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Real Estate BarCamp Indiana
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Real Estate BarCamp Indiana


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Marketing and branding for real estate professionals with an emphasis on the free and cheap.

Marketing and branding for real estate professionals with an emphasis on the free and cheap.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Part 1 – Marketing Tactics Under $100 G. Sax (@gsax) Director of Communications 10K Research and Marketing
  • 2. Marketing The last thing you think about. The first thing to go. “I ain’t got time for all that.” I need to be selling, like, NOW! How much is this sh*t gonna cost me?
  • 3. $pend, $pend, $pend! Design / Designer Postage Print / Printer Ad Space Photography / Photographer Domain Name / Emails Copy / Copywriter Server Space for Website Software Web Design Color Printer Staging Scanner Promotional Products Film Closing Gifts Paper Annual Customer Party Ink Cards for Special Events Mailing lists Meals with Clients/Contacts Memberships Tickets to Events Car / Gas Clothing
  • 4. Not to Mention... Signs and Riders Continuing Education Professional Development Lockbox Fees Association Dues
  • 5. Ad Rates Not Tens or Hundreds, But Thousands of Dollars
  • 6. A Few Guiding Principles Real Estate is Local
  • 7. Guiding Principle Visuals Matter
  • 8. Guiding Principle VISUALS + DETAILS
  • 9. Guiding Principle Availability Distribute. Distribute. Distribute.
  • 10. Communication Be pleasant an d clear in voice. Good phon man e ner. s Your email ha a voice, too. “ummm. ..” Spelling matters!
  • 11. The Tools of Communication “Mobile devices” Video Text Status updates Website Tweets e-newsletters Networking Photos Brand Blog
  • 12. Info Hwy Congestion Swanepoel’s TREND 7
  • 13. Embrace the Basics
  • 14. The Interweb is #1! 93% of all home buyers in Minnesota used the Internet to search for homes (87% nationally). The typical first-time home buyer was 28 years old. The median age of all home buyers was 34 years old. 2008 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers MINNESOTA REPORT
  • 15. Embrace Free
  • 16. Embrace “Free” BLOG Typepad | Wordpress E-NEWSLETTER Mad Mimi | Constant Contact | MailChimp YOUR ASSOCIATION MIBOR | IAR | NAR
  • 17. Embrace Fun
  • 18. Embrace New (be picky) self-publish magazines monitor your reputation on social media share files that are too large to e-mail build and host a Web site at no cost record videos of your screen activity free bid out graphics projects to multiple artists important emails by text simple video email; voiceover ppt send large photos and files free (up to 2 GB)
  • 19. Embrace Flash Drives Embrace Simple
  • 20. Embrace “Good Enough” craigslist microblogging Flip apps netbook mp3 Google Docs web-based
  • 21. a simple text editor goes a long way
  • 22. Your Website Should minimally have... Property photos and descriptions Searchable listings Current and working links Solid organizational structure Consistency across the board Quickness of navigation REALTOR® Magazine Online
  • 23. Your Website Don't rely on a flat website. Tell personal stories that turn your visitors into clients. Be yourself. Don't be trite. (Same for Facebook) Don't "sell." Be cool.
  • 24. Real Estate 2.0
  • 25. Part 2 – Expose Yourself: Personal Branding G. Sax (@gsax) Director of Communications 10K Research and Marketing
  • 26. Social Media It’s just a tool. It takes a strategy. It takes active participation. It can be whatever you want it to be. It can be nothing at all if you want, but...
  • 27. Social Media On average, companies with high levels of social media activity experienced an 18% increase in revenue in the last year. – American Marketing Association
  • 28. Social Media National Associaton of REALTORS® – 2009 REALTOR® Technology Report
  • 29. The ex am with th ple e ring. The ex ample with th e beer. Facebook's Growing Demographic The ex a with th mple e mid – more people to find prostitu get te. – aren't out as much – love to show off kids and grandkids In a "face" industry, why wouldn't you be here?
  • 30. * Tweet *
  • 31. In August 2009, Twitter drew 25 million unique visitors, up from 2 million in August 2008. – Nielsen The technical barrier is down.
  • 32. Big Potential Magazines and newspapers talk at you Websites talk at you electronically Blogs talk at you electronically, you talk back Facebook – organized, interactive group talk Twitter – all of the above in 140 characters or less.
  • 33. Engage Expand your network. Learn from others. Quickly and all the time.
