the mood of the magazine and its target audience it also reveals the type of music that is inside the magazine.
    On this contents page it shows the dates of when the magazine is issued to show the audience how update the magazine is and that this is all new information. This is all shown on the cover line at the top of the page. The cover line shows the logo of ‘Q’ magazine and clearly labels that this is the contents page in white text on a black background makes it stand out in a bold font and upper case makes this title eye catching.
    The ‘Q’ logo colour red is used also the same colour for the subheading such as ‘features’ and ‘every month’ and the numbers on the side of the contents page showing its relation to the magazine and its theme colour. The oasis special is shown in a gold font in a completely different making it different from the rest of the magazine the gold font symbolises how special it is to the magazine and its highly regarded.
    The review of ‘Q’ magazine gives a heading ‘the worlds biggest and best music guide’ this shows that using these buzz words immediately attracts the audience to the magazine by using these buzz words its representing the magazine has the ‘biggest’ and ‘best’ music guide giving the magazine its own unique selling point.
  • 18. The contents page has its own subheading ‘this week’ this demonstrates that this is the new issue and all new information so the audience is up to date with what is going on in the music world. It has nine different titles categorising the different parts of the magazine e.g. ‘gigs’ and ‘feedback’ this all makes it easier and assessable to the audience of which parts of the magazine they wish to look at first and also giving them a main idea of what the magazine has to offer.
    The images in this contents page of the magazine all have their own individual title and page number with description. This gives the contents page full of information about where this picture leads to and visual imagination and ideas of what the article contains. There is one main large image and the picture of a man’s face. We presume this is the main article that the magazine is using. There are also five other picture located on the page with all different types of places use of colour and bands, artists a full variety; this demonstrates the range of artists and the different types ranking a wider audience spread by the use of pictures.
    There is a quote in the top right hand corner under the contents masthead. This is a quote from a artist advertised in the magazine issue. With this statement about this person talking about ‘Blink’ it shows this person’s opinion this then represents to the audience there must be other opinions in their from this famous artist and encourages the artist to turn the page and find out more.
    There is an editors talk in the left hand corner. This shows that the people working within the magazine are connecting with the audience through text and giving out information, feedback and opinions about the magazine in this issue. This involves the audience within the magazine creating a huge selling point.
  • 19. This magazine ‘billboard’ contents page is different from others, instead of the contents page is down in a column the layout is completely different the contents is still in columns but in a square box in the centre of the page. Instead down the side is ‘billboards’ own personal ‘no1 on the charts’ . This also shows a demo of what's inside the magazine it gives a sneak peak of ‘events’ and ‘online exclusives’ . The layout if very clear showing three images in a line and a cut out image of a girl shaped around the contents page. This is a very professional look to the magazine and a very clean cut, sharp look to the magazine aiming for the target audience of young adults and not teenagers.
    The images are all in different camera shots close ups, long shots and low angle shots. These different shots gives different appearances and style to all the different images. They all have their own individual page numbers but no description I think this is a good idea because the picture speaks for itself and it actually controls the audience to find out what the picture represents or is about and could be a selling point. The image of the girl in the centre has no background and is shaped around the contents page but also has a page number, but with her dramatic white background makes her stand out from the rest of the photos. This is very eye catching to the audience and actually draws significant attention to the contents page. This is a sneaky technique used by the magazine that I have noticed, by not revealing to much – less is more.
    The style of fonts used in this magazine is very different and unique. The contents title letters have a cut effect through each other one revealing the light background through them making it much more original. The contents subheading are a mixture of black and blue formatting a contrast between the two and highlighting the ones the magazines initiate you to read and review.
    The colour blue is very bright and with the bold colours black and white really makes this a bright powerful contents page. The grey billboard no1 on the charts page also stands out but separates itself from the contents making this page two different things a split between the two so the magazine is already drawing the reader in with what they have inside.
