Jac kfm media pack q3 2012


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Jac kfm media pack q3 2012

  1. 1. Playing what we want!
  2. 2. • Why radio?• Overview of Jack FM• Word of mouth on steroids• Advertising options• Lets talk
  3. 3. Why Radio?Immediate lifestyle media intrusiveWEBSITES targeted captive audience imaginativeLOCAL promotions EVENTS DIRECTinvasive higher audience share than TVintelligent word of mouth THEATRE OF THE MINDP O D C A S T S c a p t i v e c a r a u d i e n c e
  4. 4. Overview of JACKfm• A radio station that doesn’t play by the tired old rules• A radio station that you can listen to all day, without being subjected to the SAME songs, over and over again• A station not interested in competing with everyone else, we have created a whole new way of doing things!• A local station, reporting local news and events for local people!• Live on-air and on-line….there really is no escape!
  5. 5. Yes, there’s more!• JACKfm can be heard better than ever with transmitters installed in Witney, Wantage and Wallingford. This is in addition to our current transmitters in Bicester and Boars Hill and more will be coming on soon…• As Oxfordshires local station obviously we support our local football team, Oxford United. We deliver live Oxford United commentary home and away – The Big Banana with Selfy and the boys.
  6. 6. Awards! • We’re the most nominated local radio stations in the UK for the 3rd year in a row. • The Sony Radio Academy Awards started in 1983 and are some of the most prestigious awards in the British radio industry. The categories for the awards include all the main genres from contemporary music, news and speech through to radio drama, comedy and sport, and not discriminating against station size, or niche categories (thank goodness!). So far in 2012: • 2012 Sony Awards • JACKfm Finalist Best News & Current Affairs Programme: The Sunday Roast with Caroline • JACKfm Finalist News Journalist of the Year • JACKfm Winner Best Competition: 2 Strangers and a Wedding • JACKfm Finalist JACKfm Oxfordshire • 2012 IRN News Awards • JACKfm Winner Newcomer of the year: Jessica Parker • JACKfm Finalist Best Newsteam/Newsroom <750,000 • 2012 Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards • JACKfm Winner Station of the Year 300,000 to 1 Million TSA • JACKfm Winner Trevor Marshall Presenter of the Year 300,000 to 1 Million TSA • JACKfm Winner Station Imaging • JACKfm Finalist Breakfast Show of the Year (under 1 million TSA)
  7. 7. What does this meanfor your business?• Credibility – association with an industry recognised local radio station that already delivers successful radio campaigns to our Oxfordshire clients• Quality – use Jack FM to reinforce and endorse your brand• B2B – link your business to our success and shout about your own• Peers – the radio industry has endorsed what our listeners already know – we’re different!• We try harder and the awards keep coming; two nominations and one win in 2008, four nominations and two wins in 2009. And our newest award, an Arqiva for station sound, it keeps getting better!
  8. 8. Oxfordshire LOVES Jack!
  9. 9. Some of our clients, past and present
  10. 10. Potential audience of ½ a millionlisteners… Targets 35+ adults Weekly JACKfm reach: 55,000 Average Hours: 7.7 per person Source: Rajar Ipsos MORI/RSMB Q3 2012 15+
  11. 11. 106 Jack FM - Q3/2012 - (000s) Population: 506,000 Adults 15+ / 512,000 Individuals 10+ Reach: 55,000 (11%) Adults 15+ /55,000 (11%) Individuals 10+ Average Hours: 7.7 Average Listener Age = 36.060 (Source: Rajar/Ipsos MORI/RSMB - Q3/2012) 55 555040 35 3330 22 2020 16 13 12 1010 2 2 0 Individuals All Adults 15+ Men 15+ Women 15+ Adults 15-24 Adults 25-34 Adults 35-44 Adults 45-54 Adults 55-64 Adults 65+ ABC1 C2DE 10+
  12. 12. Jack FM Oxfordshire - Q3/2012 - (000s) Population: 506,000 Adults 15+ / 512,000 Individuals 10+ Reach: 68,000 (13%) Adults 15+ / 68,000 (13%) Individuals 10+80 Average Hours: 7.3 Average Listener Age = 35.0 (Source: Rajar/Ipsos MORI/RSMB - Q3/2012)70 68 686050 4240 37 3130 26 21 1620 15 1010 3 20 Individuals All Adults 15+ Men 15+ Women 15+ Adults 15-24 Adults 25-34 Adults 35-44 Adults 45-54 Adults 55-64 Adults 65+ ABC1 C2DE 10+
  13. 13. How can we make your campaign work? What you say (give me your dosh!) How you say it (its all about the message)How many times you say it over a defined period (that’s the science bit!) = A SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN (woo hoo)
  14. 14. How do I do it?The TraditionalRadio is creative and engaging, decide with your Account Manager how best to representyour brand, product or service on Jack FM.Strategic airtime scheduling is the traditional form of commercial activity, work with meto plan airtime using airtime spots from 10 to 60 seconds. You can target listeners at aspecific time of day to drive a particular message home or create brand awareness foryour business, product or service.Sponsorship is when a client partners with our brand on a specific platform such as ourbreakfast show; traffic and travel; Jacktivities; Sport; Weather and so on. Sponsorships canhelp you change customers perceptions over a longer period of time or help hold yourposition in the marketplace. We deliver a true partnership between your company andours to create a powerful association for listeners.Promotions are heavily concentrated awareness campaigns where listeners get thechance to interact with your business, brand or product. This is often via a competitionwith an engaging and fun mechanic. Promotions are usually shorter term, running for oneto two weeks delivering high audience participation. They also deliver an all important‘feel good’ factor especially when listeners have the opportunity to win a fantastic prize.Great for product launches and online registrations.
  15. 15. How do I do it?The Not So TraditionalCreative. We write and produce radio commercials be it brand awareness, a tacticalcampaign, a sonic ident or a sung jingle. We have the talent and the technology to makeyour message stand out. We work with your ideas, your objectives and your budget.Online advertising is not to be under estimated. Our restaurant of the week promotion istestament to that. You can advertise on www.jackfm.co.uk with banner ads or send aspecific message to our 6,000 plus JACKaholics.Podcasts, whether they are of station content (branded with your business or product) orcreated specifically for you, are great platforms for your existing and potential customersto have access to interesting content about you through their IPod or mp3 player.
  16. 16. So, now you know all about Jack lets talk about you…. I promise to be quiet and listen
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