  • 34. Twitterverse GROUND FLOOR @aplusk MAINSTREAM @Oprah | @MarthaStewart | @TheEllenShow INDUSTRY @Swanepoel | @tcar | @tboard | @gsax LOCAL @RockPlanck | @GregCooper | @DukeLong
  • 35. Twitterverse @tboard Saint Paul Real Estate Blog Blogger Writer Photographer REALTOR® And I am here
  • 36. Twitterverse @tcar NAR Director of Social Media He changed relationship status to single He sprained his ankle He cut his hand opening a blister pack He ate Cheetos
  • 37. * Tweet *
  • 38. Case Study – Jimmy Fallon @jimmyfallon Forget Leno & Letterman. They’re old. Even Conan was a Twitter hater. I’m old.
  • 39. Case Study – Jimmy Fallon
  • 40. Case Study – Jimmy Fallon
  • 41. Social Reality Chamber of Commerce Events Community Involvement Tweet Ups, Networking Events Association Involvement YOU STILL HAVE TO GET OUT THERE
  • 42. Social Evolution Horses Computers Print Internet Radio Blogs TV Tweets We Change the Way We Use These Things
  • 43. Social Evolution Millennial (Gen Y, Echo Boomer) Born after 1980. Already outnumber Gen X. By 2010, will outnumber Boomers. Do not discount their choices.
  • 44. Overheard “Visibility is more important than ability. Secret agents don’t do a lot of business.”
  • 45. Communication Touch “Touch” now means... Email style, availability Text style, availability Twitter, Facebook update frequency Quality and weight of paper stock Your business cards
  • 46. Business Cards one or two sides? gloss or no gloss? need for email, web, other? designations? imagery? photos?
  • 47. Business Photos
  • 48. Communication Ethics must be truthful and accurate company name in all marketing teams: only “group” or “team” company name larger than team individual name can be larger
  • 49. Communication Ethics company website in marketing no rules for listed phone numbers must include name of state listed price only price you can use That’s all well and good, but...
  • 50. My Ideal Business Card Greg Sax Director of Communications @gsax You can call me G. Sax if you want to.
  • 51. Beyond the Business Card Postcards & Info Boxes Open Houses Bus Benches, Billboards Print, Fax...Dead? Learn, Try, Do Be Creative, Have Fun Be consistent.
  • 52. CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003)
  • 53. Communication Smell Test If you smell like spam, you're better off working for Hormel. You must allow for opt-out. You must provide a legitimate address. Subject headers must be about the content. 10 days to take care of opt-out requests.
  • 54. Brand: Case Study
  • 55. Brand Consistency
  • 56. Brand Consistency
  • 57. Brand Identity
  • 58. Brand Perception Advil | Ibuprofen Tylenol | Acetaminophen REALTOR® | For Sale by Owner
  • 59. Brand Personality
  • 60. Brand Personality the you in a suit the you in the neighborhood the you in the community AND NOW... the online photos of you the Googled you the Facebook you the LinkedIn you the blog you the Twitter you the rated you
  • 61. Brand: The Rated You
  • 62. Brand: Integration YOU YOUR BROKER
  • 63. Brand: Integration
  • 64. Brand: Integration
  • 65. Brand: Integration
  • 66. Brand: Integration
  • 67. Brand: Integration
  • 68. Brand: Case Studies
  • 69. Brand: George Foreman
  • 70. Brand: George Foreman
  • 71. Brand: Ice Cube
  • 72. Brand: Ice Cube
  • 73. Brand: Arnold
  • 74. Brand: Arnold
  • 75. Brand: Arnold
  • 76. Brand: Millionaire
  • 77. Brand: Millionaire
  • 78. Brand Safety No alluring or provocative photography Limit shared personal information Concentrate on professional proficiency Maintain care with new clients Real Estate Safety Council’s “Safety Guide” City of Mesa, AZ, Nevada County Board of REALTORS®
  • 79. Not Recommended
  • 80. Bad PR? A sk m e ab PHX ex out the ample. “This is not a joke. Before I ever got into real estate, I had very little respect for the profession. Give me a call and I'll tell you all about it.”
  • 81. Bad PR? Is now a good time to buy a home in Phoenix? I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. Is now a good time to sell a home in Phoenix? I'll give you a hint — maybe, maybe not.
  • 82. Thank You for Your Time! G. Sax (@gsax) Director of Communications 10K Research and Marketing