  • 20. The masthead in this magazine in large spread across the top of the contents page is in upper case and a bold font, the effect of this is eye catching and which the opposite idea to the contents text with dark over light, the masthead is light over dark which creates a contrast and separates the two. There is a half patterned background behind the masthead text creating a textured effect making this quite a unique masthead. The contents page doesn't introduce itself as contents page but as ‘in this issue’ this represents that they are going for a much more snappy name and making it more fun and interesting to the reader and definitely more eye catching.
    This is an older looking contents page and is very dated but I wanted to see if I could pull out many techniques that Morden contents pages don't use anymore.
    In this contents page, the whole contents is spread about the contents page, there is so much contents advertisement compared to Morden attempts. There are small subheading and lists of descriptions including page numbers of what's inside the magazine revealing all the details quick and easy for the audience to discover what's in the magazine and if its the type of magazine they are interested in. There is a black font against a pale pink background which with the bold font makes the text leap off the page with the large contrast between light and dark.
    The images in the centre of the contents page and overlapped and given a random thrown on effect demonstrating the casual vibe the magazine is giving off to the audience. The three images have two which is similar and one which is different all seem not to indicate anything to do with music. Two of them are in mid shot which shows the dress sense and style of the people in the pictures creating a theme and genre for the magazine although this is hard to establish.
  • 21. A common colour used is blue which suggests that this magazine appeals more to the male audience it also uses the white text to make the page brighter and the text much more visual by using the opposite effect on dark text and a light background, this can be very eye catching. The date is at the top right hand side of the page just underneath "contents“ this allows the audience to no the date of the issue and when it was updated so they can look no the dates of what's going on in music. To allow the target audience, which I think are between the ages of 20 - 30 years, they have included a website address for them to check out as well as a teaser of "Subscribe! Special Offer!" to entice them in to buying more magazines. I believe that the target audience are young males between 20 and 30 as the magazine has a strange sense of humour which is more towards this age group.
    This is the contents page for the music magazine The Word. It doesn't appear to use the standard convention of red logo for the name of a music magazine however it does use a red colour to help bullet point some of the favourite articles selected by The Word editor. This particular contents page seems to rely more heavily on text rather than pictures however, it does use some images to break down some of the text. One of the images is of the editor which accompanies his letter on this page. The larger image suggests that this magazine is unusual as it isn't often that you would find a man kissing a monkey! The image also contains a caption or explanation for the picture, and the dramatises of the picture and strangeness almost entices the reader to continue with the magazine. Most of the images on this page are strange and don't really relate much to the theme of music.
    Although most of this contents page is text, the text about an article which means they are giving the audience a glance of what could the magazine is about and what it contains almost giving a sneak preview of the whole magazine and this story is one of them which is being represented.
  • 22. The image is the main thing on the contents page the lighting gives a shadowed effect of the photo and makes the picture seem unexpected and random and most importantly realistic. The photo is of a famous artist and this takes up almost the entire page the photo is the background base for the contents page but the artist is shaped around the content ‘features’. The image does not put the artist or the magazine into a certain genre this magazine welcomes all audiences but the pink guitar may suggest some femininity.
    The contents is placed in a usual manner on the side of the magazine in a column there are different headings for the contents and are separated into huge different categories and this is one of the contents pages ‘features’ by spreading out the contents it makes a larger choice and easier categorised choice for the reader. The contents ‘feature’ heading is underlined in blue, this underline demonstrates this is a list of the contents. Unlike most contents pages this magazine has a heading, page number and description of the contents on the page giving a preview or highlight of what the magazine pages entitle.
    The magazine name logo is still on the contents page which again because of the bright colours and white text makes it stand out from the other texts on the page advertising there name of the magazine lodging into the audiences mind.
