Initial Music Video Planning
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Initial Music Video Planning






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Initial Music Video Planning Initial Music Video Planning Presentation Transcript

  • SYNOPSIS• Our video is based on the concept of inner beauty and being comfortable with oneself. It fits with the usual conventions of a music video as the male is attracted to a pretty, popular girl and the ‘nerdy’ girls who lust over him are invisible in his eyes. However, as the video progresses the nerdy girls’ appearance changes and they become more like the popular girl. This reflects the postmodern society we live in today as the media had influenced people to believe that physical appearance is of great importance.
  • CONCEPTThe song we chose links with this concept as it isabout two girls disliking another girl due to herlinking the same boy. Our video will challenge theconventions of a typical relationship-based vide as,typically, it is the pretty girl that is chosen by theboy, but in our video he decides against this. Thiscan be linked to the film ‘Mean Girls,’ in which a‘geeky’ girl turns pretty yet is rejected by the mainmale character, who prefers her ‘geeky’ side.
  • INSPIRATION• There are some music videos that inspired and influenced our idea, such as Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night,’ P!nk’s ‘Stupid Girls,’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me.’ We took the comedic aspect from Katy Perry’s video, where an unpopular and nerdy teenage girl becomes popular when she changes her image. P!nk’s ‘Stupid Girls’ has a particularly humorous quality, openly mocking stereotype’s such as the popular pretty girl. Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me’ video features a nerdy girl who likes a popular boy who is dating a popular girl, but ends up dumping her and going for the nerdy girl. This makes our target audience teenage girls, as they will be able to relate to our video as it is themed around the issues that occur during adolescence in high school.
  • ARTIST AND SONGKate Nash said that her inspiration to write "Do-Wah-Doo" wasfrom 1950s and 1960s girl groups such as The Ronettes and TheSupremes. She also established her reasoning behind the song:‘The songs about one of my best friends from when I wasyounger. He totally betrayed me by hanging out with theseenemies of mine - these perfect girls, who wore lip-gloss andtalked about boys and were really annoying. He and I had grownup climbing trees, playing in the woods, and going on holidaytogether, so I thought hed be cooler than that. But when heturned 15 years old he wanted a girlfriend. I was like, Well fine,Ill just pretend I dont give a shit even though Ill never everforgive you, even when Im 22 years old and writing a song aboutit.
  • ABOUT OUR VIDEO• We took inspiration from this, but also altered the storyline so that the three girls were friends as children, having the same ideas and attitudes. As shown in the beginning of the music video footage, the girls get along as young children, but as they get older they start to like different things and acquire different values. This leads to their drifting apart and eventually disliking towards each other.
  • SHOOTING SCHEDULEFriday 14th October – shoot scene 1Location: Shona’s houseEquipment: costumes for each character, camera, tripod, props such asposters and toys for setting.Also making sure we are able to use editing software.Sunday 16th October – editing Scene 1Location: Shona’s houseEquipment: costumes for each character, camera, tripod, props such asposters and toys for setting in case we need to re-shoot clips.
  • Half term24th October – filming scene 2Location: Shona’s roadEquipment: costumes for each character, camera, tripod, props for setting incase we need to re-shoot clips. 26thOctober – editing scene 2Location: Shona’s houseEquipment: costumes for each character, camera, tripod, props for setting incase we need to re-shoot clips.28th October – filming and editing scene 3Locations: Library/ Shona’s houseEquipment: character costumes, camera, tripod29th October – editing scenes together, re-shooting any necessary clipsLocations: Library/ Shona’s house/ Shona’s roadEquipment: costumes for each character, camera, tripod, props such asposters and toys for setting.
  • SHOT LIST• Scene 1- Getting ready• Split Screen 3 ways• Close up of mouths• Extreme Close up of eyes• High angle shot of hair.• Pan down of body• Camera placed on the floor to show shoes• Long shot used when leaving bedrooms
  • • Scene 2- Walking to school• SHONA: Close up of hand on car keys, wide shot of her getting into the car, medium close up shot of her inside car, close up turning keys. Wide shot of her driving in the car• ELLIS AND CHARLOTTE: establishing shot of the bus stop, wide shot of them waiting for the bus, close up of front of bus, close up of getting oyster cards out, low angle shot of them getting onto the bus, two shot of them sat on the bus.
  • • Scene 3- In school• Establishing shot of the 6 form. Long shot of girls walking into school.• Close ups of boys reaction to different girls, point of view shot of Shona and also the nerds as they walks through school (shows the reactions she gets from people)• Added into this scene is a quick shot of the girls reading in the library as it goes with the song. This would be a pan across the library showing the two girls reading.• Wide shot of crowd in 6 form crowding around someone handing out party invitations, point of view shot of Shona as she goes through crowd. Close up of invitation, long shot to show nerds not part of the crowd. Camera tilts down towards the ground, close up of scrunched up invitation on floor and one of the nerds pick it up. Two shot of girls reactions.