    The contents page connects so much with the picture what it gives the audience an ‘on the cover’ talk about the artists photographer and about thje shoot. This makes the whole contents of this page revolve about this artist and music of which the guitar symbolises
    The magazine also has a quote from the famous artist ‘Duffy’. The quote shows its her own words and she is officially involved with the magazine and its not a review about the artists its her own words. And the audience natural obsession for celebrities draws in the reader with a pull quote. This is a definite page turner that the magazine offers.
  • 23. Analysing
    Double Page Spreads!
  • 24. The image on is spread over both pages stretching out their article, this represents how important the article is and the information is drastic in music. The image has three males and one woman, the two men and the woman have been made translucent and are standing behind the artist who is in full colour standing it front. The man at the front of the page is in a very brightly coloured god, which maybe demonstrating his success in music. He is standing with his legs apart with his hands to his head which represents power He also has a blank face expression and sun glasses so we can not see his emotions encouraging the reader to buy and read the article.
    There is leading text under the slug this gives a summary of what the questions are about by giving background history and an idea about what the questions are about all people even those who do not like or know the band/artists can become involved in knowing the story.
    The slug asks a rhetorical question to the readers suggesting that the man in front of the other three people will or wont do something. By asking this question they are not giving anything away to the reader this makes it draw in the audience. This is a major selling point by not giving away any of the real information. Making them want to find out
    In the main body of text the questions are highlighted in a bolder font making them not get mixed up with the answer’s to the questions. The text is in a small font in black, this contrasts with the main image which takes up ¾ of the page, this shows that the image is the main visual feature to the article. There is a pull out quote within the middle of the body text this shows the reader a taster of what the full length of text is about drawing the audience in.
    There are key features on this page that help navigate the audience through the rest of the magazine such as page numbers and subtitles ‘will.i.am’ this shows the reader which area and page they are on.
  • 25. On this double page The text fills up most of the page and the drop cap introduces the start of the text article. The article leading text highlights the name of the person who features in the main body text, this links the name with the picture. The leading text asks a question that will be answered in the article this shows the reader that ‘JorisVoorns’ answers the question in the magazine body text. The picture also has a very small article quote on the main image the article quote is very small but matches in with the articles style of being a young adult magazine and has a quality.
    The representation of title of the magazine section shows the reader where about in the magazine they are and which category they are in. By doing this it makes directions easier for the audience. The use of the of information about who ‘JorisVoorn’s’ interviewer was is good at representing the magazine and the audience how the magazine is fully involved and gives people the opportunity to no who ‘jorisvoorn’s’ questions were with.
    There are two images on the double spread one of them in the main image and the other is a very small image with a caption built within the body of text. The main image shows a young man sitting in a chair legs crossed with hands on the chair firmly, this shows his powerful representation and this is the main objective in the article
    This shows a visual relation to the articles representation. The smaller image also shows the young man ‘JorisVoorns’ clapping or celebrating something. The effect of showing the artist on his own represents has the effect of showing that it is his own words his own answers and the other image represents what his answers was and an example of the time it was happening. These two images both represent his power and celebration.
  • 26. In this double page spread, it is easy to find the title of the article as it is the band's name: The Teenagers. The blue colour represents masculinity and is used in several parts of the article to reinforce the male theme and to also highlight specific information about the band. For example, the "Need To Know" section is styled like a page ripped from a notebook, this could relate to school - as the band consists of three young males also known as The Teenagers - and it could also suggest that the text is important as it is separate from the rest of the article and notebooks are normally used to note certain, important facts.
    The article itself is situated on the opposite side of the page with a white background and black text. This makes the text easy to read as it is the norm when reading a bulk of writing. On the other side of the page is a large main image of the band. All three members are male and are dressed casually and are in confident, laid back positions.
    The room in which the photograph was taken reinforces the name of the band and their personalities. It is obvious that they are in a bedroom as they are all relaxed on the bed, with posters which you would expect to find in a male, teenager's room. The fact that they are all in a bedroom emphasise their band name of The Teenagers as that is where most teenagers spend their time. Each member of the band is styled differently, though they all share the same style of dark clothing. The male in the centre of the picture can be assumed to be the leader of the band as he seems the more confident out of the three and seems to make a statement about his individuality as he is the only one wearing glasses which can suggest that he is intelligent and / or different. The member to the left appears to be the most relaxed member of the band who seems the more "normal" of the group. To the right, we can see that this member is very individual with his appearance and seems to represent the typical moody teenager because of his facial expression. A smaller image of a band member in action on stage is also shown with a caption explaining what the image is about. To interest the readers more in to reading the article, a quote is made to stand out, (blue background - again to represent the masculinity) which is written in white whilst the name of the person who said the quote is in black. Another technique to advertise the reader is to add a "NME loves" in a black starry shape by the title which suggests that this band are the next big thing due to the magazine enjoying them.
  • 27. In this article, the artist is again taking up a full page of one of the double page spread. She is dressed casually with her eyes being made to stand out using black make-up which could possibly have been used to tie in with her hair. Her stance is quite challenging which could connect to the title of the article as she is stood with her hands on hips, suggesting she is being quite defensive.
    The title itself is similar to cut out letters from a newspaper and is all black and white to emphasise this interpretation. It takes up most of the page, and some of the second page, to attract readers to the article. A consistent font is used but the letters vary in height; the title is also a quote from the artist which is explained later on by the sub-heading. The name of the artist is made to stand out in red, which could have been used to tie in with the colour of her shirt, and it also stands out in case you didn't know who the artist was. The article text is black on a white background and the beginning of the article begins with drop letter which is telling the reader "START HERE".
    The whole layout of this double page is made to in fact jump off the page the variation of the newspaper text cut out makes this a unique way to present the text it is splashed across both pages of the double page making the page look like one huge article instead of being separate. The picture is framed and positioned around the text and leaning forward makes the text exemplar relate to the picture. The article body text itself is a very small amount making the picture and the article quote the main attention to the article.
  • 28. This is very busy double page the main image is spread across one of the main pages and continues to the second page making the article appear a big news. The article is laid out with 4 other images dotted around the 2nd page with different camera shots of the ‘Hairy Fairy Tales’ the pictures all have captions either mocking or representing the pictures, there is one image that does not have a caption it is a picture of what appears to be an album cover which is shown in a smaller picture at the end of the article.
    The main image used in the double page spread stands out from other music artists they are all dressed in fairy tale costumes which relates to the title ‘Hairy Fairy Tales’ they are all dressed very uniquely with breads. There are five men all standing in different poses looking at the camera pointing towards the audience including the audience immediately within the article. The fact that they are dressed unusually can either pull the audience in or push them away either way the audience is definitely caught with an eye catching main image. The other image help visually describe the article before it has been read, similar to the effect of the pull quote. These are visual effects for the audience to follow within the article.
    The body of text is split into two different separated by a pull out quote which is in a bolder font than the rest of the text; the bolder quote text effect is shown larger and bolder to sum up the whole of the article or to shock or excite the reader into reading or continue reading the article it draws the reader in. Instead of using a Drop letter this article body text uses a red arrow to show the reader where the text begins and to draw them into reading the article. The red arrow stands out because it contrasts with the white body text; the body text is used in white to relate to the title ‘Hairy Fairy Tales’ and the contrast of black against white the two strongest contrasts stands out to the reader making it very eye catching to the audience.
  • 29. The image is presented with a background outside an open plan building with four men standing in there own positions looking at the camera. The image gives nothing away to the audience which could be a key selling point. By giving nothing away makes it much more intriguing to the audience, this effect can make the audience want to read the article. The image is given a very modern approach its presented in them all in casual clothes showing all there individual personalities in this artists band this article could reveal and explore there depths, this could be the effect of the image.
    The double page for this magazine is targeted at young adults you can immediately tell b the way it laid out with a simple main image and one small part of body text. The effect of this article is simple and easy to read but not very eye catching to the audience and doesn’t make a real impression on the article itself but the fact it is presented clearly can back up the look impression the magazine is trying to give off to its target audience young adults.
    This double page uses key simple features to make the magazine stand out. The yellow and white leading text is separated from the body of text with makes this stand out the two different colours of text represent different things about the article this could be the writers perspective on the article which is not seen usually in magazines.
    The white body text seen against the contrasting black background is used as a feature to make the text stand out a feature which most magazines used. It makes the writing clean cut and clear to stand out from the rest of the text, the lighter colour yellow is also a fantastic feature that is used similar to the same way the white text is used. The body of text is in a smaller font making the leading line and image the main features of this article; there are no pull out quotes showing you the audience the article reveals the story this is a opposite feature other magazines used by hiding instead of revealing the depths within the article which is risky because it can either draw in the reader or push them away but the leading text uses this to justify the article body of text itself. The magazine also has a title ‘Kings of Leon’ this shows the name of the artists band and if the audience recognises or knows the name immediately entices them into reading the leading text then to the article itself.
  • 30. This double page spread is completely different the image is the main eye catching feature to the magazine it shows a moving camera shot of five boys jumping off a bench the image is taken from a high angle looking up at the subjects it all shows there emotions and action within the movement which could be the main reveal of the article. The main image is the whole background and the body of text and other leading text features are integrated around the five main boys in the picture. The image is very clear and eye catching the sky creates a perfect background for the double page spread and continues over both pages making the article appear important and large.
    The title is another main point to the features of the magazine. ‘Kids in glass houses’ is the main of the band and is in a bold large text standing out from the rest of the text, it is at the bottom of the image which shows the audience this is the name of the five boys. The leading text ‘good boys gone rad’ sums up the article and reveals a certain theme and relates back to the main image once again. The leading text is in a different font which relates but contradicts the name of the band ‘Kids in glass houses’ creating a humours approach to the article, the image helps create support by jumping off the bench contrasts with the ‘glass houses’ part of the band name. This shows their much be some sort of change within their band and this reveals part of the article. The double page spread itself seems to be aimed at the target audiences teenagers and young adults. The double page spread doesn’t stick to just one main target audience, the effecting of the exciting picture draws in all types of people’s tastes of music.
    There are many different text features to this double page spread and the white text stands out to the reader against the blue sky background making it immediately eye catching to the audience. The double page image shows the body of text integrating around the five boys jumping off the bench the body of text begins with quote marks and a drop letter to show the beginning of the article; the quote text shows that this is the five boys discussing their band by using another feature at the top of the left hand corner ‘pull quote’ showing they are involved in the article. The features of the pull quote is a major eye catching point and draws in the audience immediately we no this because we all want to no a first person response from our bands or anyone and their personal opinion and discussion.
  • 31. In my personal opinion this is the perfect double page spread and is my taste of the way a magazine should be presented. The clear clean cut text all compliments perfectly with the image and the article representation itself.
    The main feature of this magazine is the main image. The image blends perfectly into the article which is on the first page of the double spread. The picture shows a photograph of a random moment of the artist with his environmental background showing him leaving a certain place which matches the atmosphere of the music and its genre. The image in is black and white which I feel shows more emotion is the character of the person and makes the lighting stand out. The picture also has a caption with it in white in the bottom left hand corner this explains the image and helps the audience visual the rest of the article. The artist looks casual showing its him and it’s a personal approach to the magazine.
    The colours used on the double page spread all blend together perfectly the back and white makes it much more appealing and grown up to a older audience such as young adults all the way up to adults. The article is sharp and clear and with a realistic main photograph of the artist of ‘audio slave’ makes it a quality article and not over advertised in anyway. The colours also black against white makes the text stand out bold from the article and is eye catching to the audience with this dramatic contrast. The theme of black and white creates a dark and ominous feel to the magazine double spread article, creating its theme.
    The font for the title of the article ‘slave to the rhythm’ emphasises the word slave in a larger font, making this word stand out as the word recognised to the article. Making the title a metaphor is much more interesting to the reader and by using this unique title doesn’t give anything away drawing in the reader. The leading text gives a description from the interviewer of ‘Audio Slave’ and his motive and what he wants to find out within the interview, this gives the audience an idea of what will be revealing continuing them to read on. The drop letter is in a bolder font from the rest of the text on the page emphasising the body of text.
  • 32. The Article Quote was one of the first things I saw. The magazine double page is buzzing with loads of different things, but the article quote really stood out. The article quote is summing up the whole article body text within the double page and has to make an impression. This magazine has used two different colours for the article quote; the white text is larger than the best of the quote ‘The best MCR’ the article quote is also in upper case and by that part of the quote stand out and larger font is 100 percent eye catching to the audience. It is followed by leading text to start the article and leads the audience from the article quote from the leading text straight to the body text the effect drawing them into the article.
    The article may not have pull quotes which most magazine I have analysed seem to have but this double page has unusual features I rarely come across. The slug ‘world exclusive’ text is in the shape of an arrow pointing clearly towards the article in a white text with a red background relating to the article quote navigating the reader from page one of the double page to the article itself. The word ‘exclusive’ is a buzz word used to draw in the audience more the effect creating the article to be a selling point within the magazine. There is also a download list of ‘MCR’ music this is advertising the new ‘MCR’ the magazine article is demonstrating, it is in a white background separating it from the article itself making it clearer to the audience.
    There is more than one image on the page, there are four images and one main image the main image is on the left side of the double page and takes up the whole page it is in black and white so does not draw attention away from the article quote. The four other images show different aspects of the band, them recording, singing and talking. These images all relate to into the visual aspects of the article. They are all followed by captions for each picture to explain or mock the image. All the pictures are in black and white showing they relate to each other and also makes the pictures look older, the black and white pictures could be a symbolism of the past ‘MCR-my chemical romance’ and the article is about the new and improved version and being ‘the best MCR we can be!’
  • 33. There are many images on this double page spread. The girl in all the pictures is used as a background theme and as the main image. The background view point is of the girl in the same outfit but in black and white she is positioned in a variety of poses all of the same size and camera shot. These pictures are above the boarder of the article the effect demonstrating something about the girl in this article maybe representing her personality. The main image is in colour the girl has her toes pushed together and is pushing out her lower body almost leaning back with her hands behind her back.; this could suggest a number of different things including sexual references or hiding something perhaps a secret with the hands behind her back indicating this.
    In this article the body of text is presented in columns the body of text is in a grey font matching the black and white background theme. This makes the picture and certain aspects of the text stand out more to the reader. The text in the leading text highlights two main words which are also the same highlighted colour as the title of the magazine section; the words ‘Solange Knowles’ are highlighted making her name the main part of the article and is the first thing the reader sees. There is also a pull article quote which is shows that the article is spoken by ‘solangeknowles’ herself making the article even more personal and is very good device to draw in the reader.
    The way the article is layed out is very unique with the pictures being part of the background itself makes stand out but also blends is as part of the body of text. The picture of ‘Solange Knowles’ is the main part of the article she is the full of colours and stands out bigger than all the other pictures and the red contrasts heavley with the blue. This effect relates to the magazines article of ‘forgetting her sister’ making ‘Solange Knowles’ stand out from the crowd which is the impression the magazine wanted to make.
  • 34. Zoey I don’t really get the evaluation but iv done the rest of it so I was wondering if I could have some help with it me being a retard and all. But here is it all without one contents page which im really sorry about. Hope the rest is okay though 
    Oh and the audience stuff is coming along im trying to catch up as quick as I can and im handing in the media audience stuff tomorrow I promise but wont be able to get it done my 5 pm but im doing it the rest of tonight.